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1 Bad Roleplayers

I encounter lots of Frpers (Fail roleplayers) especially at ROBLOX High School - NamiKazePants08

Too many baconheads claims to be Skywalker's son in Star Wars RP.

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2 Oders

Most of them are trolls or little kids but oders suck

Online dating also knows as Oders, Oder, Od. To destroy oders you need to be troll and have good think.

How to destroy oders?.

Here tips to try ruin oders moments.

1. If saw a oder example. "Wear liked oders" "Type 123 if you wanted girlfriend/boyfriend" or anything else you need to go to him and humping she/he butt and he give negative attention to you.

2. Give offensive words to oder to make them mad to you.

3. If you saw 2 oders are kissing go to them and blocking them to kissing and you need to kiss that oders girl to make them run from you, that mean you can ruin they moments.

I told 2 people planning to date that they were Online dating, and the boy said no so I keep telling them to stop dating then the girl left then I did the boy "I killed her! "

I found a online dater on the game "the complex" and he was harrasssing me and me friend because he called us girl. We are not girl. Please, stop the trolls Haha

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3 Scammers

I'm really getting sick and tired of people posting "send me trades" or "post this on 5 topic" over to over again on EVERY items!

I once wanted to trade 8k dollar on lumber tycoon for a shark axe but when I gave him my 8k he left and I was sitting there in shock lol it took me a long time to get that 8k. never trusting anyone again... and never playing that game as well...

Once I was playing roblox, when I wanted to pass my driving test. I ended up getting scammed in some POKEMON GO Tycoon. This game changed many times. BEWARE WHAT YOU CLICK!

And the anti-scammers are equally flooding the community with their shields

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4 Guests

Why is this not on the lists? These people are the spawn of Satan.

Not really guests are actually some of them nice people and most guests are just trolls who actually have accounts.

They're not annoying, they are just people who don't have accounts, but they can be annoying when they are trolls, and you can't do anything about it.

Sometimes the guests are really annoying.

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5 Childish Insults

Some kids on steven universe 3d roleplay called me oder and a smelly butt face for no reason and idiot to I wish they went to hell

6 Youtuber Fans

They are so annoying! Usually you will see someone who is "cool" just hanging around and chatting. But, when a YouTuber that they like joins the server, they just lose it and start to mob them and give them not enough space and start to spam constant BS into the chat like " ITS (insert YouTuber's name) I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! " or "please fiend me." And would start to just follow them and ask if they are recording. It's just annoying for the people who are watching the video and probably for the YouTuber. Please give them space, I bet they appreciate you. But, they are human beings too! Not a museum!

7 Kids in Their Emo/Cuteness Phase
8 Mean, Cruel People Who Can't Be Nice

I hate this so much! When me and my best friend went to Different town of Robloxia, seven girls came up to us and said "your ugly idiots! " "" "you can't even get any style? Ow wow" so, me and my friend just ignored them. but than they hacked me and my friend. when I went on Roblox the other day, I had only 10 Tix instead of 108. and I was saving them up for the america's sweetheart hair! So that was the time I stopped playing Roblox.

Wow, you people are so soft, you're all crying because someone roasted you in-game. Welcome to the internet, where not everything is going to be cutesy and nice. Oh, and Pony, don't try to make yourself look innocent. It was YOUR fault for becoming a rage-baby and calling that person a noob. Don't expect people to be nice to you online. I'm assuming the person who put this on the list is a sensitive 8 year old.

ESPECIALLY the ones who refuse to lose any argument even if they know they did, mini-mods who report people for the smallest reason (such as saying 'noob') and the worst part is... the reports get in. The worst is heartless hackers and people who ask for your password.

ROBLOX community has become filled with fake people. It used to be easier making real friends, it is just 10x more difficult. Online currency has become more important to people rather than friendship. I've had people I had know almost a year steal from me even after I had helped them a lot. The community is filled with greed and carelessness for other people.

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9 Speed Hackers Everywhere

Some idiot hacked my hard earned points for one game and made them negative two million literally. I wish that person could get arrested and have his account banned. - ethanmeinster

Roblox does nothing about the hackers/exploiters - you report them & keep seeing the same names doing it over & over

Someone hacked into my account, said rude stuff, and got me banned!

I'd simply say exploiters/hackers (seen rarely, mostly exploiters) for ruining the gameplay.

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10 Cyberbullies

There aren't many cyberbullies, you know?

I haven't seen any cyberbullies.

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11 People That Call Other People Noobs

I'll admit, I have done this from time to time. But then people call me a noob, make a big deal about me calling them a noob ( even though I was only slightly irritated) and even turns into an ARGUMENT. Fortunately, though, most times me and the user make up and even become friends. But this is the thing that makes me mad. Sure, dying in a video game sucks. But doing this is miles worse. I know I sound like a hypocrite, so you can thumbs me down. But I'm just voicing my opinion, and haters going to hate, I guess.

It's so pointless to call someone else a noob. I mean it's even a insult, and what sucks about it is that people actually take it SERIOUSLY. They start get mad and cuss and stuff like that, it's so pointless!

Might be wanna of the worst insults what a minute its not even a insult! - WWEfanJayden

I have a friend on roblox (and school) And when we play roblox together he says "I HATE NOOBS! " GUESTS ARE NOOBS! " It just pisses me off and is immature and annoying.

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12 Account Hackers

People who take your account and all you have. Luckily they don't have access to your credit card

Somehow I can use the same account on two different things

While I was playing "Adopt and protect a cute kid" Noobs broke into my fort and annoyed the heck out of me and one of them hacked me to leave they should be damned to hell

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13 You Earn 10 Tix Per Day But Not Robux

How are we supposed to buy stuff for our characters if most of the items cost 1 million robux and tix?

Also I mean for 1 year old,i mean at least THAN the roblox players have started play roblox 1 year ago

I have to wait like 5-6 days to buy a shirt or pants to my character in Roblox. 25 or 20 tickets in 25 hours would be perfect for me.

It was a " poor choice " to remove robux.

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14 Kids Being Insecure About Their Avatar
15 Clickbait Games

It's so annoying! People just do this to get more place visits! - thunderstar1124

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16 3.0s With Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

That's what I wear on anarchy friday nights.

That's part of my trolling outfit.

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17 Pointless Games

I think that the games most people DON'T play should be gone but not the pointless games those are for the idiots.

Oh my god, there are too many misleading games! -sees a game called Epic Boat Tycoon! - Me:Wow, looks fun! -plays, turns out it's just a stupid obby- Me:OH FOR-

Mostly like all of the games on Roblox are boring, they are basically the same thing. Most people just like copy uncopylocked games and do whatever they want with them, they are still boring.

Especially that game from Abdu Studios it is just this cheap copied version of SpongeBob Rollercoaster and he advertises it like WOW BEST GAME ON ROBLOX

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18 Fandom

I was just playing the Pizzeria game for fun. Until I heard about this kid screaming:Roblox is the coolest game in life!

Well, it that kid's opinion. He can think Roblox is the coolest game in life if he wants too.

How the heck is this pure fandom if the kid is expressing his opinion bluntly

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19 Edgy People

I was weakened by a guy, then another guy stole the kill and acted edgy and called me a noob even though I joined during the golden ages. Then he called me trash kid, just because he stole someone's kill.

All those girls (Usually in those high school RP games; High School Life, Roblox High School, etc..) tick me off. They usually wear crotchet tops, long hair w/ beautiful hair for beautiful people, the buddy baseball cap and finally, the "err.." face which is the worst part.

Welcome to the forum section of roblox

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20 Horrible events.

They Sponsor childish events, Like
Bloxgiving 2015, They add dinosaurs on that events, What do dinosaurs have to do with thanksgiving? it's a holiday.

Also the teen titans go event, All you have to do is just get a hat from a pizza place game.

Even the Nerf Halloween events, horrible stuff, If you have anything from that event delete it.

I expect the Christmas 2015 event to be horrible, hopefully not.

Sponsor events are killin Roblox.

The last good event was Halloween 2013.

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