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The lack of respect for artists and their fans
I hate how people are all like, "Oh if you like this or that, than you must be this or that. " Everyone has their own opinion. Sure, we all agree on the same things, but some of us don't. I like some bands, but people are always just saying rude comments about them, and how if so and so like it, then they must not know what so and so is. Personally, I just want people to stop arguing about what they dislike, and just respect that people do like this and not every does, so they should at least show some respect about how we all feel about a certain type of topic.
Your right! People don't have to prove this is "totally right." Everyone's different here!
Dear top ten users... Here I want to apologize for what I've said along I play this top tens website... I know and I realized, sometimes I show my disrespectful to something/someone I don't like, like John Cena, Linkin Park, and many more... I know I don't like it... The thing that I should do is just keep my mouth and respect the other peoples likes. So, please forgive of what I've done... Thanks.


Lil Wayne on top ten rappers of all time what! Are you guys serious this is why we're known as the stupid generation cause of people who don't know real music
Before his Album Carter III he was a decent rapper I think that list was created before carter III


[Newest]I have respect for people who like different music than me.

Unless they like stupid boy bands or whiny screaming girls. Then screw them.

2People's bad voting tastes
Its totaly ridiculous how some people who don't have a clue about certain things, keep voting for that thing, only because "they like the colour of the eyes of that artist"! For example, multiple voting for Tarja Turunen as "the best opera singer" in spite of the fact that we have goddesses of the opera like: Maria Callas, Sarah Brightman, Monserrat Caballe... I feel free to comment because I have music academy and know exactly what I am talking about. Thats why I think that people without similar jobs or expierences, shouldn't take part in such a votings, because they are not competent at all to judge! Or at least, they should research a little bit about the stuff they are messing with, not just bumping with stupidities (like the one when Tarja Turunen is better than Maria callas! )
Well, I agree with this topic... there is a lot of bad tastes in everything, and that sucks when it comes to voting. Suppose that everybody has right on their own opinion; but, came on, somebody better than Maria Callas? I have to check out that stupidity!
The list on the best rock band is insane. Journey barely did any actual ROCK songs. Theres so many bands that aren't remotely related to rock music but they are just supported by people who have no idea what thet're on about.


[Newest]This is a terrible choice. There is no such thing as "bad taste".

3I want to see top 50 most popular lists
Yes. Not enough stats and infos on Top-Tens. A ''members currently connected'' page would also be nice.


10 is not enough. You need more peoples opinions on the subject... 10 is not enough!
I want to Make My own lists Longer then just 10 That includes on Remixes I don't want just 10 songs and that's it
For it to feel like a legit list I want a no limit list for Your List!


[Newest]On remixes it would be okay because sometimes I want to put so much more stuff on. But the website is called TheTopTens for a reason.

4George W. Bush being the greatest U.S. President of the all time
Whoever voted for Bush Should seriously try and look at what he's actually done, when Clinton Left office, we had almost a billion dollar surplus, now we have a 35 billion dollar deficit. And he's not even fighting terrorists you guys, he's fighting almost the entire population of Iraq, that we "Liberated".


Not sure when you posted Hannibalbarka but the deficit is WAY into the trillions now, laugh out loud.
Bush just may have been the WORST president we've had.


Why? Lets all join together and vote for honest abe first! And kick george of the list who's with me!
[Newest]This is just random

5You can't erase lists


I always get wrong spelling in typing and when its wrong//people say bad things and say a bad words at thing you say
We should be able to do just that. There is some lists that NEED to be deleted by the administrators
[Newest]I wish I could too

6You can't see how many votes in every lists
There are a biased explanations why those items are in the top


This actually could be because of people's personal lists. They throw things off whack. I'm not saying that personal lists are bad: I love everything about them, even how they affect voting.


So true... Opinions of creator are not necessarily opinions of other users.


[Newest]You can only see how many votes a list got in a day not all up

7Multiple voting
I agree here. You can vote once a week, but if you try voting every day it really looks ridiculous. That's why Prince, Michael Jackson, Heart, 30 Seconds to Mars, Regine Velasquez are #1. That's opinion of 3-5 persons no more


I didn't realise you could vote multiple times on the same thing. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have quite enjoyed looking through all these lists but now I am not so sure. :(


I vote more than once because I can. I would have no problem with 1 vote / IP-address but since you can vote once a day, I sometimes do that. But why can you vote once a day? I don't get it, but I have to do that because otherwise my favorites have no chance against other people who votes every day. But please reset the lists and make it 1 vote / IP-address.
[Newest]I kept on voting Minecraft as the worst game ever.

8People starting all kinds of worst lists and can't stop hating
yeah, 100% agree here ,there are many dumb lists


there are lots of worst lists the most annoying etc lists in the top-tens. those lists are biased, unreliable, and created by people who are haters and bashers. they do it for the sake of having other things to be the worst but in reality it is not.


Seriously This Website is the even more heartless version of YouTube ıf you want a start a flame war first you need to say something that would piss haters off then they will want you dead.


[Newest]And this entry is on one of those "worst lists"

9Heart Ranked Number One on Almost Every Music List
what makes heart better than led zeppelin, the beatles, metallica, acdc, and any other band.


Heart is/was a great band, but seriously. They aren't even one of the 10 greatest bands of all time. -_-


they are good. not amazing, like seriously


[Newest]They aren't ranked 1 on like any list except Best Heart Songs

10People that make lists when they know nothing about topic of the list
this is the one of the most annoying thing ever


MUCH PEOPLE DO IT! Even some of the most famous remixers and creators of list do it {don, t need to say names }


this is so dumb I can't stand it


[Newest]Sonic and Slenderman were on a list for ADVENTURE TIME!

The Contenders

11Prince ahead of Eddie Van Halen on best guitarist list
Some people are absolutely unbelievably stupid. They're just very narrow-minded and they just look at Prince and the amount of records he's sold and number 1 hits he's had and not his playing skills and the influence that he has had on other guitar players. Sure, there's a lot of guitar players more skilled than Eddie Van Halen. However, there's only two people to me who are in Eddie Van Halen's territory or could even be compared to Eddie Van Halen as far as influence goes. They are Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.
r u kidding me! If i could cuss on this website, (which by the way, is one of the worst unsaid thing about htis website)I would go off. This is insane. Have u heard of a little song called ERUPTION not to mention all of their other great songs


Prince is good, no doubt about it. But Eddie Van Halen is better.


12Number 1 is the first thing you see on a list
It would be much better to have the top 10 count down and then show the rest starting from 11, much like is done already.
But then how would the honorable mentions work.
I just start scrolling down immediately.

13Who are those people in the top left of your screen?
It looks like the kind of people who try to get you to join their cult or something


yeah if it was a nice girl or something?


definitely-get rid of them!

14All the good lists are taken
Really annoying. If you where gonna make a list. Someone steals it. Makes me wanna smash my keyboard or punch the screen
I know! It is tough to think of new ideas!


15Please type in the number you see below
Spammers, that's why. It's annoying, but worth the effort.


16Rockland Middle School
All you Rockland Middle School students, ya' know, I really don't give a crap about your school and your boring ass lists.
Seriously, most people won't know who they're talking about, so who cares?

This applies for the idiots that make lists about their schools in general, not just Rockland. C;


Nobody cares about rockland middle school so they should stop making lists...


[Newest]What is rock land middle school(by dialga king)

17You cannot change your votes
You are reading the list, and you vote for something, than later on, you see a new option you love, but can't change

18You can only put 10 items on a remix
They should have an "honarable mentions" section.


19Sarah Brightman number on almost every music list
I am not especially a fan of Sarah Brightman, but you would have to be 11 years old or totally stupid not to have heard of her.
She is not ahead of The Beatles or Led Zeppelin on ANY list, but she IS ahead of a whole bunch of useless "pop princesses" who can only sing using auto-tune.
Brightman has sold over 75 million records, not quite as much as a couple of other females, but definitely in the top 10 of all time for females.
Brightman better than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin? No, of course not.
Better than Mariah, X-tina, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc?
At least Brightman can still get votes; Aretha Franklin is also WAY better than all of those Pop Tarts, but she does not get the votes.
Okay, when I try to vote for Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, etc. On the singers lists, I always see Sarah Brightman on the Top Ten. I honestly had no idea who she was before I came on here, and there are people voting her as the best female singer EVER? What the heck.
No one knows who she is, so there's no way she could be ranked above the beatles or zeppelin.

20All of this X-files Crap
This crap really is annoying. Gillian Anderson is terrible and somewhat unattractive. The lack of respect for artists and their fans is up there too I used to be hard on bands, rappers, or actors/actresses that I didn't like until when I would see something I liked up there and it pissed me off. So unless it really is terrible like Gillian Anderson or High School Musical than I leave it alone now. But this is more annoying I don't hate the x-files but I hate the people who always vote for the x-files as great it isn't great its barley average.


This, and the Sarah Brightman obsession. Geez.




[Newest]Doctor who is far better.


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