Top 10 Worst Things About the SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


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1They're superheroes for like 5 minutes!

They're superheroes for a full quarter of the movie. Pretty sure the movie isn't 20 minutes long. - Puga

2Sandy looks weird

And that matters towards the story because... - Puga

3The beach scene is offensive to some people
4It's hard to follow the storyline

The formula gets stolen, the town goes into chaos, SpongeBob and buddies have to go save it. No offense but that's not really hard. - Garythesnail

Another thing that's hard to follow is why you think it's called Fish out of Water. That's the name of a Chicken Little character! - Puga

5The advertisement was better
6Some great characters weren't in it
7People just naturally don't like Squidward
8Looks 'too' real

I wish the movie was done with the animation of a regiular episode of the show. I don't loke CGI SpongeBob.

9The rap battle at the end

Why did they put this in the movie. Honestly, I liked the movie, until that part came up. Look, you aren't making your movie cool by putting rap in it (and I like rap), your just showing how hard you're trying to be hip and modern. - Scorpio

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