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141They Only Create 'funny Music Videos' to Make That Song a HitV1 Comment
142They Are Offensive to Asian Men

Second to their biggest fanbase are in the Philippines, which consists of Asians. And as far as I'm concern, they're not offended in anyway or anything.

So true. I feel so offended by them. Their directioners are also Offensive to Asian Men ( and that's from Asian women)

I'm part Asian myself :/ half Indian. Are they?

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143They Are Bullies

I wish I could chop their heads off!

I hope they die soon because I hate them so much

Just because you hate them so much doesn't mean you should want them to die. How would you feel if you told someone to kill themselves and then the next day they did just that? - DinoIsBlue

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144They SuckV5 Comments
145They Copied Blink-182 and Used the Same Background In a Music Video

1D will never be blink 182, no matter how much their producer/songwriter/marketer wants them to be. Also only one of them does anything, the rest just dance around like stupid pretty boys.

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146They're Too Perfect

Yes my friends! Being too Perfect is a bad thing!

No they're not but they're to babyish!

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147Zayn Malik

You what you haters zayn gets really hurt. That's way you judge him the way he looks. Someday in life you're feel sorry. I don't want here little pretty games here. Do want me to yell. Zayn is cute awesome,beautiful. Go Away HATERS. SO LEAVE HIM ALONE! ยก!

I hate him so much. Who is he. He ditched my concert and suddenly left the band a few days later. Nice

Why the hell are haters here. Any who Zayn is one those nice poeple. I'm sorry go away haters. Geez.

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148They Never Even Won x Factor

They are treated like superstars and the best people ever, but they can't even win a singing competition!

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149They Smoke Marijuana

Pooh I'm so scared. Billions of people have smoked marijuana before

They smoke it? Probably when they where stupid teens

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150They Copied Westlife's "Where We Are" Tour
151Directioners Take Over Everything

And by everything, I mean on Twitter and other social media sites. Whenever a fan from that fandom is bored, they'll create a pointless hashtag. And BOOM! Next thing you know, that hashtag is trending worldwide. They do it ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. They even crashed Google and YouTube once...

Take me to the pre-1D Twitter and every year before 2010 please

152Too DramaticV1 Comment
153They Steal from Other Artists

"Best Son Ever", "Live While We Are Young", "What Makes You Beautiful", and moore are all rip offs from other artists. My personal "favourite": Best Song Ever vs. Baba O'Riley by THE WHO. THE WHO. WHO THE EFF STEALS FROM THE WHO AND SPEACIALLY FROM ONE OF THE BIGGEST ROCK ANTHEMS?

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154They Almost Took Over Wattpad With Their Romance Fanfics

How it's their fault if they have success lol

Why hate them? The fans are the ones

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155They Don't Know How to Sing

At least they are better then you

At least we don't annoy the people by trying to sing badly in front of everyone and ruin the music industry.

Some of these things have been on here multiple times. - Anonymousxcxc

They aren't singers...Why? Because they can't sing

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156Harry Styles Ripped Off Beatles' Harrison

Harrison is one of the best guitarist, and even singer, songwriter! What about Harry Style? The hair style makes him and also 1D popular. So sad Harrison's died :(
The songs? 1D songs will never even catch up Harrisongs.

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