Top Ten Worst Things About Multiplayer Minecraft

Minecraft is cool but here are 10 suckiest things about it

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Teens are annoying! They are mean ugly and selfish and they only want shaded skins

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2Players that are lazy
3When your friends leave you to go on another person's islands from skyblock

My friends LEFT only to go on another persons island that was cooler!:


Hackers are annoying! They make the game boring and unfair

5People who ask for diamonds

I had a cobblestone shop my first customer came I asked him it costed 1 sapling and he said I did not want any cobblestone I asked then why did you come and he said I want diamonds!

6Flash skin

Skins that change a lot and it really hurts my eyes

7When one of your friends has a bad memory

Their such bad memoriesMe: why did you kill me I thought we were teamed!Player: no we are notMe: hey but you said and promised to be bffsPlayer: no I did not go away and leave me aloneMe: seriously?


I decided to prank one of my friends I said there's 15 of them dead in the creek and he said 'your a murdarer! Unteam! '

9Rude players hang out. With your friend

A girl named cheesy wolf called my bff 'ticake' (the nickname only I could say) and I told her to. Stop only I call him ticake and she ignored me!

10Players that see your secret

I drank an invisibility potion and I spyed on a player and he noticed me and kill me!

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11Annoying kids
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