Top Ten Worst Things About the Five Nights at Freddy's Community


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1The fanart

I'm fine with a majority of the fan art, most of it looks really scary, some of it is funny, and it is cool to see what they might look like if they were human. But it's the shipping fan art and the porn that really drives me nuts. I'm sorry but in real life foxes eat chickens, I'm sorry but you know your shipping little kids right? I'm sorry that you didn't want to not have Chica with melons on her chest. I'm getting really sick of this crap -___-

I'm fine with most fanart, it's the shipping fanart that can be well strange.

10% of fanart: normal scary stuff

40% comics

50% foxy

The porn art of it makes me want to smash my computer into smithereens. - Powerfulgirl10

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2Annoy the hell out of everyone

There are plenty of people I know who hate the series solely for its popularity, just like the Flappy Bird game or the My Little Pony cartoon. I try to avoid talking about it around them because of this, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of Five Nights. It's a matter of respect we're talking about here.

The truth of the matter is that all it takes is one person shoving it down your throat to make you hate something. We've all been on both sides at one point or another. If you don't obsess over something, everyone will get along with it just fine.

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3'I want to be an animatronic'

So they want to be stuffed into a suited be dead? People these days... *sigh* - Powerfulgirl10

More like kids trying to be a furry.

No you don't want to be an animatronic. You can't control where you go, you have limited control. You wouldn't want to be an animatronic. - Pizzaboy456

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4They drive Scott crazy

Yes because they always want another game and rush him when he makes a game. Give him a break and let him make a good game!

'Scott where's FNAF 4, Scott I know the killer' give the poor man a break! - Pizzaboy456

They are treating scott like a slave

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5They're obsessed

They put their life into the game, I get it's interesting but they take it way to far - Pizzaboy456

The fandom becomes toxic because of over obsessed fans.

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6Most don't even play the game

And that is another reason why I hate the fanbase. - Powerfulgirl10

Like my brother and liking Undertale.He has never played the game

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7Making everything about FNAF

Yes. On Scratch (a website I go on) EVERYTHING is FNAF! But why? And a majority of these people are 10-12! Don't they realize that FNAF is a flipping HORROR game? - RiverClanRocks

For Christ sake please stop making your own dumb fan made games! I'm so sick of seeing everything about FNAF.

If any of you know Xenomorphs, they're extremely fast blue aliens with acid for blood(Most famous alien made). I was reading a novel named "Alien" that had the face of the alien on the cover with an extra row of teeth in it's mouth. Right as I showed my friend the cover he starts going crazy and points out that the animatronics in FNAF also have teeth.

I know Scott Cawthon is working extremely hard and getting a lot of hate from his games, but it's the fans, that think FNAF is the best game when they've never actually tried Outlast or Dead Space, games that I think are actually FUN. - IAmNotARobot

Please just stop making fnaf fan made game

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8Made up of 10 year olds

It's not that I'm against that but they can be annoying - Pizzaboy456

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9Shipping bad couples

Why do people do this? There's no point to it.

What is even the point of shipping

Seriously? I went on devianart and found Mike x Chica. what? You can't make babies with a robot. - Pizzaboy456

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10The obsession over Foxy

I really like Foxy but I've liked him less and less the more people love him. It seems like I'm the only one who likes Bonnie the most despite my love for foxes and the fact that I really don't give a hoot for bunnies. It's like Frozen; the more people love it the more I HATE it!

There might as well be a religion dedicated to Foxy cause his fangirls treat him like some god.

Everything is "Foxy this, Foxy that, Foxy is the best." No...not all people love foxy.

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11Making MatPat crazy (GameTheory)

All I see on MatPats videos are 'Where is FNAF' and 'stop complaining' - Pizzaboy456

False, matpat was always crazy even before youtube existed

His fnaf theories are good, but that doesn't mean I like game theory. - DCfnaf

I know I like matpat but they are making him crazy and I fell bad

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12They ruin the comment sections of Splash Mountain videos
13Annoying arguments



See what I'm saying? It's all stupid Animatronics don't LOVE each the and mangle could be either gender. It was never confirmed

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14The fans

I used to support this. Now I see Mangle and Foxy as siblings and though the fan art can be quite cute I am annoyed at how many people support it.

There supposed to be scaring us in a whole different way! Not with love an kissing!

Worst Ship, Mangle is just another version of foxy - FlowerlilySundrops

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16The Ships

I ship a few couples. Sometimes it's cute. But sometimes, it's just overly dramatic and unpleasant to the eyes. Don't even get me started on that Tony Crynight series. If Scott sees that, he's gonna get all shocked that a supposedly horror game got transformed into a soap opera series. Another thing. When a YouTuber that makes FNAF videos doesn't ship their subscribers' favorite ships, they will unsubscribe to them and even lay hate even though it was majority's decision.

17They are obsessed by Foxy and Bonnie
18People like the killer

People are like, he's so hot, I would kill kids for him same which Spring trap! What there f$$$ing killers who killed children! :(

Technically spring trap is a super hero - HATOOTEH

People can like the killer if they want to! It's their life, they can do what they want!

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19Thinking Scott's a god

A bunch of people worship Scott. I mean,yeah,he's famous. It's not like he's president of the United States.

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20Stupid theoriesV3 Comments
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1. They ruin the comment sections of Splash Mountain videos
2. Making everything about FNAF
3. Annoy the hell out of everyone
1. The fanart
2. Annoy the hell out of everyone
3. 'I want to be an animatronic'



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