Top Ten Worst Things About Mario Party 9

I love Mario Party 9! Is contains a lot of fun! It's awesome! Who doesn't like this game!

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1The Car on the Board

The car is awesome! Why would someone hate this idea? It's something new and not repetitive like the other ones! - Danteem

It took away so much depth the series once had. Truly a shame.

2Mini Stars Instead of Normal Stars and Coins

Stars are cooler plus you have the genie lamp in the first 4 partys

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3The Mini Games

Who doesn't like the new mini games? Their are also pretty decent in my own opinion. - Danteem

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4The Boards

The boards are fun and challenging! The Boos on the Horror Boards make the board very challenging and I'd almost loss because of that but I still like the idea. - Danteem

5The Unlucky Space

What's wrong with unlucky spaces? It suppose to make the game fun and challenging! - Danteem

6The Graphics

The graphics were pretty decent and is looks better than Mario Party 8 but I like 4-7 graphics better. - Danteem

7No 2 VS 2 Mini Games

I like 2 vs 2 mini games but I like 4 player mini games better. - Danteem

8No 1 VS 3 Mini Games

Those mini games are the most unfairest mini games! - Danteem

9The MusicV1 Comment
10Princess Peach

Peach is the worst Mario character. - Therandom

Exactly. Rosalina is worse than Peach anyway. - Puga

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1. The Car on the Board
2. Mini Stars Instead of Normal Stars and Coins
3. The Mini Games



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