Worst Things About Sonic the Hedgehog Games

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1 You Always Have to Play As Sonic

In nearly all sonic games you have to play as sonic that is pretty annoying why can't we play as different characters like shadow rouge eggman knuckles tails metal sonic silver vector espio charmy Tikal big or omega

Why is this on the list? Not all Sonic games only let you play as Sonic! What about the Sonic Adventure games where you could play as the other characters?

This is one of the reasons why I like sonic heroes.

Lol everyone hates sonic 06 but that's a game with 9 playable characters

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2 Bad Puns V 1 Comment
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4 Light Speed Dash

What, ever played SA2? I think you mean the light speed dash from Generations - cdxtreme

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5 Scores
6 Momentum
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8 Super Sonic Is Barely Playable

In a few sonic games super sonic is even in it. That is so annoying. In the games he's appeared in he's just there fir decoration

The majority off the 3D Sonic games where Super Sonic is only playable is at the final boss.

9 Collecting the Emeralds

I'm glad that Sonic Heroes is the last Sonic game that you had to collect the chaos emeralds to see the last story. Or is it?

I want to be able to play as Super Sonic FROM THE START, but that will NEVER HAPPEN

I hate having to collect emeralds in sonic games

10 Unnecessary Plot

It's cheesy and predictable, kids wouldn't notice but adults just laugh at the stupidity.

These plots for Sonic games make little aense as the game unfolds

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11 Rings V 1 Comment
12 Sonic Archie Comics

They should be replaced by Pac-Man Archie comics so people talk about that instead of the corny Sonic Archie comics.

13 Knuckles' Sonic Boom Design

I know that is not going to be his personal design. But why did they make him on steroids

14 Boss Battles

Some of them okay but the casino night boss from sonic 4 is a ripoff of sonics 2 battles

15 Falling Into Pits

Falling into pits would make the games worse!

16 Games Are Short

Games like sonic generations or sonic 4 are what I don't like about sonic games. Some are really short which can be completed in a day or 2

17 Special Stages
18 Extensive Voice Acting

I don't get why the Mario franchise has it often.

19 Princess Daisy Doesn't Spend Time With the Male Sonic Characters

Shut the freak up whoever put this on here!

NOBODY CARES about Daisy or your "Princess Daisy of Sarasaland" fantasies! This gets so annoying fast!

20 Sonic In 2D
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