Worst Things About Floyd Mayweather Jr.

These are all facts. I expect some people to get mad ;) enjoy.

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1He Ducks Fights

He is ducking manny Pacquiao along with any threat to him to break his undefeated record. - Sabbath

2His Fights Are Often Fixed

Floyd buys his wins by paying the judges and paying fighters millions to take a dive. - Sabbath

3He Uses Steroids

He is in his 30s and he is fast as a bullet and his body has grown and his voice became deep. He also accuses fighters of being on juice to cover himself up. - Sabbath

4He Has No Offense

He fights for points. He's not a knock out fighter. He dances backwards and scores points. - Sabbath

5He's a Racist
6He Cares More About Money Then Boxing

Floyd has no respect for boxing. He's paying off fighters to lose which is killing real boxing and he is turning it into WWE - Sabbath

7He Beats Women

He beat his ex girlfriend In front of her kid. - Sabbath

He is a real coward, because he beat women

8He Chills With Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne

Two if the biggest jokes in music haha. Pathetic. - Sabbath

9He Is Very Ignorant
10He Is Threatened by the UFC
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