Worst Things About Chuck E. Cheese


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1The Commericials

The commercials suck and they are so annoying!

The comercials lie other than the where kids can be a kid thing. They take that part too seriously.

On my thought for Chuck E Cheese, it's three out of five stars.
3 out of 5 stars!

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2The Band

have you ever went to chucky cheeses and theres a area with the big tv with them dancin its annoyin -

3What's On the TV

I Was At Chuck E Cheese Last Night with my friends son. They Were showing Caillou on their T.V. monitors and I Hate Caillou. Chad My Friend's son wasn't happy about it either. Chuck E Cheese You are messed up

The best ones On T.V. was the Monkey Ninjas Cartoon, comical skits, segments, intermission,parodies and The birthday 2002 version! Those were the best!

4The Songs
5The 1 Token Scam
6The Catch Phrases

Everybody say Cheese is funner? What are they trying to teach kids?

7The Prizes
8The Games

This is the only good thing about it. - RalphBob

9The Little Kids

Kids just plain and simple annoy me.
I think it should be:
#1. Everything
#2. Little Kids - fireinside96

There annoying except when it's my cousins

they are so annoying! I hate kids! especially the little ones!

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10The Customs

The Newcomers

?Phase 4
?Not Enough Chuck E Cheese Videos Showing
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11Guy Dressed As Chucky Cheese

It must suck being the guy dressed as Chuck E. because some 9 year old basters always hits you in balls!

I don't even get why they need a mascot there. - Powerfulgirl10

12The Playhouse
13The PizzaV2 Comments
14The Food
15The Tickets

Everyone's so unlucky to get lot's of tickets and dang! They should put in small tickets to earn the big prizes!

16Pushy Employees
17The Show

The show is crap and it actually takes footage from other shows. - RalphBob

18Birthday Song

I like the other Birthday song (2002) version, it's way better than that current one

I like the other birthday (2002) song from Eddie Coker better than the current one they have now. Bring that song back!

19The Tunnels

Smells like 10 day old pee up there!

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20It Smells Like Pee
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