Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

Ethier you or the game there both going to be bad, Real bad!

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1You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.

Isn't the same thing but about to win minecraft survival games, going to kill last guy then my server connection loses

Happened to me while playing Disney/Pixar's Brave (2012) on John Decker's original PS3 at his house during a 2 player game and BOOM! The power goes out throughout Sugar Land because it ain't funny at all. Now that's what I call a major whimsy situation of a blackout (no it is not funny). I was stuck in the darkness without my precious princess flashlight (I left it at home), falling off the stairs, not knowing that I tripped over something rollable while trying to get myself a bite to eat. - playstationfan66

It once happened to me in SM64 DS (Well, no, I wasn't about to beat the game). Wario was in Lethal Lava Land fighting against the big Bully. I don't even want to know what happened to him after my power went out :P

This always makes me want to throw the computer out of the window - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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2Little Kids Deleted Your Save File

IKR! My little sister can't keep her hands off my stuff. I boot up Mario 3D World on FINAL WORLD (and it was the real one) but I have to eat. My little sister wanted to play Just Dance 4 and the stupid little girl thought 'delete game' was the way to get back to the menu. Then, I come to the T.V. and see the 'file deleted screen' and beat her to a pulp. Then I put a password on my Wii you account and deleted hers. While shes tied up in a cellar. For 5 hours. Too short by the way. - happyday

Ouch. That must hurt. I think people should read before they press, I mean who confuses delete with exit? Not even toddlers.

My Super Mario 3D world save file got removed because MY CRAPPY BROTHER and MY SISTER WANT TO PLAY JUST DANCE 4! And I punch to they faces and then they both get crying for 2 hours L0L.

P.S. You better slap him over 9000 times if he/she will do this crap again.

I hate it more than current 1 and 3 because if the power goes out at least you can reload to the checkpoint, and if it corrupts, at least you won't get horribly mad in a rampage and knock your siblings teeth out, and then feel really guilty and get grounded.

My goddam little sister deleted my Ocarina of Time 3D game file. I was at Ganon's tower. So I deleted all of her save files on all of her "games."

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3Unskipable Cut Scenes

Oh my God there is this one game where I watched this 5 minute cut scene, then died, and had to watch it again. I died about 25-30 times... A 5 MINUTE LEVEL TOOK WHAT IT SEEMED LIKE 6 HOURS.

I despise this. Games like Mass Effect are littered with these. Sometimes you go through a really long cut scene, die a while later and have to go through the whole thing again.

So annoying when on the sims you have to watch teenagers ask each other out while you were building up someone's first kiss that you wanted to watch!

This happens in Grand Theft Auto online - Jordansalesguy2392

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4You Nearly Beat the Game and Your Save File Corrupts

My friend was up to the sixth gym in Pokemon Emerald. He had just spent over 13 hours on his game. He goes on it and it says his file corrupted. He has to do the WHOLE GAME AGAIN!

I was on my Xbox 360 one day and have completed Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption, and loads more games that took a lot of time and skill. I had to turn it off and go do something and when I got into Skyrim I was put in a new game so I checked my profile and it said "Corrupted Profile" what's worse is that I forgot my Xbox Live password and now it's gone forever and now I have a new Xbox Live profile. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This ALWAYS happens to me on The Simpsons Game from 2007! I had to do almost the whole game 6 consecutive times before I finally beat it!

Happened to me in Pokemon Emerald

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5Game Freezes

After my epic cave exploring, I have 3 stacks of iron, around a stack of gold, tons of redstone etc, and 34 diamonds. I am about to get to my house and the game freezes ;(

I was playing fallout new vegas once for an hour and it froze 5 times

Should be number one this happened to me over 40 times I mean it

This should be number 1. Happens to me all the time on Grand Theft Auto Online.

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6You Throw the Wii Remote and Break the TV by Accident

This almost happened to us... Thank goodness for the Wii remote jackets! Xp - NintendoROCK3T

My mom once did this with our fan on the roof while playing Wii Tennis.

Am I the only one who thinks of Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 when his comes to mind? This happened in the movie and I was laughed my butt off!

Or any remote - DaLizts

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7Forgetting to Save and Dying

Hate it when that happens when playing Fallout. See, that's why you must save the game like every 5 minutes or else you'll get so pissed off that it makes you throw the controller at the T.V.

Oh my god this happens all the time. Your reaction, oh I died luckily I saved! No you didn't. Your answer : crap!

Metroid games are the worst in this aspect!

Mario and Luigi dream team, take note of the save blocks - Money1208

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8Forgetting to Save

This should be higher up, it happens to me way to often and makes me want to strangle infants

This has happened to me A LOT. ON super Mario 3d World I was playing for about 5 hours. I got all the way up to CHAMPION'S ROAD. But I forgot to save before I went to eat and thanks to that I was back at world 7

On new super Mario bros Wii I'm on level 6-1 and hard for me to beat so whenever I beat it I always forget to save

Yes! The first time I played WWF Smackdown, I forgot to save and had to start all over again. I was so pissed. - SlimVeggie

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9Bugs and Glitches

Sometimes glitches help you but many and I say many are game-breaking/ruining. If you hate this please tell me so. Glitches shouldn't have negative effects on the games rating. If a game is good but glitchy it shouldn't be rated bad. It should be rated normally like any other game. There are glitches in every game. The glitchy games get recognition for the glitches. So my final rating for glitches is... a piece of cheese / 10

Do glitches count as freezing? If it does, my game froze on me at the end of a super long cut scene! I had to watch the some long cut seen three times! How would you like to waste about 2-3 hrs of your life trying to get past the stupid cut seen! I just hate when this happens!

Thinking about Sims 2. It has so many bugs that it's impossible to play long without manipulation...

All of the computers at school glitch so bad!

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10Have a Heart Attack

Wait, a legit heart attack?! Because that would suck no matter what you were doing! - Ironsights51

A real heart attack... It would be a whole lot worse than you're game getting messed up. YOU COULD DIE!

Yup played slender almost passed out noo Hitler might have a secret child I'm Jewish I keep thinking a bout that noo

Just call 999 to get the ambulance

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11Game Crashes

Cough, cough, Minecraft, cough, cough.

Happens every time when I play Super Mario World. I wonder why - Chaotixhero

So annoying when the game crashes.

Mostly happens to me

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12Loading Time

I played terminator salvation and it's hard and when I die it takes almost a whole minute which is annoying when the game is hard enough - Sabbath

Skyrim is a great game but the loading times took forever! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Remember those early cd console like PlayStation and you have to wait for everything to load. With the commodore you have to wait an ENTIRE HOUR

Yay buffering

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13Having to Use the Bathroom During a Boss Battle

You have no choice! Lose or Dirty pants. WHICH ONE?

I usually just bring my DS in the bathroom, but if you have something connected to the T.V. you're screwed...

Especially when during The Ender Dragon boss battle, since you cannot pause Minecraft and will lose all of your stuff in the void while she knocks you off and you take a dump!

Just save and exit the game. Simple.

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14You Can't Pause the Game.

The creator of Five Nights at Freddy's created a game called "There is no pause button! ". Oh boy...

Same thing happened in Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS3 (I was playing as The Lone Ranger). I accidentally pushed the select button (to bring up the building menu) instead of the start button (to pause the game). Same thing goes with Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases of feature films and television shows (especially PROM). - playstationfan66

Zombie highway doesn't have a pause

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15Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

This is the reason why everyone wants to kill that character.

That's so legit It's like Mario's crawling on the floor after defeating a dragon over a flipping lava course (not a thing I bet but whatever) and he's right in front of the castle with the two guards and he says "The princess is here right? " and then they're like "laugh out loud you SUCK SHE'S LIKE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY" - maddyparrot22

Thank you but now it is time for me to stick a knife in your ass! - Artattack

Why would Mario go to castle to castle instead of directly

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16Your Friends Are Watching You Play a Video Game

That would make me feel uncomfortable. - Rorywilbren

If anything that motivates me to be better than them.

It's not that bad, and I feel boss when they watch,

Not if its lol

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17When You're About to Kill a Hard Boss, He Heals Himself and Gets More Power

That happens a lot in Pokemon black version - bravenwolfzx

Pokemon. Pokemon. Those full restores though.

I was about to kill the Wither Boss but it actually blasted me pretty far. I losted him
and when I found him, he was on health 300.

Epic battle fantasy 4.

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18Quick Time Events

Probably the most annoying things in video games if your not quick enough or if your not paying attention it can easily lead to cheap deaths. - egnomac

There so basic. Every game in this era ends either with quick time events, or boss battles.

I was playing sr4 and I was in the big ship escape mission I looked away for one quik second boom

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19Losing Connection On Online Games

Stick Arena loses connection really fast even if you have a GREAT connection - tent2

This thing happens a lot of times on games such as Clash Of Clans

Oh my god.. 15 seconds until the match is over in Splatoon, my team winning, and suddenly..
"The connection has been lost."

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20Magikarp In a Master Ball

Just imagine at the beginning of FireRed when you have to choose your Pokemon and instead of being Squirtle, Bublbasaur, and Charmander it's all Magikarps - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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1. You Nearly Beat the Game and Your Save File Corrupts
2. Little Kids Deleted Your Save File
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1. You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.
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