Worst Things About TheTopTens


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The lack of respect for artists and their fans
I hate how people are all like, "Oh if you like this or that, than you must be this or that. " Everyone has their own opinion. Sure, we all agree on the same things, but some of us don't. I like some bands, but people are always just saying rude comments about them, and how if so and so like it, then they must not know what so and so is. Personally, I just want people to stop arguing about what they dislike, and just respect that people do like this and not every does, so they should at least show some respect about how we all feel about a certain type of topic.
Your right! People don't have to prove this is "totally right." Everyone's different here!
Dear top ten users... Here I want to apologize for what I've said along I play this top tens website... I know and I realized, sometimes I show my disrespectful to something/someone I don't like, like John Cena, Linkin Park, and many more... I know I don't like it... The thing that I should do is just keep my mouth and respect the other peoples likes. So, please forgive of what I've done... Thanks.


Lil Wayne on top ten rappers of all time what! Are you guys serious this is why we're known as the stupid generation cause of people who don't know real music
[Newest]Here, the right to expression is in its extreme form.

2I want to see top 50 most popular lists
Yes. Not enough stats and infos on Top-Tens. A ''members currently connected'' page would also be nice.


10 is not enough. You need more peoples opinions on the subject... 10 is not enough!
I want to Make My own lists Longer then just 10 That includes on Remixes I don't want just 10 songs and that's it
For it to feel like a legit list I want a no limit list for Your List!


[Newest]You can see now..

3People's bad voting tastes
Its totaly ridiculous how some people who don't have a clue about certain things, keep voting for that thing, only because "they like the colour of the eyes of that artist"! For example, multiple voting for Tarja Turunen as "the best opera singer" in spite of the fact that we have goddesses of the opera like: Maria Callas, Sarah Brightman, Monserrat Caballe... I feel free to comment because I have music academy and know exactly what I am talking about. Thats why I think that people without similar jobs or expierences, shouldn't take part in such a votings, because they are not competent at all to judge! Or at least, they should research a little bit about the stuff they are messing with, not just bumping with stupidities (like the one when Tarja Turunen is better than Maria callas! )
Well, I agree with this topic... there is a lot of bad tastes in everything, and that sucks when it comes to voting. Suppose that everybody has right on their own opinion; but, came on, somebody better than Maria Callas? I have to check out that stupidity!
The list on the best rock band is insane. Journey barely did any actual ROCK songs. Theres so many bands that aren't remotely related to rock music but they are just supported by people who have no idea what thet're on about.


[Newest]"I don't feel very compelled to vote for this, but there is that one minor detail. Therefore it should be #1. Vote."

4George W. Bush being the greatest U.S. President of the all time
Whoever voted for Bush Should seriously try and look at what he's actually done, when Clinton Left office, we had almost a billion dollar surplus, now we have a 35 billion dollar deficit. And he's not even fighting terrorists you guys, he's fighting almost the entire population of Iraq, that we "Liberated".


Not sure when you posted Hannibalbarka but the deficit is WAY into the trillions now, laugh out loud.
Bush just may have been the WORST president we've had.


Why? Lets all join together and vote for honest abe first! And kick george of the list who's with me!
[Newest]It's people's opinions, so it can be valid.

5People starting all kinds of worst lists and can't stop hating
yeah, 100% agree here ,there are many dumb lists


there are lots of worst lists the most annoying etc lists in the top-tens. those lists are biased, unreliable, and created by people who are haters and bashers. they do it for the sake of having other things to be the worst but in reality it is not.


A lot of people on here are rude and direspectful towards other people's opinions, and have no life so they try to hate on others. I know that's what I'm doing right now, but someone has to say it. Their just trolls.
[Newest]We all have something we hate, but we don't need to be so obnoxious about it!

6Multiple voting
I agree here. You can vote once a week, but if you try voting every day it really looks ridiculous. That's why Prince, Michael Jackson, Heart, 30 Seconds to Mars, Regine Velasquez are #1. That's opinion of 3-5 persons no more


I didn't realise you could vote multiple times on the same thing. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have quite enjoyed looking through all these lists but now I am not so sure. :(


I vote more than once because I can. I would have no problem with 1 vote / IP-address but since you can vote once a day, I sometimes do that. But why can you vote once a day? I don't get it, but I have to do that because otherwise my favorites have no chance against other people who votes every day. But please reset the lists and make it 1 vote / IP-address.
[Newest]It's actually a bit (a bit) illegal.

7You can't see how many votes in every lists
There are a biased explanations why those items are in the top


This actually could be because of people's personal lists. They throw things off whack. I'm not saying that personal lists are bad: I love everything about them, even how they affect voting.


So true... Opinions of creator are not necessarily opinions of other users.


[Newest]Now, you can see votes in lists.

8All of this X-files Crap
This crap really is annoying. Gillian Anderson is terrible and somewhat unattractive. The lack of respect for artists and their fans is up there too I used to be hard on bands, rappers, or actors/actresses that I didn't like until when I would see something I liked up there and it pissed me off. So unless it really is terrible like Gillian Anderson or High School Musical than I leave it alone now. But this is more annoying I don't hate the x-files but I hate the people who always vote for the x-files as great it isn't great its barley average.


This, and the Sarah Brightman obsession. Geez.




[Newest]Doctor who is far better.


9Prince ahead of Eddie Van Halen on best guitarist list
Some people are absolutely unbelievably stupid. They're just very narrow-minded and they just look at Prince and the amount of records he's sold and number 1 hits he's had and not his playing skills and the influence that he has had on other guitar players. Sure, there's a lot of guitar players more skilled than Eddie Van Halen. However, there's only two people to me who are in Eddie Van Halen's territory or could even be compared to Eddie Van Halen as far as influence goes. They are Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.
r u kidding me! If i could cuss on this website, (which by the way, is one of the worst unsaid thing about htis website)I would go off. This is insane. Have u heard of a little song called ERUPTION not to mention all of their other great songs


Prince is good, no doubt about it. But Eddie Van Halen is better.


10Heart Ranked Number One on Almost Every Music List
what makes heart better than led zeppelin, the beatles, metallica, acdc, and any other band.


Heart is/was a great band, but seriously. They aren't even one of the 10 greatest bands of all time. -_-


they are good. not amazing, like seriously


[Newest]Heart is a classic rock band from the 80's. What makes it cool is a female singer apparently.

The Contenders

11You can't erase lists


I always get wrong spelling in typing and when its wrong//people say bad things and say a bad words at thing you say
We should be able to do just that. There is some lists that NEED to be deleted by the administrators
[Newest]It could be Useful

12Who are those people in the top left of your screen?
It looks like the kind of people who try to get you to join their cult or something


yeah if it was a nice girl or something?


definitely-get rid of them!

13Rockland Middle School
All you Rockland Middle School students, ya' know, I really don't give a crap about your school and your boring ass lists.
Seriously, most people won't know who they're talking about, so who cares?

This applies for the idiots that make lists about their schools in general, not just Rockland. C;


Nobody cares about rockland middle school so they should stop making lists...


[Newest]I don't know I like laughing at the list.

14Sarah Brightman number on almost every music list
I am not especially a fan of Sarah Brightman, but you would have to be 11 years old or totally stupid not to have heard of her.
She is not ahead of The Beatles or Led Zeppelin on ANY list, but she IS ahead of a whole bunch of useless "pop princesses" who can only sing using auto-tune.
Brightman has sold over 75 million records, not quite as much as a couple of other females, but definitely in the top 10 of all time for females.
Brightman better than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin? No, of course not.
Better than Mariah, X-tina, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc?
At least Brightman can still get votes; Aretha Franklin is also WAY better than all of those Pop Tarts, but she does not get the votes.
Okay, when I try to vote for Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, etc. On the singers lists, I always see Sarah Brightman on the Top Ten. I honestly had no idea who she was before I came on here, and there are people voting her as the best female singer EVER? What the heck.
No one knows who she is, so there's no way she could be ranked above the beatles or zeppelin.

15Top Ten Best Surveys/Quizzes on MySpace is the number 1 most popular list
Stupid sympathy from admin...


I wish it was. It's better than then the "Music Artists who should preform in the 2012 Olympics" one.


That's not the most popular list


16People that make lists when they know nothing about topic of the list
this is the one of the most annoying thing ever


MUCH PEOPLE DO IT! Even some of the most famous remixers and creators of list do it {don, t need to say names }


this is so dumb I can't stand it


[Newest]So true! Some retard put Led Zeppelin on WORST rock bands.

17Top Ten List very long approval time
I submitted two lists a few weeks ago and they still haven't been approved. They need to just check the content to make sure it is not inappropriate and then let it on. It does not take three weeks to sort through the lists.


Why can't they just add the list as soon as you make it
I submitted 4 lists in 2 weeks only one was approved! It was not inappropiate it was just sports and video games.


18You cannot change your votes
You are reading the list, and you vote for something, than later on, you see a new option you love, but can't change

19Number 1 is the first thing you see on a list
It would be much better to have the top 10 count down and then show the rest starting from 11, much like is done already.
I just start scrolling down immediately.
I Hate that I like to be curious like a cat

20Linkin Park is on some negative lists
What could you possibly hate about Linkin Park. If you don't like Linkin Park but like 30 Seconds To Mars than you're not even a human.


I honestly do not understand how some people hate Linkin Park. They are original, amazing live, and they make PHENOMENAL music! I'm a Linkin Park fan forever!
Linkin Park rocks! Why are they on worst lists?
[Newest]I love Linkin Park, but people are allowed to have opinions...

21Justin Bieber in every single "worst" list
Okay, so I don't like Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean I need to add him to every single list whenever I see the word "worst"


Of course, I hate Justin Bieber, but I'm tired of seeing him everywhere!
I can't one single "worst" list without seeing at least one reference to Bieber. Yes, he sucks, but this site really needs to stop adding him everywhere.
[Newest]Yeah, I even made a list bout this!

22All the good lists are taken
Really annoying. If you where gonna make a list. Someone steals it. Makes me wanna smash my keyboard or punch the screen

23No matter how hard you try, your vote can't change who's on the top
Actually, one of the most exciting moments I've had on this site was when my vote pushed Hey Jude from #19 to #18 on the Best Songs list.


Just more updates... Faster and more often...
[Newest]I added something in the list one time, it suddenly became number 22 out of 47 choices after a week I posted it

24The comment quality
It's just RANDOM! You have to put random letters just to get the darn thing to move to the right! And some things just send you back like, THREE BARS! The Top Tens. Com, PLEASE just let us post! Thank you.
*Commenting* I agree 100% with this entry.
(Rising... )
This needs to be number on-
*Bar moves back*
My spelling quality is TERRIBLE on the toptens because of the stupid ipad auto correction


That I agree with, but the galaxy tab is the worst. I try to spell comfortably, and it changes it to Comfort Ably


No swearing is allowed.


25Napoleon Dynamite being the worst movie of all time
I think 2012 les mis should be at the top because that excuse for a movie musical is just rubbish, the casting person, or whatever the hell they're called, decided a cast of Hollywood actors would do instead of professional opera singers who would be good in the first place, and it actually won awards cause critics write a rave review lasting over 9000 pages saying it's "beautiful" and "tear-jerking". Seriously, the last time I saw something beautiful was when I watched Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 and the last time I seen something tear-jerking was when my wifi connection was lost. This movie was just made for a certain thing called €a$h.


I love this movie! How can it be the worst movie of all time? Some people... I swear we need to get us some guns and have a good old fiesta and show what we are made of.
this movie is funny how can anyone hate it


[Newest]Agreed. Yet Sound of music is on the best.

26That you have to vote for a particular item in order to comment on it
That's the worst part. If you wanna bash Justin Bieber, you're gonna have to vote for him first.


YES! What if there's someone on a top ten list you think is overrated? You have to vote for them to say it. IT MAKES ZERO SENSE WHAT-SO--EVER!
Some times I just want to question why something is so high, but I have to vote for it first.
[Newest]Not anymore you don't.

27You can only put 10 items on a remix
They should have an "honarable mentions" section.


28Number two needing to be number one
I totally agree with this. It's like, um your a total idiot! Sometimes, I agree with number one, but seriously? That should be number one sometimes!


I mean most of the time the number ones of these lists are stupid and the number two needs that position. Like for instance dragonballz being number one on the best anime while one piece is number two or batman being number one on the best antiheroes when he's aparently a superhero and sweeney todd being number two.
Happens all the time and totally gets on my nerves!
[Newest]Like on this list. Seriously 'the lack of respect to artists and their fans' WHO CARES about that

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but whenever I happen to come upon a list that I want to read and then scroll down while reading, all of a sudden I am taken all the way back to the homepage! Why must this happen when I just want to view something?


I'm using TheTopTens on an ipad and the page keeps jumping up and Down then I accidentally vote for the wrong thing


I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but whenever I happen to come upon a list that I want to read and then scroll down while reading, all of a sudden I am taken all the way back to the homepage! Why must this happen when I just want to view something?


30Linkin Park Everywhere
This is so true, all the people on this site are Linkin park fans. The list that gets me the most upset is best nu metal bands. Korn, System of a Down and Madvayne are so much better then Linkin Park. The site is being ruined by these fans who barely know how to spell right.
I do like Linkin Park. But people. There are better rock bands out there. I'm tried of seeing them everywhere I go.
Linkin Park are an okay band. I listen to them to pass the time sometimes. But there are bands that I like and listen to more.


31Double item on a list
it should be checked much carefully these things


there are 2 chocolate items on the ice cream flavors, two names of a band in a different form


32Big Brother lists
Get this to number 1 please


I can tell it's bad.


33Frozen As the Most Overrated Disney Movie
Not just the most I overrated Disney movie, but the most overrated movie EVER. All of my friend and family are obsessed with it and always singing the songs. I have never seen it, but I don't want to and I will NOT spend money on a movie that looks predictable and stupid.
It is overrated! People are always singing the songs.


I seen it in my science class and EVERYONE was singing Let it Go, even the teacher!


[Newest]Who added this? It IS overrated! It just is! Deal with it!


34You can't vote for multiple items on the same list
In ranker website there is the option like this


35"If you like this than you must be this"
There's such a thing as differing opinions. Have respect for them, people! That's why this site even exists at all!

The 'Most Hated Countries' list is so racist it's unreal. I can't believe it is still on this relatively respectable site :( Take it down guys.
this is not fair there are better artists from some overpopular artists from countries that speak english


all american, japanese, asians are the same. don't hate a song if you couldn't understand it


[Newest]Top 10 worst religions.

37People always try to mess with us here.
If you seen my lists, it's true.


38Spam items
like asdf, fdsa, asdfg, etc


39Top Tens background is not very appealing
The background is plain white, the bottom is sky blue, but it needs to be more beautiful


40People who hate on certain celebrities
I mean I'm not the biggest fan of Bieber and 1D but all the haters I think are just low lives who are jealous that they are talented singers and have millions of people who idolize them. I mean seriously, Justin Bieber is NOT the ugliest person in the world. That's Marilyn Manson
I'm seeing Bieber trolls everywhere. So yes, I hate Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean I have to add him to every single list whenever I see the word "worst".


This is why my target is based more on the fanbase

41You should be able to delete your own comments
I accidentally made two of the same comment on this list. Oops.


Why can't you only delete remixes?


You can do that.


42People who comment that say WTF

43Cant see who's online, how many are online and where they are
Isn't that a good thing? I'm pretty sure it is, I don't want anyone to "hack" me, that's why I don't like youtube and I like this place
Laugh out loud sending a message about a person to ask if they're online or not.. If they're not it makes you look stupid -_-


Where they are? This isn't a stalker website.

44Not all lists approved
One of my lists actually got approved twice. I laughed out loud.


45Can't vote if disconnected
Well of course -_- It's like trying to eat without a mouth, idiot.

46People who vote for something just so they can comment negatively on it.
If you hate something, write a blog entry about it. What's the point of putting the subject of your hatred even higher on a list?
I hate people who vote on an items just to talk bad about it.


Thank god they brought it to where you can just comment on things without voting.
[Newest]Cause you can't comment without voting.


47The Bar Glitch Thing
If I wanted to share my list on Facebook, Twitter, or email, I would copy and paste.


48McFly even on the Best Bands from the UK
There is not a single second of any McFly song that the majority of English people like, why are they on there?


49The List for Best Things About Justin Bieber
Oh my God, that list sucks! There is nothing good about JB except him being arrested. His music sucks balls! And before Beliebers bash at me and say I'm jealous because Bieber has "talent" and I don't, I'm not jealous! 1. I'm waay more talented than Bieber and my voice is prone to cracking on long notes. 2. I've seen more talent in a cat dying than Bieber. 3. If we were jealous of all celebrities we would hate all celebrities even Michael Jackson, Elvis, etc. 4. If we're jealous, we'd be doing all we can to famous ex. auditioning for talent shows, take vocal lessons, etc. Bieber killed real music! And I'm a huge fan of old school music. Screw Bieber!
I wish he quit his job since I am the worst joke maker I can't sing either but I can better than this doofus
Ironic thing is, another item on the list is to many Hate for JB...


This happens all the time now, the top tens is pretty much wrecked.
They go right past the vote controls and change the vote totals, and also add extra items and take items completely off the list.
Why does TTT allow this?

51Lack of users online

52Sakura Being on the The Top 10 Sexiest Anime Girls List
How can Sakura be hotter than Faye Valentine, Everyone on the Top 10 Sexiest Anime Girls List is way hotter then Sakura.


53Language barriers
In typically say almost spread where in english.english english english A.
Yes, English is a barrier
anybody that speaks anything other than ENGLISH!


[Newest]I speak Spanish, so I tried to make a list in Spanish, and it didn't work because it wasn't English.


54No chat
I would like to try the chat room, never got to try it cause I signed up too late.


I'd love to see chat implemented.


55People who comment only bad things

56Comments about X-JAPAN's make up and hair
Every single X-Japan fan cannot shut up about these guys! These are Glam Rock ripoffs. Hide isn't a good guitarist! You know who a good guitarist is? Jimi Hendrix! So screw X-Japan. And also X-Japan, quit reading this
does that make a huge contribution to sales?


57Less stats

58The lists about the Philippines
AGREED! WHEN I SEARCH SOMETHING, I don't want to see best Filipino singers ever. I wanna see the world's best. Which, I must say, world's best is Freddie Mercury.
I'm a flipino, I mean why do you post this, when you say "you don't want to see the list about the Philippines", it sounds racist. TEAR THIS THING DOWN
You all always hate Philippines, how about yours, ha?

59Godzilla 1954 Being on the worst Godzilla movies

60The London Olympic Games list
"Music Artists You'd Like To Perform at the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies" is just a STUPID list in all respects. I'm not interested in the Olympics, but there are a number of reasons why I hate that list. Firstly, this was two years ago, so why are you still voting? Secondly, most of them are not from UK, which was the point of the ceremony, so practically everything there doesn't belong. Thirdly, you put in a lot of highly overrated music artists; who, with any sense, would want Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber performing at all? Anywhere? And finally, the Olympics is still a dumb thing to debate. I won't bother explaining why.
The lists that replaced it, about the next Games, will simply add to the pile, and everyone will keep voting on them in exactly the same pointless, endless cycle.


I don't understand the purpose of this list. It's just stupid. The games have come and gone.


I came to this list JUST TO ADD THIS ELEMENT!


61Peggy Lee being higher than Michael Jackson as greatest singer of all time

62The dumbest comments get the highest approval ratings


64Best male singer in the Philippines doesn't have even a rock singer
Franco Reyes is a singer from the supergroup band Franco, he is a great ROCK singer

65Trying to Come Up With New Lists
This is a legit problem unlike most of the items on this list...


66X Japan on Every Music List
they maybe a good band but they are everywhere in the music polls


Why are they #1 all the time?


Ok! Everyone! Shut up about X-Japan! They are so bad! I just commented about them being Glam Rock ripoffs!

67X-JAPAN appearing in almost every top of Japanese lists
they are the ones who are being favorited. look at those japanese list except mine of course, best rock drummers, best drummer of all time, 80s hair metal band, fastest drum soloists, japanese guitarist, japanese singer THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY BAND WHO ARE GREAT, in fact, I know lots of bands with better voice than toshi (hyde, isono hiroshi have more pleasant voice), better drum styles than yoshiki (he is only fast, but the drum style patterns is not unique similar to shinya of dir en grey, look at tetsu of d'erlanger or yukihiro of l'arc en ciel), better riffs than hide


they are always at the top. I wonder if people are just putting them out of respect. at least, listen to more bands


Their not only on Japanese lists, their on every music list on this site. how is "the art of life" (whatever the heck that is) the eleventh greatest song of all-time?

68The text are so many and you get dizzy when reading it

69Band haters

70People Making Smart Ass Comments on Your Lists

71Anime haters
I am not a anime hater. I do like Pokémon but that's about it. Now before you say anything about how I need to give anime a chance I would like to explain why anime is not really my thing. 1. Most anime has romance and sexual innuendos which I do not want myself watching. 2. A lot of anime is rated PG-13, R, or MA which I am not allowed to watch or have any interest in watching. 3. There is a lot of violence and gore in a lot of anime and I don't like that. Now I'm not saying that all anime is like that but a lot of it is and that is why I am only interested in Pokémon.


Hey, everyone is different.


Sorry but I have my own opinion. I don't like anime.


72Users only care about Britgirl
I know right? All the users care about Britgirl praise and dedicate her. This is super annoying.


73Users are haters

74That the owners wife got to all the good ideas first
I'm going to have to agree with this one


We all know it wasn't luck


HA HA! I'm sorry, my friends, you are right, but the early bird gets the worm! I was just lucky enough to get here first! ;-)


75The overrated lists
Who cares if something is "overrated"?
Some people don't understand the meaning of overrated, let me clarify what it actually means:
Overrated;Something that is extremely popular and people think it gets too much love, but the thing is not exactly bad. (e.I. that Frozen movie is so overrated, but I don't hate it! )
Other Peoples Meaning:
Overrated;Something that get too much love but it SUCKS, why do you like that?


76Incorrect details about an item inside a top tens list
there are names of a band member that has incorrect spelling or that name isn't exactly him


77You can't rate your favorites equally

78Blind hate

79Seaford Middle School

80Voting for a boring singer
This is a boring reason.

people on this lots of the time are stupid


82Kissing up to TheTopTens

83New members with bad names
Oh how exciting, do tell! Who? WHO?!


I wish I could change my user name


I wish I could change my user name...


84Notorious B.I.G. isn't #1 on the best rapper list
He deserves the crown but I think kook g rap, rakim and nas are better than him though

85People giving Michael Jackson the sympathy vote because he died
I agree 100% on this one. The voted him the best artist of all time. When The Beatles should always be #1. If the list was the best artist of the 80's or the 90's I could see it. Don't get me wrong he should be in the top 5. There is no way he is #1.


Its so annoying. I understand to you fans that your upset that he died, but come on you probably wouldn't vote 4 him if he was alive because he was insane, and apparently he's supposed 2 live 4eva, only Linkin Park can do that.


He hasn't got the best voice in the world.. His music video Thriller isn't the scariest video ever produced.. He isn't the greatest songwriter of all tine either.


[Newest]I mean, he was great, but not greatest singer of all time. I will have to disagree with that. I could give him maybe number 5 or 6 on my list. Or 7.

86Marion Davies ranked Number 3 as Best Actress
What a joke. Ever heard of Katherine Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Vivien Leigh, Bette Davis, Charlize Theron, Rachel McAdams, Jodi Foster, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pheiffer, Sally Field, etc.

They didn't just use their faces. They did it with words!!!!
LOL - this is the biggest joke of any list. You know one person keeps voting for her.

87Chris Daughtry rated #2 on all time favorite American Idol Contestant

88This List Who Has the Worst Things About the Top Tens
So what? There is nothing wrong with criticism. I find TheTopTens a fun website, but it still has lots of annoying flaws. Seeing people who find something wrong with this site is not the end of the world.

Also, the person who added this item should have written "which" instead of "who". Please check your grammar. This list is not a person.
This list has no significant point to me as 80% of the entrys have nothing to do with the actual WEBSITE.
I'm pretty sure the idea of this list is to suggest improvements to admin, NOT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT LADY GAGA OR OTHER STUPID SUBJECTS. -_-
this is right because (although I agree with some things in this list) someone made this list critizicing TheTopTens. In my opinion, this is one of the best websites in the internet, and if you don't agree; why don't you make your own website?


89Some teenager who sings for little girls is rated as more evil than many genocidal freaks that have satirized humanity and destroyed millions
Justin Bieber may be annoying, but he does not deserve to be on the "Top Ten Most Evil People in History" list. Seriously? You people think that Justin Bieber is evil for making teenybopper music? You think he's a worse person than Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Ivan the Terrible, King Leopold II, and Josef Mengele? If you think that someone who creates annoying music is more evil that someone who's responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people, than you truly are an ignorant moron.
This is very stupid. Making teenybopper music doesn't make Justin Bieber evil. It just proves that rabid haters are just as bad as rabid fans.
People also think Justin Beiber is evil and should die because he doesn't like my little pony or anime.

90United States is in the top of almost all the lists about the best country
I am from the United States. I think we are a decent country, but we are WAY in debt, we are at war with countries for stupid reasons, and our country is 99% stupid people. And there actually is no such thing as a "best" country. It is just opinions. My favorite country, though, is either Mexico (because they have my favorite kinds of food) or Japan (because that's where Nintendo was founded).

Despite how stupid our country is, I still hate it when we get criticism. Hating a country is racist. You haven't met every single person in our country so it is not your place to judge it by the what, two Americans you know? It's not like two people are an entire nation.
I definitely like the US as a country. It is an astonishing place. And those words are coming from a Brit. But everyone has to stop bragging how they are statistically better. Stats do not matter.


On of the biggest problems about this country is that is going to war for reasons that not exist


[Newest]Whats wrong about the United States? That's the country where most of the users live. Not all of them but a lot.


91Not having honorable mentions
They have dishonourable mentions though. But it's not the same! If you want to make a remix, sometimes ten is not enough!


92Manny Pacquaio ranked as #2 greatest boxer of all time
Pacquiao is number one


Tyson and Manny are equaled as the most famous, but if its in a fight, I don't even know
Ya you r totally right that is such bs Tyson was much better

93Gackt is Everywhere
All these Asians are taking over the top tens, plus sarah brightman. She's like 40 and people say she's hotter than jessica alba. Heart, too, they're not that great


hes everywhere, and its especially bad that hes always ahead of freddie mercury
I agree. One person keeps voting him on every list. Who the hell is this person.

94David Duchovny
This sicko that keeps voting for DD

95Yo mamma phrases, words, sentences, spams
all words beginning with yo mamma creates spams


96Spoiled users

97People who add comments who think the person they're commenting about will see it

98It took so long for someone to make top ten video games list

99People don't go on it often
True. This site needs more attention.

100Items on lists that have no business being there
This is a levitate problem in my opinion. There needs to be some way to make sure that lists don't contain entries that don't apply. I saw Mega Man, PAC-Man and Samus on a Mario Party countdown earlier today. People need to stop adding things that don't apply for the list.

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