Top 10 Worst Things About Korn

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1They Made Nu Metal
2They're Not That Heavy

Really? Listen to Good God or Kill You or Insane, and tell me they're not heavy. - NikBrusk

3They're Not Actually a "Metal" Band

They even said they weren't a metal band.

4Their Songs Aren't Emotional Enough

They made a song about how Jonathan Davis was MOLESTED by a babysitter and his parents didn't believe him. How is that not emotional? - NikBrusk

5Their Appearance

Don't judge people by their appearance! Why do people do this all the time?! - NikBrusk

6Rap and Metal Do Not Mix WellV1 Comment
7Their Name
8They Influenced a Lot of Nu Metal BandsV1 Comment
9Korn Sounds Like Porn
10They're Overrated

Overrated stuff isn't always bad. - NikBrusk

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11They Made a Dubstep Album
12Nobody Likes Them Anymore

To the user who thinks this is a troll list. I'm the one who created it. I'm not a troll. This is all just my opinion.

LOL! This list is definitely a troll list. So what if they made Nu Metal? That made Slipknot, System Of A Down, Disturbed, Evanescence and Linkin Park. Oh and rap mixes well with rock/metal… Like Rage Against The Machine.

13Jonathan Davis is Friends With Fred Durst

Being friends with someone you don't like doesn't make him a bad person! - NikBrusk

14Bad Guitar Work
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