Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon Go


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1It distracts you while on the street

The phone vibrates to show there's a pokemon nearby. I don't need to be staring at my screen while I'm walking. - Wolftail

It's a good thing I didn't download that app on my phone.

Normal people are turned like drunk people. - malamJONES

I really like this app, but it has some flaws - Martinglez

2Some people have really hurt themselves while playingV2 Comments
3It was hacked
4It doesn't work very well on some places
5It isn't available yet in most of the worldV1 Comment
6It can be hard to get used to playing Pokemon by walking on the street
7It can be hard to play without wifi
8It can be hard to find Pokemon

That's the point of Pokemon GO, to make challenges for players so it's not the worst thing. - malamJONES

9You can't throw away Pokemons (Or release it)
10You can't fight another player

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11A lot of people got in accidents
12It could ruin your friendship
13People will like Pikachu more
14There are too many species of certain Pokemon
15You need to walk to play it
16Some Pokemon are in very inconvenient places

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and accept the fact that this game is trying to work you. - WonkeyDude98

17There is only one in most people's house and that is when you 1st join

Woopwoop, a game where I must walk into random yards and houses just to find a pokemon that doesn't exist! - Skullkid755

18Nintendo just wants your money to buy more pokémon games

Well duh. I like this better than other versions of Pokemon, b/c it's more convinient - ProPanda

19It can be difficult to pay attention to your surroundings

I'm not that interested in Pokemon so I guess this won't be a problem for me - Enderninja327

20It's overrated
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1. You can't throw away Pokemons (Or release it)
2. You can't fight another player
3. A lot of people got in accidents
1. It distracts you while on the street
2. Some people have really hurt themselves while playing
3. It was hacked



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