Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

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61About to Beat Ganondorf In Zelda and You Go to the Bathroom and Forget to Pause

Ganondorf is a loser! You can kill him with a bottle!

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62Nabbit Turning Into a Giant Dragon/Turtle Thief Guy

I would hate for this to happen, but this hasn't yet. Ever.

63Cops Get You In Grand Theft Auto IV

Not just Grand Theft Auto 5, every Grand Theft Auto does that, even if you scratch a police car by accident, you get one star

I commonly don't want my stuff taken so I just try to kill myself if I know I won't escape safely. - Skullkid755

It happened to me so much I quit the game - ecool553

64Superman 64 Released On Virtual Console

Hope that never happens. - N64Dude

Old Nintendo only games are on virtual console

65Creeper Blows Up Your House

Steve] do do do do do I'm going back home creeper} I will blow up your house creeper blows up steve"s house

That's nice housse you got there. It would be a sshame is ssomeone were to. DESTROY IT! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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66New Console Has Many Issues
67DRM Games
68Copyright Claims

The exact reason why YouTube should go back to the way it was BEFORE THE FIRST LAWSUIT.

69You Go to Save Your Game, and the Power Runs Out Beforehand
70All of Your Efforts Were for Nothing

Sorry Mario but the princess is in another castle!

71Justin Bieber Creates His Own Video Game That You Must Play

This was originally "Justin Bieber Gets A Game Made About Him That You Must Play" but whatever. This is still beyond terrible nonetheless.

I hope Justin Bieber is an enemy in the game so I can quick scope him. - Skullkid755

I'd rather get shot in the head multiple times by turrets, get brutally murdered by slenderman, slashed to bits by gatherers, get my fingers cut off by Trager, get torn to bits by the Walrider, get stuffed in an animatronic Freddie Fazbear suit by Freddie Fazbear himself, lose my teddy to my deranged alcoholic abusive mother, and drown in Bowsers hot tub in a volcano in Isle Delfino then play a Justin Beiber game... ever. - kurai803

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72You Die

In portal this happens to me all the time

As soon as I land in a bottomless pit in DuckTales: Remastered for PS3 (as Scrooge McDuck). - playstationfan66

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73Building an Amazing House and Someone Griefs It

I spent 3 whole days of my life trying to teach my grandfather how to play Smash Bros. - N64Dude

I have a nooby friend who plays Minecraft, and I kid you not, I had to build his first house for him. When he had a diamond sword. And full iron armor. Somehow. (He claims he was "just starting")

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75Losing Endless Times to an Extremely Annoying and Hard Boss

Gobble gut from SMG2 and soon fiery gobble gut

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76When Your Controller Brakes When You Rage Quit

Then you must be really, really strong.. - LucyHeartfilia

Broke Xbox 360 one handed because of mortal kombat 9

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77You Realize You're Playing a Pirated Game

It must be good if you didn't realize it until your halfway through it.

78Bad Music While Using Headphones

I sometimes listen to music through my MP3 so that I won't hear anything

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79Bad Respawn
80You Are In a Really Important Part of a Game and the Game Crashes
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1. You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.
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