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21Her dress throughout Sonic Adventure - Super Smash Bros. 4V1 Comment
22Her Modern Amy design
23She is a ripoff of Princess Peach

Except she is short tempered and unoriginal. - HeavyDonkeyKong

24She acts as a crazed child molester
25She didn't encounter the Koopalings yetV1 Comment
26She is Like a "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" character.

She is so similar to Veruca Salt, Princess Peach, Donald Duck & Kootie Pie Koopa in temper.

27She is really annoying

She talks to much and her voice actor should be changed

Before Sonic Boom, Sonic the Hedgehog was usually smarter than Amy Rose.

Amy Rose was worst in Sonic X, Sonic Battle & Archie Comics.

28She is On Archie Comics Instead of Pac-Man

Sonic & Pac-Man Archie Comics crossovers would be awesome, yet here is still the terrible Sonic & Mega Man. Please don't work on another Sonic & Mega Man crossover, Archie Comics! It's too unfair that there are no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet.

There shall NEVER be Sonic/Mega Man/TMNT Archie Comics anyways!

But Pac-Man Archie Comics? COOL!

When is there ever going to be Archie Pac-Man Comics yet?!

29Her Attitude

Let's review Amy Rose.

She has a cowardly personality, childish behaviour, is usually ranting, decides to intimidate people, gets aggressive, keeps referring to herself as "Sonic's girlfriend" when, really, Amy Rose is more like a younger sister to Sonic the Hedgehog, she cries too much, she is too thin she doesn't shut her large mouth, she lets herself get kidnapped sometimes, & all kinds of bull besides being a fibber, a bastard, a rapist & a forcible ripoff - SHE IS HAVING BAD RELATIONS WITH MOST FEMALE CHARACTERS LIKE PRINCESS PEACH & IS STEALING SPOTLIGHTS!

It's similar to Luigi's.

Imagine Sonic hedgehog vs. Mario plumber battles.

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Super Mario

Amy Rose vs. Super Luigi

Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Wario

Silver the Hedgehog vs. Waluigi

30She is friends with Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land instead of Yoshi

What was Nintendo & Sega STILL thinking?!

V1 Comment
31Her dreadlocks are pink instead of deep brown

Now you're talking a crossdressing Sonic!

Imagine in the Mario Party 9 picture with Princesses Peach & Daisy standing beside the dice block Princess Peach's face is actually replaced by Sonic the Hedgehog's face facing the left direction as shown in Sonic Lost World w/ Princess Daisy not being changed unless you are talking about being stripped (whereas her big boobs, her big thighs, her big hips & her big rump were actually exposed! :D

JESUS! Why?! Amy Rose should be in a Princess Daisy dress with Sonic the Hedgehog being in a Princess Peach dress next to each other.

Amy Rose is not supposed to appear at us when we aren't thinking about her?!

Sonic & Amy Rose both should've been siblings w/ deep brown hair anyway.

32Amy Was in Sonic X

How about T-Pain for Yoshi & Iggy Azalea for Amy Rose?

Shaffer Chimere Smith would be an awesome voice for Green Yoshi (who is a filler & needs his big, bulbous & green nose damaged by Thor Odinson's

Why the hell is Amy Rose in that terrible, awesomeness-lacking Sonic X T.V. series?! AUGGH! WHY?! Why is the whole T.V. show named Sonic X?! It's not awesome! It needs to be replaced by Mario X/Pac-Man X.

V2 Comments
33She Befriended Princess Daisy of Sarasaland

Wasn't Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land supposed to be with the MALE Sonic characters since the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? Of course she was! But NOT female crossover characters! Besides, Princess Peach only went to the Vancouver Olympics & Canada itself because she was FORCED to go, for God's sake! Why didn't Rosalina & Pauline replace Peach?! Also, in the opening cutscene, Peach did pathetic in Figure Skating (as she is a coward for sure).

34Amy has wide hips

Not in general, but in comparison to other characters, yes. I wish Sonic had a Piko-Piko Hammer & damaged Amy's wider hips with it.

Also, Amy Rose sur can rival Luigi.

35Her boobs are a little bit big for her age

Amy Rose is not a child anymore. By the way, Amy Rose should be renamed "Amber Rose".

Yeah, I guess you're right. Even for her own size/height, Amy Rose has big breasts as she is voluptuous.

36Her modern name
37Scratchpad Keeps Saying That Amy Rose Is Princess PeachV1 Comment
38Her rivalry with Princess Peach

It's one of the worst crossover rivalries ever. Also, Amy Rose would have a much better rivalry with Luigi.

Since when did they have a rivalry? Peach is better than her.
I have mixed feelings towards Princess Peach andhe voie too.
I thnk Amy Rose SUCKS! But her voice is okay. - HeavyDonkeyKong

V2 Comments
39Her Teeth

They have never looked nice. Seriously, why is Amy Rose not male? Come on! She ought to be grounded by Sonic the Hedgehog.

They look like toothpicks that came out of guys butt.

She has fangs by the way, I think she has three.

40She Was On Archie Comics

Why is there Sonic/Mega Man Archie Comics instead of Nintendo/Pac-Man Archie Comics anyway?!

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