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1 Dahvie Vanity Is a Pedo

Ew, I have nothing against the emo genre, in fact, emo is my favourite but Dahvie Vanity is a disgrace to emo and scene music! His band mate is also an awful singer but I've met them both, Dahvie made advances but his band mate was pretty cool! I feel sorry for his band mate! Ugh evil man!

It's good to know that this list has been made. - Elina

He is probably Ian Watkins in Emo hair. - metaldude8

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2 Dahvie Vanity Looks Like a Girl

The two singers look like a pair of lesbians.

That had me confused for months.

Look at him he looks like some tranvestite girly boy who had sex with dr frank from rocky horror

3 Garret Ecstasy Is a Terrible Screamer
4 Their Fans
5 They Promote Underage Everything
6 They Can't Take Criticism

A lot of folks talk about this and it's true. I am certainly NOT a fan of thoes doucebags (Jay von is nice). Yes he can't take criticism like Kanye West. (but that's not important). Dahvie Vanity just blocks people on Twitter because they're not fans of him and he tells all his "so-called fans" to get back at you. TO ALL BOTDF FANS! I HOPE YOU DO REALISE THAT he's JUST USING YOU AS MINIONS/BAIT OR FOR DECORATION

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7 They Are a Dumb Version of Aqua

I was going to say the short version of homosexual but TheTopTens filtered it. - metaldude8

8 They Ripped Off Jefree Star and Marilyn Manson

Nothing can be explained. Dahvie ripped off Marilyn manson for the make up (copycat) why... LOOK AT THE MAKEUP AND THE HAIR

9 They Are All Perverts

I know! Literally all of their songs have some kind of sex theme behind it! It's so disgusting and there is way better emo-scene-alternative music out there than these creeps.

Why do all of their songs have to be about sex? Why? Even if they are about sex, they can at least be GOOD songs.

Listen to all the songs and you see why

10 The Fact That People Call Them "Metal" When They're Not Metal at All V 1 Comment

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11 They Sound Worse than Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
12 Their Image
13 They Are Scene
14 Their Lyrics

I've never anything so disgusting and absurd up until I heard BOTDF. Okay, I admit some of their lyrics are pretty funny, but the rest are just simply unlistenable and cringy. I can't even get through to the end of one song because the lyrics really put me off.

15 They Are Bad Role Models for Teens
16 Their Music Is Beyond Horrible

It's so bad, it gave me a terrible migraine (also it nearly made me sick).

A toilet flushing sounds better and is more creative

17 They Are Ugly

Unattractiveness doesn't equal lack of musical talent.But yeah,they have none of both. - Elina

18 Their Names
19 They Are Disgusting
20 Many of Their Songs Have a Sexual Theme
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1. Dahvie Vanity Is a Pedo
2. Dahvie Vanity Looks Like a Girl
3. They Can't Take Criticism
1. Dahvie Vanity Looks Like a Girl
2. Dahvie Vanity Is a Pedo
3. Garret Ecstasy Is a Terrible Screamer



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