Worst Things That Could Happen to You In Minecraft


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61Going AFK with griefers on the serverV1 Comment
62Getting lost in the nether

Okay, I had a problem similar to this one. You want me to tell you the story? Okay... I will...Well, I went to the Nether. In the Overworld, my friend and I had just made a floating castle. So I went to the Nether and I couldn't find the portal! So I made a new one, thinking it would spawn me back to the castle and it didn't! I was so devastated about this so I felt like I had no choice but to press the delete button. I clicked yes, completely oblivious to what I had done. When I finally had realized that this had happened, I immediately broke down. I couldn't believe what I had done!

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63Mining diamond with a stone pickaxe
64Your dad joins your server while your friends are onlineV2 Comments

Holding Flint and Steel and accidentally press right mouse!

I will get mad if someone destroy my house with TNT!

66Mine cart getting pushed by mobsV1 Comment
67Doing /Summon Ender Dragon

Done that before. Hate it

68If Notch goes and destroys everything you have

I hope that never happens

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69When you have just got snapshot 14W27B and your skin goes weird
70When your 4-year-old sister works out how to use lava

Haha she did it to me... really!

She did it to me with flint and steel

71When you need something on the Minecraft Wiki, but it's not there

Ya, my Minecraft skin went away when some one killed me and it keeps coming, then goes away again

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72When you start using a nausea potion in the Casino
73You forgot how to craft something you really need
74You put your best stuff in a chest and your best friend took it

Haha this always happens

75Your Minecraft skin goes away randomly and you still have internet

I was mad! It went from Steve skin to Alex skin!

76A Pig Pushing you off a cliff into a end portal

This happened to me, and I freaked out and died because of a ender Dragon. - EverythingStampyStyle

77On multiplayer you find diamonds, and somebody kills you
78Look behind and found out that Godzilla is after you

That is just awful luck!

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79Falling off a cliff, Land in an End Portal, in The End fall into the Void when you have 64 Diamonds
80Fishing on a perfect sunny day, and a creeper comes out of a cave behind you and ruins itV1 Comment
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2. Mining a lot of diamonds then dying in lava
3. Going to the Nether and spawn right beneath lava, not noticing you're right beneath lava and dying
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