Top Ten Worst Things About Kidz Bop

We all know that Kidz Bop gets on our nerves, so I created this Top 10 worst things about Kidz Bop.

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1They ruin perfectly good songs

They take all of the good song and bring in some stupid little kids to make their own remixes just to destroy what was just perfectly good!

They sung "All about that bass". I don't think they ruin good songs, they make bad songs even worse, take out the profanity, and try to pass it off. - ThatOneRacer

(Looks from side to side ) ugh no button where I can vote for all of the choices rats.

Dude! They're even WORSE, than Justin Beiber or One Direction

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2Their voices are totally awful

Honestly it's all auto tune.

3They can't write their own songs
4They are still alive

O.K. I hate Kidz Bop too, but saying that they deserve to die is just too far. I hop you mean that the band and company needs to die, as in "close down", but those people from Kidz Bop don't deserve to die just because of bad music.

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5The Kidz Bop Kids are not in school

Brats can even pick up a book for once.

6The Kids on Kidz Bop are spoiled brats

Disney Channel literally runs Kidz Bop. They just take perfectly good songs and make their own corny remixes. They also go on tours nobody even buy tickets to attend.

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7Their commercial comes on every second it seems
8Their fans are just little kids

I didn't honestly know that but that's weird

9The lyric changes

It's so stupid, they ruin EVERY SINGLE LYRIC from all of their edited songs. Plus, these edits aren't even necessary to the songs. They change things such as "midnight" to "late night". FYI, midnight is basically late night.

This should be number one! They ruined Starships and Timber!

They cleaned up "fire a gun" from lean on, "skin was showing" from call me maybe, and "i could have another(i guess they were scared that it might suggest drinking alchohol)" from honey I'm good. I can't believe they actually think kids aren't mature enough to hear that stuff

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10They go on tours

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?They have no life
?They use Autotune every time
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11They're a band for babies
12Their managers are so lazy they can't write songs for them
13They are protected by teenage girls
14They sang "Thrift Shop"
15They sing songs that are not supposed to be for kids

True. They sang "Love me Harder" by Ariana Grande which is a song about sex. Just because she used to be on a kid's show doesn't mean all of her songs are appropriate for children.

16Kids get on there to become famous
17They have so much hate
18They are untalented
19They sing songs they don't know the meaning of
20Their parents don't even care.

The parents don't care that the kidz bop kidz are stupid, and uneducated!

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Top Remixes

1. They ruin perfectly good songs
2. Their voices are totally awful
3. The lyric changes
1. They ruin perfectly good songs
2. They are still alive
3. They can't write their own songs



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