Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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Going to Hell
Yes is definitely the first, I hear about it burns fire, mad people running and abusing each other.. Really horrible and you see horrible things, and Satan next to you, the worst the pain and the suffering will be eternal!
There is suffering in life. Lots of suffering. But life is temporary. If you go to heaven your suffering is over forever. In hell, the suffering is permanent and much worse than suffering in life. In hell you can see the wicked, people burning, the devil, and demons. Hell is the worst place to go. Just believe in god, say prayers, be good, and fight against evil because it pains me when a human goes to this terrible place
Hell is the worst place to go ever.
[Newest]Going to hell can't happen in life. You have to be dead in order to go to hell. Oh, and that it's a fictional place designed as a tool of social control to keep people in line.


2Being Buried Alive
Why is going to Hell first? That can't happen to you IN life, it could only happen to you AFTER life.
You're buried below ground in a coffin, no one is there, you will be starving and being dehydrated for the rest of your life, and If you had to go to the washroom REAL bad, unfortunately you can't go at all. This is why It is on the Top Ten List.
That's definitely the worst. It must hurt like hell.
[Newest]. I don't want to be buried I want to be shot out of a cannon into the ocean.

3Losing a Parent
Losing a parent is like losing a part of you. Who could live without your parent?
Real things are worse than imaginary things like hell
Loosing parent is like loosing our grip while climbing a mountain. we don't get another chance to hold on
[Newest]I've lost both my parents and I'm only 11. The feeling isn't good and you realize that when you grow up your not going to have anyone left unless you have a sibling, which I don't... The one thing I have to say is tell your parents you love them while you still can

4Lose a Child
I lost my 2 kids ages 3 and 5 and my wife of 8 years in a car accident when I was 29. That was 5 years ago now. I think the hardest part of my life now is.. When you have kids you feel a true meaning to your life accomplishments and a new kind of pride. I remember what that felt like. For the first 2 to 3 years I had this feeling of that I didn't know what to do with my self and where to go with my life I guess like will smith in the movie Seven Pounds but I didn't want to die like him in the movie. how I take it is. I'm just like an old person that lives to long and out lives there family but this all happen to me when I was in my late 20's so I guess its not the same. It sucks but has to happen to someone in life... there you go that's better. I feel bad for my parents most of all. Its hardest on them I think. The thought of there kid wakening up everyday to such a different life day after day.
I don't have any yet, I'm 21, but I think it's far worse than that imaginary and deluded "Hell" people are so afraid of. I guess I have a strong pre-developed paternal feeling.
Death of a child
[Newest]It would suck to lose a child or someone you love

5Listen to Justin Bieber
Baby baby baby ooh SO ANNOYING
When I hear Justin Bieber I think I wish I was dead, so if dying is number two then listening to Justin Bieber should be number one
I know right! I'm like, sounds so annoying. Wish someone will turn that thing off...
[Newest]If I listen to this I will died

This doesn't make sense, we're talking about LIFE!
This is not what people like.
I can see how this could be scary to people. But I guess it depends on HOW you leave.


[Newest]If You have to go to the bathroom and there's only a girl's bathroom and you are a boy and you wish you would be dead, and your wish comes true and you wish you knew that saying,"be careful what you wish for", and you are in big trouble.

7Getting Raped
Especially for girls... And maybe men sometimes... :(


This would be horrible. Just thinking about it makes me feel unpleasant.
Its torture. Little girls, or anyone, should not be abused for sex. They don't get a say, and it puts them at risk for pregnancy, or a disease like AIDS, even for young girls. Plus, it would be you to explain it to your parents.


8Going to Jail for Life
If you were in jail for life, that would be sad and you should come home to see your house and family again.
That has to be a hard feeling after hearing you will be in jail for life being under control all the time with no freedom.


You can't go to jail for life. You can go to prison for life though
[Newest]Especially if it's false charge, and you didn't commit the crime :(

9Be a Virgin Forever
I think that's what happened to Richard Branson...


I'm not afraid of that. I always tell myself "what does it mean to be married? What does it mean to give your life to someone both physically and mentally? " now this isn't for everyone, but I just ask myself wouldn't it be boring after a while, while I'm still married?
Who cares? It would be nice to find a partner and all, but is not getting ny REALLY worse than being buried alive, or going to hell. Being a Virgin forever is not fun, but its no like your being buried alive or going to hell... right?


[Newest]No one dies a virgin. Life fecks us all.

10Dying Alone
It's better to die alone than dying among the people who make you feel alone.


I'am so scarred of dying alone! No one should ever die alone.
You'd rather lose a child or die alone or get kidnapped than listen to JB? I hate JB, but that is a bit too far!

The Contenders

11Get Amnesia
Your personality would be gone forever, just think what the new personality could be like?
I cannot imagine this. The thought of it is quite repellant.


I want to remember what I did for my eighteenth!

12Seeing the Love of Your Life With Another
I often see my love at first sight trying to get with easy hoes. It kills me because I know that he'd rather have those kind of girls.
Pretty hard to take - gut- wrenching, soul-destroying, mind-numbing pain of the worst kind. But he'll get used to it!




[Newest]That would be terrible and especially if you changed everything about you just to be with them. Also they rather be with another and you just feel sad because you changed just to be with them and they throw it back at your face.

13Being forced to go to church
Not everyone believes in god. Some people are just gonna have to deal with that fact.
Ugh. People need to stop forcing religion. Some people just want to live freely. Without God, you can make your own choices.
I wouldn't call it "bad". Some people don't believe in God. I do believe in God, but I haven't been to Church in a while. DOes that mean I'm automatically evil? I'm kindhearted overall.


14Being Executed
Now that's just depressing.
This would especially be bad if you were executed for something you didn't do.
This is my biggest fear. And that is why we must be a good ciziten. Even lethal injection sounds inhumane and painful to me

15Going Blind
I would be so terrified.


It would be so hard to live without sight.


I am practicaly blind. I have these speical lenses in my glasses because if they where normal they would be zthe size of the bottom of a coke bottle. That is huge.


16Eminem's Career Ends
It can happen very soon it will be sad because he saving rap he is one of the only good rappers left
Yeah... If this thing happened. I don't know what I am gonna do to myself.. !
That's the worst thing that could happen, I'm a huge Eminem's fan <3...
[Newest]Oh no don't say that

17Being Forever Alone

18Getting Caught Watching Porn
Trust me, getting caught watching ponies is way worse.
That's funny! Lucky I did not get caught!
You will go to jail if you get caught


19Your Pet Dies
My cat didn't die but she ran away from our relatives who were looking after her while we were on vacation and well I miss her so much
My tip is give your pet a great life so when it does you will be proud of yourself for giving a animal a happy life


That will be the worst day of my life.

I have Cancer. It really does ruin your life...
I can only hope they find a cure for it.
Angela zhang is one of those people who might have developed a cure for cancer.

21Having Your Heart Broken
It breaks your spirit, too. It makes you cold and callous. Maybe that's just me, I don't know. I've been rejected by girls enough times that I just hate everyone.

22Every Girl Rejects You
Story of my life... What the hell is wrong with me?

23Being Pushed Off the Grand Canyon by a Cow
That's what happened to me...
Hilarious. But still it sounds horrible. It happened to my uncle's friend.
Seriously don't make fun of this. My great great great.. grandpa (Adolph Hitler) died from this. We have to stop drinking cow piss and get rid of them

24Being Forced To Eat Your Child
Someone Get Me A Gravestone
No I won't eat my Children because it's wrong.
That's what the dinosaurs and animals do

25Being Forced to Listen to One Direction
Oh, yes! One direction and directioners annoy the hell outta me!
All of one direction songs are noise pollution
I may sound like a dying cat but I can sing way better than them


[Newest]One direction is amazing. Yes, I like them for their looks but, I also like their music.

26Getting Divorce
Something to think about...If you never GET MARRIED, there is a 100% chance you will never GET A DIVORCE. Wished I listened to that line of reasoning.
That's sad if your husband/wife divorced you and It is not fun to be alone.
Your alone, and if your a guy, you gotta pay your ex wife all the time!


27Lose a Limb

28Going Skydiving and Your Parachute Malfunctions
This is the reason I'm afraid to go skydiving, there's nothing more scary then jumping out of a plane and you try to activate your Parachute and it doesn't work.


That would be Certain Death.


29Get Bullied
Really. Justin Bieber is worst then bullying? People are really taking the JB jokes way too far. JB should be at the bottom of the list and this should be number 5.
I was bullied by a boy who was the same age as me at Primary School, from year 2, to year 3, year 4, year 5 and finally year 6... And the stupid horrible Primary School headteacher and teachers did nothing about it!
Bulling can be dangerous because the bully might hurt us
[Newest]Bullying can destroy lives

30Living Without Freedom for the Rest of Your Life.
This is crazy and makes me feel I should have been born in the first place. I was born to be free, explore, invent and be aware of the current happenings in the world.
It would be horrible

31Trapped Under Ice
There would be no way out AT ALL

32Being Forced to Do What You Don't Like
My parents forced me to smile on picture day, but I wanted a straight face and they should have accepted it.
OK, this is stupid. People have to make unpleasant choices every day because they're NECESSARY and believing that you can always do what you want is unrealistic and immature. What mother WANTS to change her baby's dirty diaper? What person ALWAYS wants, every day, to go to work or school? But they do, because the consequences are worse.

33Gaining 4790 pounds day
What's this supposed to mean?
Eventually, you'd engulf the entire world with your fat!
If that happens, then you die from a heart attack.
[Newest]4,790£ or 4,790 pounds as in weight?

34Dying In a Stupid Way
Slipping on an orange peel
There was once a man that died because someone stabbed him in the ass with an umbrella (the part that stabbed him was lead).
Imagine a convention in the afterlife:
Soldier: I got shot while protecting the ones I loved.
Lady: I was shielding my children from a shooter.
Him: I got killed by an umbrella...
Drowning in a kiddie pool. Don't know why, but the thought still haunts me.


35Being Burned Alive
I think this would hurt worst than being buried alive...


36Sleeping With Justin Bieber
*refuses to think about this*
The next morning, I'll wake up in hell!
My girlfriend would be so pissed that I cheated on her with the worst singer of all time.


37Living With Your Parents Forever
My mom hates me I had plans one day and she ruined it
Just like Chris Chan
Do you know how annoying that could be?
I know a lot of people have to do that, but for me it's a failure.

38Being Gay
Why si this here? I know it goes against the Bible but I thought God loves people for who they are.


It's not the worst thing ever, but prepare for at least SOME bigotry and homophobia against you when you "come out of the closet"!
It can be scary to find out your gay because so many people judge them unfairly (at least I'm pretty sure, as I'm not gay). But it isn't that bad.

39Being Kidnapped
Ok my friend was abducted yesterday but he was able to get out. That was terrible.


Also terrifed of this
Now, I've never been kidnapped, but this really creepy guy was once following me really fast when I was walking around the block with my dog one morning. I thought he was a kidnapper, so I started running. He ran, also. I'm just like: "What the **** does this guy wants with me? " It was really scary. God.


So bad I have to live with it

41Going to Jail for Life for Something You Didn't Do
That would suck big time! Me going to jail for something I didn't even do? If someone said I committed a crime I didn't even commit (or will ever commit for that matter) I would kill that person (and you can't arrest me because I meant "kill" metaphorically, not literally).
If this ever happened to me, I would as the judge to keep finding proof I'm innocent
You can only go to prison for life, not jail.

42You Never Hit Puberty
I honestly do not see why this is so bad. You wouldn't have so much stress.
I'm only fifteen but I haven't gotten the full thing yet.


43Getting Caught Masturbating
Yeah this is so bad especially if it's your parents but if it's a friend I would just own it, should've knocked bro.

44The The World End With Only You And 10000 Zombies Left
That's gotta hurt. A LOT. considering you'll be bitten and scratched by 10000 zombies.

45Stuck On An Island With Adolf Hitler
If this happens bring an AK 47, bullets, a license to bear arms, also if you're blonde haired and blue eyed make sure you wear contacts and either dye your hair or wear a wig. Then pack some flares and a knife in-case the gun doesn't finish him off
It could be worse. He could also have his wife with him and that would be double torture. But on the bright side... THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE WHEN PATHETIC HUMAN (his wife) AND TERRIBLE MOUSTACHE (Hitler) ARE AROUND (but you could insult them.
If this happens, film yourself stabbing him to death or killing him some other way, but if neither of you have any weapons, you could always drown him, or use a rock to smash his bones, and the last thing he here's is you making fun of his moustache
[Newest]I'm pretty sure that island would be Shutter Island.

46Metallica Retiring
This SHOULDN'T and COULDN'T for any reason
Metallica dying would break my heart, but I would still have ALL Their albums.
I'll retire the day these happens, Metallica can't Dissappear, That they will never come, I'm just One crazy fan

47Being on Big Brother
Well, you don't get to see your loved ones for 3 months something could happen to your family and its mostly horrible

48Having Your Appendix Taken Out
It's even worse when they try to force feed it to you.
This happened to my brother before, he was frightened and scared and started to cry.
It's certainly not pleasant, but fracturing your pelvis on the dashboard during a car accident is far worse. Plus they give you lots of morphine after the surgery.


49Somebody Stealing From You
Oh yeah! I would be ticked if someone stole from me!

50Being Frightened
Being Frightened over a million things like getting killed without knowing how to defend yourself, going in a haunted house, skydiving down from outer space like the Red Bull commercial or If you're going to take your appendix out, etc.
Fright is what prevents us from venturing onward.

51Seeing the Love of Your Life Die

52Having to wear a Bra
Wish I was a boy
Why don't fat guys wear bras!?
[Newest]They are way to itchy. I can't stand them.

53Your Best Friend Dumps You
It's sad it's happening right now in my life
I would cry like mad.


It's happening to me. CURSE YOU - "Dude. You can't name people on the Internet."

54Getting Punished
This happens to a lot of people sometimes if they don't follow other peoples rules.

55Being Made Fun Of
It's not nice to be made fun of or get bullied
Someone makes fun of me because of my spelling mistakes
People needs to know that being made fun of really hurts a lot.

56Being a High School Loser
It builds character. And once you've graduated college, you can hire the kids who bullied you to mow your lawn. I randomly hired a landscaping company and the guy who mowed my lawn was the biggest prick in my high school. It was both awesome and kinda sad.


Don't let any of those kids bring you down. be yourself and enjoy life on your own. you don't need any mean spirited or obnoxious kids bothering you or following you around. Stay true to yourself and your priorities.
I was a high school loser, but now I am a billionaire who's married to a supermodel.

57Sleeping With Rihanna/Rebecca Black

58Rock N Roll Dies
The rock N' Roll never dies.
Should not be "Rock and Roll dies." Rather, it should be the past tense "When Rock And Roll Died" because rock died 20 years ago.
I have a guitar, I won't let it happen
[Newest]We must cary on the legacy of elvis.


59Get Brainwashed
Exactley. This is what happened to all of the little girl's that are completely obsessed with Justin Bieber and One Direction.

60Being Forced to Listen to Nicki Minaj
I don't want to have to picture that. That would be horrible!


My head would just explode after listening to 10 second's of Stupid hoe and Massive attack.
Stupid How and Anaconda are torture.


61Using photoshop someone shrinks your genitals and posts it on 4chan only for it to go viral

62Watching your children being stabbed to death
That must be awful

63Having a Kidney Stone

64You Sit On a Poo

65Growing Up With People Who Are Not Your Parents
How's that bad? At least those people raised you and took care of you. It's good to know at least one different person.

66Watching Big Brother

67Being Forced to Watch Big Brother

68Not Seeing Criss Angel
I always miss his shows

69The Illuminati Takes Over the World
The NWO will take over the world one day. we need to act! Join my world corruption prevention alliance! Made of all 6th graders... But we're getting there!

(this message was in all lowercase for a reason)

70Lose the Person You Love Most

71Same Sex Marriage Becoming Legal Everywhere
Why the hell is this on the list? Having two people of the same gender marry would not hurt anyone.
Why is that bad? I think same sex marriage should be legal everywhere.
In case you are wondering why this is bad, it means that humans will lose the ability to reproduce, resulting in slow death and the Animaluminati (illuminati of animals) taking over Earth

72Loosing Your Long Flowing Hair

73Your Favorite Celebrity Unliking You
That would be Justin Bieber if he hates me I well spray him with mace and run away from him
Morgan Freeman would neverhate me...


That would never happen. Right?

74Your House Burns Down
That's is bad because if your haus burns down your haus may burn down

75Your Favourite TV Show Gets Canceled
I would cry all day
It happened to me too. Remember that show "The Secret Circle"? I used to love it so much and when it was cancelled I cried so much, but then I got over it.

76Lose Your Pet
This is worse than you pet dying for sure because you never know if the pet died, or lived and purposely stayed away from you. Either way it's horrible knowing it could be either of those.
I would hate it if my dogs died because they are so cute I would cry for the rest of my life and then some. :'(


77Get Raped by an Animal
This is why I don't trust dolphins

78Having a Criminal As a Parent
A drug dealer used to live across the street from me and he had three kids. Kinda sucks because their father would get arrested for selling drugs and their kids would never be able to see him outside of jail.

79The American Empire Forms In Place of the United States

80Going to jail until you turn 80
It wouldn't be that bad if you were 79
Would be fine if you were turning 80 tomorrow

81Your Neighbor Passes Away
Happened to an elderly couple on my street. They've known me since I was in my mother's belly. :/
This happened to one couple on my street too. The lady that is still alive moved and now she lives somewhere else. :(


My best friend moved to boulder co and I'm in Denver co

82Having to Watch Dora the Explorer With Your Kids

83Getting Attacked by Pigeons
I would love that to happen to someone I will e there laughing
Seriously, I am scared of them, and if I would be attacked by them

84Your phone drops in toilet

85Living In the Cold for Life
You could get used to it if you have grown long hair all over your body like most animals who live in the snow.
You can get hyperthermia and die

86Getting Stabbed in the Stomach.
That well be so painful I would probably die from that

87Lose Your Home and Car
That must be miserable, I'm not gonna lie.

88Realizing Your Mother Is a Narcissist and Never Loved You
My mom never loved me ever since I was 2
You don't know the half of it! Hmmph!

89Be Rich and Lose the Money In a Day
Now THAT'S bad luck my friend.

90Eating Someone
This is my nightmare. ugh

91Getting Kicked In the Face
One day I was running super fast Howard's my big sister and as I was getting closer she did a cheer kick and cloncked me directley in my forehead and I went flying very high of my feet. I had trouble seeing straight for a few minutes.

92Fall Down a Cliff
That's is bad because if you fall down clif you wil hit the growndzfgfkgj and that cold bee baad

93AC/DC's Career Ends
This would be the worst thing in music.
Or the greatest thing ever.


94Having a Break Up
How could this be the worst things in life? Break ups happen all the time.


95Cheating and Getting Caught
Nothing would realley happen

96When You Have Everything and Feel Like Nothing to Wear
Because I often feel like...

97Getting Addicted to Smoking
If you smoke too much you will kill yourself. I don't get why everyone spends their money on something that will eventually kill them.

98Getting Leprosy
It must suck hard.

99Watching Justin Bieber videos

100Haunted by Ghost

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