Worst Things About Pop Fans


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1They join this website

Agree. Some people just don't belong here.

This isn't a good reason because metal fans also join this website
so you're saying joining this website makes the fanbase bad? - lovingicecreams

I know. This is not bad. I just put it here because it's ironic.
Think about it. This website is full of metalheads. And suddenly, 2 or 3 pop fans managed to get into this website, and they do things that are exactly opposite from us. Isn't that annoying to you?
I know this shouln't be number 1. But I want to make a point: Pop fans are NOT allowed. - Metalthomas

2They keep fighting even though they are losing

Pop music is becoming worse than ever. That's why Pop fans are 'losing'.
But still, they keep saying stupid things like: 'Pop music is the best' or 'Rock is overrated'. They know absolutely nothing about the truth. - Metalthomas

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3They have fanbases
4They choose looks over qualityV1 Comment
5They are stereotypical
6They go crazy when they see a pop artist
7They don't even care about old pop music
8They don't see the dark side of pop music

Nowadays, there are many scientific experiments about Pop music brainwashing people. You can search them on Google. - Metalthomas

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9They only focus on 1 or 2 genres
10They always talk about pop music

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11Some of them dislike good comments
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