Top Ten Worst Things About the New York Giants

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1Eli Manning's Face

He looks like that kid who has no idea what's going on ever.

2Tom Coughlin

He should be in a retirement home eating pudding.

Such an ignorant and idiotic statement! Odds are very unlikely that you will ever exhibit his level of competence even when or if you reach a peak. - Billyv

3Odell Beckham

Makes one Catch and is considered the best Receiver in the league.

4They Share Stadiums With the Jets

They don't even have there own stadium.

5Stupid Defensive Linemen

When one you're d-line blows off his finger u deserve to be on this list.

6Plaxico Burres

He Shot himself in the Leg. IN THE LEG.

7Lawrence Taylor

There best player was a coke head.

Actually, one if the greatest NFL players of all-time. So as you criticize the Giants, your statement is equally relevant to the entire league and sport. - Billyv

8Location of Stadium

The stadium they share isn't even in NY.

9The Fact That Eli is Considered Better Than Peyton

He wins 2 rings and is considered better than his brother when Peyton has the most yards and TD.

Who considers Eli better? A couple of your friends? Lol. Surely nearly every reasonable observer knows Peyton cannot miss immediate entry the Hall Of Fame when eligible. - Billyv

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