Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

A list of the top 10 worst things about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity. This is based on my opinion.

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1The Dungeon Pokemon deal more damage to you

This happens to you a lot unless you are able to super charge one of your moves. This happens when the Pokemon are a higher level than you. - BadBoiDrummer

2When you are near the stairs, the Pokemon kills you

Two powerful hits BAM you're dead and you have to start all over. - BadBoiDrummer

3Starting back at Floor 1

This will happen a lot in the later dungeons. When you are on the last Floor, and a Pokemon kills you, you are going to have to do the dungeon all over again. - BadBoiDrummer

4The Seeds are worthless

Some seeds are good and some aren't like for an Ex. The pure seed warps you near the stairs and the blind seed basically blinds you. - BadBoiDrummer

5Lower Level Pokemon tries to join

This is fairly common when you are about to kill em. - BadBoiDrummer

6Enemies have backup

Meaning that when you get to some type of area in a dungeon, random Pokemon will spawn in. - BadBoiDrummer

7Collecting items

Items are more common for when you are in a dungeon. It's useful if you like collecting things. - BadBoiDrummer

8Filling in the map

When you are in a dungeon, you have a map that your suppose to fill in. It's not like a preset(not filled in) - BadBoiDrummer

9Forgetting to save

I've always hate forgetting to save. The save will come up automatically whether if you complete or fail a goal. - BadBoiDrummer

10There are 2 endings

The first ending is the player character floating back to the human world. The second ending is your companion character trying to bring your player character back to the Pokemon world by going to the worldcore. - BadBoiDrummer

The Contenders

11Unable to befriend all Pokemon up to gen 5

Unlike in past mystery dungeon games, you can't befriend all the Pokemon up to 5th gen. I wanted than availability, but was disappointed. :(

12Wild Pokemon learn overpowered moves

For example endure makes a Pokemon invincible, poison is so annoying, and forget the multiple hit moves!

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1. The Dungeon Pokemon deal more damage to you
2. When you are near the stairs, the Pokemon kills you
3. Starting back at Floor 1



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