Top Ten Worst Things About Foodfight! (2012 Film)


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1Horrible animation

It is so ugly it's so unwatchable

2Stupid characters

Their gross and unfunny twerky lame stinky retarded and dumb - VideoGamefan5

3Stupid innuendos

So gross and stupid they just unfunny and lame - VideoGamefan5

4Awful script

It sucks so much I hate this movie its just awful - VideoGamefan5

5The characters look like plastic

Ugh its just gross and stupid I hate this movie so muh it sucks and is unfunny - VideoGamefan5

6The characters are unfunny

The characters are horrible and stupid - VideoGamefan5

7It's a huge mess

Huh that's why they call it foodfight! What a fitting title - VideoGamefan5

8Unfinished And Terrible Animation
9Terrible Character Dialogues
10The story is terrible

The story is horrible it sucks its all over the place - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11The Characters Are Stereotyped
12Use Of It's Nightmare And Ugliness Characters
13Inappropriate Jokes
14It's nasty

Ugh its unwatchable I mean it sucks so much I hate this - VideoGamefan5

15The Characters Are Racist
16The Use Of Sexuality
17The Songs
18Crappy puns

Ugh the puns are just awful they suck so much its horrible - VideoGamefan5

19Extreme Product Placement
20It looks scary
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Top Remixes

1. Horrible animation
2. Stupid characters
3. Stupid innuendos
1. Unfinished And Terrible Animation
2. Terrible Character Dialogues
3. The Characters Are Stereotyped



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