Top Ten Worst Things About Super Smash Bros. Project M

This game mod for Brawl sucks so bad. It sucks! I hate this game so much!

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1Terrible gameplay

The gameplay is awful, the gameplay in every other Smash Bros. game is far better. - Metts

2Boring stages

Most of the stages are flat and uninteresting. - Metts

3You can't enter doors in subspace emissary

I've tried SSE in Project M and I tried to enter the door to start the final level but the character won't enter. Also if you're on the beginning levels than how are you going to complete your mission? - Metts

4Overpowered characters

Luigi is way better in every other game than Project M and he sucks in Project M, they ruined my favorite character! - Metts

5It tried too hard to be just like melee but it's more like competitive melee

It suppose to be exactly like Melee with Brawl graphics but it turns out that the gameplay is too competitive over Melee. - Metts

6It's unfair to regular smashers

I am considered to be called a decent regular Smasher that is not too competitive however Project M is unfair to gamers like me. - Metts

7Stock control was a stupid idea that replaced handicap

I sometimes use level 9 handicap in Melee which is should of been in Project M. The reason why I like it so I can make the game fast and powerful and more fun to play. - Metts

8You can lose easilyV1 Comment
9Computer players don't act like real computer players instead they act like competitive smashers

I want the computer players to act like Melee computer players but however the creators didn't do it. - Metts

10It gives Melee Elitists more reason to hate on Brawl and SSB4 fans

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11It's not made by Nintendo

It's fanmade obviously! Well Competitive Smashers don't know how to make a real Smash Bros. game like Nintendo. - Metts

12Ganondorf's B Attack
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