Worst Things That Can Happen to Your Pokemon Game


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1You Get To The Elite Four And Your Save File Corrupts

Happened, but the whole machine got broken - ABBCC

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2You're In A Cave And You Run Out Of Repels

A wild Zubat appeared
A wild Zubat appeared
A wild Zubat appeared
Me: I hate Pokemon - N64Dude

3Elite Four Uses Full Restore

That's why I bought 100 before fighting them - N64Dude

4All Your Pokemon Suddenly Turn Into Magikarp

It happens only to cheaters. If you don't use cheat codes, this will never happen.

5Lumiose City Save Glitch

This is why I never go into Lumiose City - N64Dude


Now I have to restart with just a Squirtle :'( - N64Dude

7You Accidentally Trade A Legendary For A Pokemon You Don't Want

Happened to my brother before. He pressed the wrong button and his Uxie got traded for a Chimchar - N64Dude

8Everyone Asks For Legends On The GTS

The few good people I trade with are my friends.


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9DS Explodes

How could it happen? - Danteem

10Your Little Brother/Sister Uses Your Master Ball On A Weak Pokemon

I regret letting my little sister play.

Once someone's sister used their Master Ball on a Combee. He took it to the Name Rater and renamed it. He then put it on Wonder Trade. What did he name it? He named it "Regrets" - N64Dude

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11The shiny you found selfdestructs

Happened to me once

12Lose Against a Level 1 Pokemon

You have a level 100 Arceus, and your against a level 1 Unown and you get rekt

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