Top 10 Worst Things About Modern Games

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1Overly Focused On Story

Games are meant to be played not watched

2Overly Focused On Graphics

It seems to be that people care more about graphics than gameplay

3Buggy At Launch
4Overly Serious

Games are meant to be fun. Sunset Overdrive is fun.

5Lack Of Split Screen Multiplayer

I hate DLC most of the time.

7Online Community's

Basically the Call of Duty community is horrible

I like Call of Duty and I'm proud. - McKing1003


Everything just seems to turn out to be average

That's the people's fault...

9Online Only Games
10Pay To Win Games

Why actually play the game when you can just buy this deus ex machina! - FluffyBanana

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11Invisible Walls
12Loading Screens

I just wanna get to the game already. Go faster. But to be fair, not all video games have load times - Chaotixhero

13Overly Focused On Realism

What ever happened to good old fashioned escapism? Why is it that now games always have to echo reality as much as possible and stray away from fantasy that made gaming so fun to begin with?

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