Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School


All of these have happened to me.
I am so glad I am home-schooled now.
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Justin Bieber visits your school and sings
I prefer eating glass while I watch miley cyrus crappin
GOOD MUSIC WILL COME AND REIGN. LOOK HOW NIRVANA CAME. NOBODY WILL REMEMBER BIEBER BECAUSE HIS SONGS HAVE NO DEPTH. people remember led zeppelin, nirvana, and queen. do you remember any teen stars from the 70's or 80's? nNNNO... trust me, he'll be gone and forgotten and then come back on a celebrity rehab show.
It would be a hell for him >
[Newest]Our school is full with Bieber lovers

2Getting a C or below
Especially when you have Asian parents like mine...
In 7th grade, my elective was Technology: Design and Modeling, or Engineering. We made cool designs of chairs, key chains, floor plans, and houses on computers. I was absent one day and had to make up some work, namely the floor plan. I had a hard time starting, and I accidentally deleted the first floor plan. The computer started glitching, and I couldn't work as fast. Then, since the quarter was ending really early, I had to rush and finish what I could. Then, I ended up with a C. And I've had straight A's for basically my whole life. While everyone had 4.0s and was enjoying the awards and privileges, I got nothing. Man...


All these things on the list are just terrible. But it's the worst thing. Especially when you have too strict parents.
[Newest]I'm in middle school and I haven't got a grade below A- yet.

3Getting Expelled
So true! I have parents from India who expects all A's and not involving in school drama!
There's nothing worst in school than getting expelled from school, any school.
I got kicked out of middle school for chasing six graders I thought we were playing like seriously
[Newest]At least you get out of school for a few days

4Someone hurts you physically and YOU get in trouble for it.
This guy twice my size hit me. He's on the wrestling team. He beat me up, I was running away, he hit me again and again, and finally I hit him in the nose, it got bloody, and we BOTH got suspende for a week. WTF?
This is why God invented revenge. But anyway...


My best friend got suspended because there's this d-bag kid at our school, and he wouldn't shut up about my girlfriend, so he told him to shut up. He didn't listen. To make a long story short, the kid is in the ER and my friend was suspended for a week. Our principal didn't care, he just said (this is the thing he actually said), "I don't care what he did, you get suspended, period." Complete STUPIDITY
[Newest]Hello? Earth to dumbass principal? It's called self defense! If some ass decides to fight you, you fight back!

5Watching your crush kiss someone you hate.
This hasn't happened yet, but the thought of it gives me chills. Plus, it looks like two other boys are flirting with my crush!
Neva happened to me. Thank God.
Wow, ya, happened to me and I was about to cry. No one knows how painful it is to have that happen
[Newest]This happened to me in 7th grade. She was literally kissing the guy on his lips, even though they were together for basically 3 weeks. I didn't really hate the guy, but he definitely wasn't my best friend. I nearly threw up on the way home. Well, if they're French kissing already, looks like I don't have a chance.


6You get bullied all the time
This is going to be my first year in middle school I'm so scared
June 23, 2013
Ha just like all the people in TheTopTens do to Justin Bieber fans


Happened to the rapper Eminem


[Newest]I'm going to middle school in two years. THIS is what I'm scared for. Bullying

7A guy next to you listening to Justin Bieber music and you could hear it and he wont stop
justin bieber sucks, and his fans don't have
taste in real music
I named this moment baddest music Moment ever in class


I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! If this ever happened to me I would drown it out with Drowning Pool, Korn, and Dissturbed

8Poop yourself in class
I also did this once. Extremely embarrassing.
I peed myself in 2nd grade, thanks to my teacher who wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. But I have never pooped myself in middle school.
I peed myself thanks to my redneck Social Studies teacher. and I hate rednecks


[Newest]In gym when you're about to poop your pants and have to do jumping jacks... The worst!

9Your crush tells you they hate you
Happens to me ALL the time. I get over it after a weekend of cartoons and eating. That's why you have back-up plans. Being friend-zoned, however, is worse.


He threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave him alone! And everyone in preschool through 8th grade makes fun of me! Everyone who's my friend says everyone likes you to me, then I say his name, and they say, well everyone but him. And because I liked him so much, those girls have now stopped talking to me! My only friend is a weirdo who eats boogers!
Dam, this happened to ma friend once, but he was a jerk to her, and he knew he was going to a private school anyway, but still.
[Newest]Yeah, this has happened.

10It is Pizza Hut day for lunch at school and you forgot your money
I was going to vote for "Justin Bieber visits your school and sings" but when I saw this I thought "This is the one"
The horror. This beats justin bieber with a grain of salt. I mean, come on. You can always bring like headphones, or earplugs or something.
wow.. that is horrible...


[Newest]I would cry if that happened to me...

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11You get your period and have to explain to your male teacher why you are late.
I hate periods! You eat 5 times more than average. You poop a lot, sleep forever, your afraid your gonna leak, People ask why your being rude, and hate doing work! I absolutely hate them 4 ever. Sometimes I cry from pain in my stomach (take medication! ). WHY DO GIRLS DESERVE THIS! UGH! UGH! UGH!
I haven't got my period yet, Though, I felt sorry for you. Anyways about the stomach pain thing. Use some heat pads on your lower stomach. And the eating thing, just ask the professionals about this one. But just, also do exercise daily like riding a bike to school or walk to school, attend gym class, etc. The sleeping one, try setting an alarm clock, The being rude one, just say that you're having a bad time (saying about your period doesn't sound like a good idea). The other ones are just natural. Don't ask me how I know this.


I just said "my locker was jammed. "


Very hard to explain! I mean, it really sucks, they don't understand anything
[Newest]This happened I would not say a word, give him a 'you're an ass look' and sit next to my friend.

12You get pants'd right down to your private parts in front of a big crowd of people
Ouch. Unless you're brave enough to show them, it would be HORRIBLE!


I have actually been through that in my language arts class... I got pants by a girl too everybody wouldn't let go of that for WEEKS
That happened to a friend of mine except you didn't see her privates it was so funny everyone laughed and the teacher didn't see so nobody got in trouble, later that year she wrote that down as her favorite memory of the year!
[Newest]That happened to me once my cousin was horsing around and I guess he actually pulled my underwear and the people I was talking to we're disgusted and laughed and even worse ONE OF THEM WAS MY CRUSH!

13You get food poisoning from the cafeteria food
Happend to me I had a burrito and started puking in the bathroom. I love my girl friend and o her lots for getting the nurse. My girlfriend has a stronger stomach than I do and is probly the only one in the world that would have helped me
Try drinking spoiled milk... In lunch detention only to spit it out all over my old social studies teacher.
I ate their food once, then I got sick and had to go home. Sucks, huh? At least I got to miss school.


[Newest]A few years ago, there was a kid in my school who ate pudding from the cafeteria. Turns out that there was METAL in it and he went home sick.


14You fart in front of your crush
Just try and make it silent
Don't have a crush my 2 crushes aren't real
My boyfriend Peter farted (a little, but it was annoying) I got so steamed (his farts smell like poop) that I almost dumped him.


15Your crush said you are ugly
Thank god that didn't happen to me
This happened to me and I was about to call her a whore
My crush said that my hair looked like a dogs hair. I didn't know if it was a compliment or not cause she may like dogs
[Newest]This only happens every time I ask someone out. God, I hate this grade.


16Being bullied in front of your crush
I seen this happen b4 he was so defensless nd the lady said behind his back :what a whimp" that's why he dropped out "i'm so sorry 4 you Willy"


Wow, this is why my mother taught me that you always sand for yourself. Which I didn't need to learn from her, I would've known, but still.
That would suck.
Really, for you victims out there, I am truly sorry for you. I'd love to help you, but I can't since I don't know you at all... Very sorry.
It is happening a lot lately. She tries to help out, but nothing ever works. In gym I slapped him in the face and yelled at him saying, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN MY LIFE!? I have been through a lot lately. My dad just got diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I will ask her the question one day.
[Newest]Plot twist: the bully is your crush

17Get caught wanking
Whoever posted the comment that says what wanking is, thank you.
What does that mean?
Wank is a british term for masturbation.

18You have to repeat 6th grade
I almost repeat 6th grade. I got only one honor roll in 6th grade. I got all honor rolls in 7th grade. I am doing much better now. 8th grade I do a lot more better.
I got 2 honor rolls.


I almost had to repeat the 5th I don't want to repeat the 6th espesilly with more people. Repeating a grade is terrible your learnig the same thing over again try your best to make good grades it's very important because it can refect on your highschool schlorship, collage, your job try your vey best at all the subjects. I was once in a private school it was terrible I was almost held back and got kicked out because of tuittion.

19When you ask your crush out... and they say no
That happens to me every time I ask out a girl. I wish they can say yes god I'm not the best looking guy in my class but I'm one of the most popular and the class clown


Happened to me too god I got mad at myself for her not liking me
, every time I ask a boy out, there like, nah, but don't take it personally, and I'm like, how else am I supposed to take it then?!?
[Newest]Awesome dog I feel ya pain that's what I feel

20Going to the bathroom during a fire drill
That happened to me too. My friend and I went to the bathroom last year without the teacher's permission (her idea, not mine... ), and the alarm went off. We thought they were looking for us and we were completely creeped out.


That happened to me
3 times that happen

21You are doing a group project and all the girls in your group want to make everything girly.
EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I am a total tomboy. I couldn't last a day with girly girls! Except for my best friend. So far I've only taught her how to play B-ball and to burp. From: The Girl who's NOT girly.
I've got a friend who's a total tomboy too... And I'd be willing to bet that she is more of a tomboy than you.


This has happened... Oh how I hate my project! We were doing a project on colorado and mines had loads of crap all over it! Glitter, glue, pom poms, and pipe cleaners everywhere! All the other projects had state related stuff and were 1000000times better!
We did a robots project in 3rd grade and I got with a nice NON girly girl we discussed about what we would do so we did a everyday hero we loved it did I say we had a dog named drew the robots name was Jim
Jim and drew the best part we didn't fight at all
But one problem stood the popular girls and of course a girl won with glilz and duct tape no offense to the girls who won
[Newest]I hate girly stuff!

22You have to be The Flower Fairy Princess in the school play.
Even I watch Ponies, I would say "No! I don't want to be Venus Flytrap So Annoying"Why? Ponies isn't so girly. I mean, if it's girly, why would millions of people watch it including grown up men?. I'm more of the bookish shy type of person. My 8 year old cousin would love to be Flower Fairy Princess. She is so girly, she loves pink, she like fairies, princesses and flowers and glitter. If I get this role, I'll just go against the script like the newest popular comment but I'll dress up as Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson instead... LOL. And when I was supposed to say to the younger Flower Fairy Princess with a high pitch squeaky"That Evil Wizard Is So Evil! " I would say like Sherlock holmes "Elementary, My dear Watson" And I would play as a detective and have fun as much as I wanted to instead of re-enacting as something extremely girly.


My Grandma sherry would love to play that part, she loves flowers and rainbows and butterflies, and she thinks I do to. Tough luck! I like Death, Metal, and Blood.


Yes... I am a girl, but I am more the "metalhead/gothic/vampire type.


23When you realize your crush only pretended to like you
This has happened to me TWICE! It's painful!
Aparrantely, you have to be perfect looking, perfect at sports, and be a total jerk for a girl to like you in middle school.


24Getting an F- on your final exam
Never has and never will happen to me

25People keep erasing the stuff you write on the board.
What? I was just practicing writing
Metallica and AC/DC logos and showing everyone and this dork erases it. Jerk.


Man, I'm drawing some awesome Adventure Time art, and some douchebag comes over later and erases it. I swear, that gets me mad.
I was drawing adventure time too, and they thought it was so funny to erase it
[Newest]People are drawing stuff on my desk and it is actual art.

26The girl next to you at lunch is listening to Hannah Montana on her iPod loud enough you can hear and she won't stop.
I drowned it out with Metallica, but I ran out of metallica so I changed it to Megadeth, Tool, AC/DC
and more.


This would be terrible. I have to say though, the comment above me is brilliant
The same thing happened on the bus but only she was listening to Justin beiber JUST GET HEAD PHONES! They only cost like $2!


27You're daydreaming in class and the teacher calls on you and you have no idea what the question was.
This has happened to me a lot because I have mild ADD so I have trouble paying attention in class
Such a common problem of mine. I get punishment every time I don't pay attention. Laugh out loud.
[Newest]What was the question again.

28You have an erection and the whole class sees
I swear to god. This one kid can't keep it in. He's always just sitting there with a big pointy down there and just sits there where everyone can see it.


Trying to tuck it in and then the kid you sit next to is like. This kid got hard!
I know! I was looking at my crush and than POP!

29A guy is trying to sharpen a mechanical pencil
YOU CAN'T SHARPEN A MECHANICAL PENCIL! Plus it makes a really annoying sound.
Yeah, because the extra lead in there is just for decoration.


I've done that but no one was there say I did it for fun but don't do it. All my lead fell out
[Newest]No one does it but it would be funny to see someone do it lol


30A boy hands you a note and it is sexual
Hell yeah so embarrasing and when you try and tear it up but the teacher is like oh so and so has something to share with us.
Some one was passing notes when we switch so I come back and there are notes in my desk exactly like that and I'm all like CRAP gatta throw this away but shred it first so they don't blame me. Thank God no one thought it was me
A girl handed this kid in front of me a note and it was a note passing spree.


31You're listening to dubstep on the bus and high schoolers yell at you to turn it off
You don't understand that it's just electronic metal

32You accidently spill liquid over yourself so it looks like you wet yourself
This happened to me in front of the person who was bulling me so, guess what he did, he told everyone that I peed myself, the bugger, he is just an right big farty laugh out loud
That happened to me. There was this one really tiny kid who was bullying me (or at least trying to) and he said that I wet myself and I'm so dumb. So I turn around and say "Yeah, I peed myself when I walked by you because I am SO intimidated by you." I said it in a sarcastic tone of voice.


That happened but it came to a funny outcome (I'm a guy) and I said "Oops it's my time of the month again"

33You get your period while wearing white pants.
This is EXACTLY why I don't wear white pants in public
I got my period, and get this, I'm not even in middle school YET! This is why I only wear dark skinny jeans to school instead of that really light khaki color pants that's part of our uniform. Thank God I read this list.
Note: Always wear dark color pants when you get your period.
A girl at my school, had this happen to her while she was wearing white skinny jeans. I felt so bad for her.
[Newest]Thus by far is the worst thing on this list I haven't worn white pants since I mine.

34You get your period in the middle of class and it bleeds through your clothes and onto the chair.
That happened to me in one of my classes. Good thing I had a sweater and the teacher was a female.
This happened to my friend. It was a male teacher which really don't help and they never spoke again

35Being kicked in the privates.
Ouch, it hurts, watch out for it in P.E. some people take things way too seriously.
Once I had do do a flip then I landed on my back with my legs spread out, next thing I know some idiot tries to do the same thing and lands on my... Thing
It doesn't feel too good I hate that feeling


36A sewer pipe breaks in the ceiling and floods the room
How the heck does "A guy is trying to sharpen a mechanical pencil" beat "A sewer pipe breaks in the ceiling and floods the room"?
Watch Hot sewage floods classroom on youtube. Possibly the grossest thing that can happen in a classroom
If that was just a water pipe and it was school, BEST THING EVER
[Newest]It is not so likely to happen though.

37You get in trouble for cursing at someone who really deserves it
I have one strike left and then detention...
I tots understand this one. This has happened a lot to me but I never get in trouble
My friend got suspended for calling this stuck up kid a posh twat. Schools are literally way too sensitive about this.
[Newest]My friend got suspended for calling this really stuck up kid a posh twat

38When your "inappropriate" ringtone rings during class
This happened to my friend once we were playing a march in band class. Suddenly while we were playing you heard "I'm sexy and I know it! " My friend ran to shut off his phone and my 63 year old teacher was like what kind of music is that
This happened to my friend. Really quiet in German. 'There once was a boy named harry destined to be a star' Everybody turns around. Song went on for about a minute too cause she was the last one to realise
That is why I keep my phone in my bag.

39You get in trouble in front of your boyfriend
I don't even have one

40Getting homework every period in your agenda
Ugh... Most irritating stuff
Don't do my homeworkšŸ˜ƒ

41Your teacher gets her period in the middle of class.
It happened in P. E some of the other students did not even no what was going on.

42You do something really embarrassing and everyone (including your crush) gets to know about it and you're made fun of everywhere!
Who wants to be the butt of every joke made by his/her crush and friends. A simple deed can ruin your whole middle school reputation. So be careful!
I would then swear vengeance on all those who laughed and teased me (even my crush) and those who made fun of me shall be slaughtered but how is what you're asking. Those who highly respected, valued, and didn't make fun of me will help me get vengeance and the sword of God shall help me get vengeance and justice shall be done
I hate when that happens, then the other person passes it on to one person to the other

43Every one in your class tries to get you kicked out of the class including the teacher
This happened in Science, when someone farted and blamed it on me, then tried to get everyone to join in accusing me, so the teacher would notice and yell at me for being inappropriate.
I would build an army of students from other classes whom I can trust, get vengeance, then my army of students will destroy them
I make an army of strong or fast kids so they can rebel on teachers.


44Being new at school
I'm new this year- worst part is it is the 7th grade in a k- 8 school- all the groups and clicks have been established and this is my first time I've had to socialize with kids in my own grade- all my friends are in 6th and 8th grade- why is middle school such a hard time socially and academically? :(
Gotta start all over again :(
This happened in middle school but then I got lucky because kids from my old school popped up everywhere.


45Letting someone borrow your pencil and never getting it back
I gave one to a kid in my homeroom because he said that he came back from baseball practice and all of his stuff including band instrument was GONE! So I give him one out of pity and he gets his stuff back by third period. Never returns pencil.

Another time I lent out a pencil and never got it back.
Then, the 2nd one happened AGAIN to me in third period today! I call the kid out on my way to a class (4/5th period maybe? ) and tell him a BILLION times: "I need my pencil back! Please! " and his friends were talking over me and he couldn't hear me. Never got it back.. So now my three pencils I use to lend out are gone. :-l


This is why I never let anyone use my pencil this happend to me before and I got in trouble for it
I was the Great Pencil Caper until I graduated to ninth grade


[Newest]I hate it when this happens to me.


46Coming Into Class Late and Everyone Stares at You
Its like if they saw a ghost or something!

47Lose Best Friend because an idiot took them
This should be higher on the list because it is painful losing a best friend you had for so long because they find some other person and never hang out with you anymore.
My friend was totally falling for all this bull another girl was telling her
I've had three people I considered best friends ditch me. I finally found someone who really loves me and talks to me.
[Newest]I have loyal friends who never betray me (some of them do sometimes but it's not really big)

48When a group of girls have a disrespectful conversation about you and you hear it
Ya, happened to me once.
Happened to me at Gym


49You're late for your period and get after school detention
God. I was infamous for being 2 or 3 minutes late for 3rd period almost every day. I had about 50 or more tardies to that class only by the end of the year. about 20 lunch detentions. So many that I kind of got used to it and took it as a routine activity.


In school even if I am late I never get detention

50You get locked outside
That's what happened to me

51When you are listening to Black Veil Brides on your iPod really loud in school and a teacher tells you to turn off the stupid music
Teachers don't understand what good music is.

52When your phone rings in class during a test
Even worse when the ringtone is inappropriate for school!
Imagine if you had that "I like big butts and I cannot lie" song as your ringtone and your phone went off in class!
Even worse it plays A$$ by Big Sean
[Newest]I don't use a phone. I use a radar communicator

53Telling your teacher you have to change your pads
Happen to my friend in gym class. Good thing are coach is a girl. And it was a lockdown.


Happened to me, not fun

54When someone says "I don't know", the teacher gets mad, so we all have to take a quiz
That SUCKS! In 6th grade my Science teacher was like--

"Okay, you, what's the formula of speed? "
"Uh... I don't know."
"Get out your pencils and a clean sheet of paper and write down what you think the answers are on the board, this counts as your grade by the way."

Like... really?


55You get in trouble because you started your period
Thank god it never happened to me that would suck!
This only happen to girls. I'm lucky am not a girl.

56You go to an all boys/girls school and you don't see your crush anymore.
Yep, it's a hard life.
I wanna see him! He's too darn cute!


My 2 crushes are from DC I always remember them

57You spill your food at lunch

58You have to sit with girls and work with them
I usually don't really care, unless the girl you're working with is your crush. How hard it is to concentrate on a chemistry assignment when a future supermodel is right next to you!
I would go alone and be a loner I am a loner in school I work with no one and heed no help
Well this is kind of offensive...
[Newest]Once my crush sat next to me and started looking at me.


59You have enemies in almost every grade..
I have enemies in grade 5, 6 and 7. They are the WORST. They trash talk about my friends and I on FB and calls us names. But we fight back :D Not 'fight, fight', but 'talk fight' We're not the kind of people to swear! We NEVER swear unless we need to. We are REALLY passionate about poverty and we don't know why, but we HATE sassy girls.. Even though we are girls as well :P
2 6th a 7th an 8th grader made fun of me cause of my anger and for hanging out with my best friend
I have more friends than enemies who are in powerful positions to defend me! Yay!
[Newest]I have a protective 7th grade friend who beat up my enemy.


60Your love letter to your girlfriend gets stolen by some jerk and he tapes it onto the Notice Board
Yeah... True story that happened to my math classmate.

61Someone asking you for the answers for homework
I don't care at all if someone asks me for the answers for homework. The way I see it, these kids asking for the answers are really struggling in academics, and it's no shame helping them. I would personally be flattered if someone turned to me for the homework answers. I have always been the loser in school, and someone thinking I'm smart and trusting to give them the answers is just what I need!
I would accuse them of cheating. I help my friends though
Triple digits? What?! Are you like 100 years old or something?

62Show up to class late
Happenned to me once I was buying something and had to go back and forth

63Someone says something they thinks funny about you and it becomes your nickname
I have had braces since I was 8. When I first got my braces, I started getting called brace-face, nerd, and dork. I kept getting called these names until two years later, when everyone else started getting braces. Now I'm not as nerdy! Yay!
Ya, my crush developed a nickname for me, which sounds cute, but it's really not. He thinks I'm so pesemistic, so he started calling me eyore
Jerk and crybaby was mine. It was not a fun Kindergarten to 5th grade
[Newest]This happened to a kid and he ended up being called cookie.


64Get put in detention when you want to be with your mates

65Retaking math tests
I had to do this a LOT. Our teacher didn't even give us study guides!
Have done this a lot. I always fail math tests. my teacher did not want students to study math.

66Being shoved off a bench and someone records it
It happened to someone I know. She was so brave about it!

67Getting Caught Goofing Off During a Fire Drill
Fire Drill:-BEEP BEEP-
Everyone runs outside and your still sitting in the class doodling
I peek into cars during fire drills. Never caught. Monde.


68Someone pulls the fire alarm when you're going to the one class of the day you share with your crush
This happened to me I was sad
I pulled it so I could tell him I liked him. He kissed me! Best day ever! And we got let out early!
That actually happened once

69Tripping in front of everyone
It happen to sometimes
My classmates are very loyal so they help me
Yeah, we're all high


70When you can't play any sport in gym without getting humiliated
I am REALLY good at some sports. I'm fast, I can throw, I can catch, and I can hit and kick. But for some reason, I suck at P.E. everyone yells at me FOR NO REASON even when I'm not doing anything wrong.

At the beginning of the year we did volleyball. I can hit and aim very well, but for some reason the ball kept going out of bounds.

We then did kick ball. Whenever I was playing outfield and I was about to catch it, this idiot ran into me EVERY TIME I tried to catch it. The first time it happened my head hit the floor and my legs hit each other and I could barely walk, but I was able to tolerate it. THAT IDIOT RAN INTO ME ON PURPOSE EVERY TIME. When it first happened, I was in shock. Every one was in shock. The worst part? HE WAS ON MY TEAM!

After kickball, we did soccer. I couldn't tell who was on my team and who wasn't, so I basically stood there until we moved on to the next sport.

Hockey was next. It doesn't snow where I live, so we used plastic hockey sticks and the blacktop. Hockey was all right, but I got injured a few times. The first time, some idiot deliberately put his hockey stick in front of me and I tripped over it. I hit my head on the blacktop WHICH I DID NOT ENJOY BECAUSE THE BLACKTOP IS HARDER THAN METAL. The next time, a couple of people accidentally put their hockey sticks in front of me and I tripped and I was able to block my fall with my hands but the impact of hitting the floor with my hands sent a shock up my spine and hurt my neck. My hands then slipped and I hit my head on the blacktop AGAIN.

We are now doing a sport that's basically like baseball except we use a volleyball and we have to hit it with our hands. I was pretty good the first couple days, but then I just couldn't hit the ball more than ten feet away and couldn't make it to first place no matter how fast I am any more. Also, everyone wss CONSTANTLY yelling at me, even when I wasn't even up to hit. I also was going to catch the ball once, but it hit me in the face instead. This sport is my most miserable one.

Sometimes we do a 2 on 2 football game when we have free time (not technically free time because we were forced to play this) and I hate it so much. It is so confusing, and when I try to catch the football it just bounces off of my hands no matter what I do.

ALL of this is true. Gym sucks. I was never in PE in the first place because this little stupid girl who thinks everyone's privacy is her business got me kicked out of AG because of my allergies.

My point is, I can't do ANYTHING without getting humiliated in some way.

This is coming from the most tomboyish girl in the world (me).
The only sport I play is swimming. When I play a sport I know how to play (not fully though I only know the basics) I go beast mode and act all military. whoever offends me I will get vengeance on them
I can only play swimming but this is what I do. I play the best I can and whoever makes fun of me will be avenged
[Newest]In sports I turn everything into war

71You accidentally call your teacher "Mom" and everyone makes fun of you for it
It's even worse if it's a male teacher.
I called my friend mom before

72Everyone in your school being dumb except you
Laugh out loud. This is me


Yeah, this was pretty annoying.
You mean like you?

73No classes with your crush
My 2 crushes are from DC so they are in my mind

74You get asked out by a guy who you've never met
I have a story pretty similar to this.
This guy in my Science class (that's my only class with him) asked me out just after 8th period. He's like-
"Hey Sasha, will you go out with me? " Right in the middle of the hallway with teachers listening and everything.
I'm like.. NO! Only because I hardly knew the kid. -_-
Could he not have asked me outside or at lunch?


So far I've been asked out by multiple sixth graders (my grade) a few seventh graders and one eighth grader. I said no to all of them. They would have hated my personality
I really don't want a guy that is ugly or isn't smart or something like that I hope I don't sound mean
[Newest]I'll take what I can get.

75Friends putting water on your chair
Thank God this never happened to me

76Parent teacher meetings
I always think to myself this note whenever we do it "oh my god man we are gonna be caught he's gonna tell my mom I was like swearing or something or doing graffiti or failing oh my god it's gonna happen I just know even though I don't really do those things except failing on my god"
I hate parent teacher conferences they suck especially if you never pay attention like me!
I bet my teacher will tell my parents to punish me and send me to a survival island.


77You tripped in the bathroom and fell in the toilet when all your friends are there

78You pee your pants in front of people in the cafeteria.
Laugh out loud in 4th grade, I really had to go pee, but luckily at recess I peed and somehow my sweatpants "absorbed" it and it was a good save
Lucky me I got to a charter school so we don't HAVE a cafeteria. We eat in our homerooms.


79Fall asleep in class
That happened to me in english
I don't get sleepy so

80Having bad breath cause you didn't have time to brush your teeth

81People moving the table while you're trying to work

82Falling over

83In exams it's all quiet and your stomach rumbles
Happens every day to me
I was sitting next to my crush too! He was like "are you hungry, Orr"
Can I go to lunch yet

84Your best friend has an obvious crush on your crush but you let them go for him and you stay back to be a good friend
Laugh out loud in 5th grade my best friend was best friends with my best friend, who is a girl, and he kept one upping me, like on a MAP or what ever you people call it, I got 248 which is amazing but he got 251 and I was like nooo but in 6th grade we stopped talking and hanging out with me and my friend. But some times she says "heyy" to me, which my fine with.

85Getting Locked In The Bathroom
Haha! This happened to me and my friend at a field trip and we were stuck in there for like 2 hours until someone heard us saying "HELP" We missed half of the trip


86Throwing Up In Front of Everyone
This happened to me in 4th grade during a test. In dead silence... The teacher led me out of the room and I got to stay home the rest of the day.


Happened to me in kindergarten.
Scarred me for life.
Happened when I got in the classroom

87When you get in trouble on Friday the 13th

88Bad mouthing a teacher and find them right behind you
I called my 4th grade teacher a bad word in class three years ago, and wouldn't you know she was right behind me. My jaw dropped. I was scared. Who is this teacher, a stalker? This monstrosity of a teacher called my parents, where I REALLY got it.
Ahh... The most funniest if it isn't me..

89A bully beats you up, you try to fight back, and only you get in trouble for it.
I hate that it's bull

90Test Corrections
It doesn't bring up your grade. And at my school I have to tell why I got it wrong. I mean what's up with that?!
They just don't want it to be easy It's A TEST
Second of all sometimes it doesn't matter if your grade is really low


91When literally every girl in your grade has a boyfriend and you're STILL single.
I never looked for a boyfriend because I kinda thought it was stupid to have a boyfriend when you're twelve years old. Besides, all the boys in my class were really stupid laugh out loud
I'm the total opposite of what I need to be to have a girlfriend! Guys need to have ZERO acne, designer shoes, and need to be on the football team! In case you didn't know, I have TONS of zits, old worn-down shoes, and I'm the third worst on the cross-country team!
Or every boy having a girlfriend. In my school, guys apparently have to be perfect-looking, perfect at sports, or a total immature idiot to be attractive. I hate middle school.


92Your Enemy Punches You In the Face and You Fall Down In Front of Everyone
Everyone found it funny.

93You're asked out by your guy friend you hang out with everyday
I didn't like him at all that way it was so awkward

94Someone from across the room sends you a sexual note and the teacher makes you read it out loud to the class
Never happened to me but it would be so bad
Gosh I hope to doesn't happen to me
No one in school is sexual

95You get homework in every class when you have fun plans after school

96Being called ugly
Yes happens to me few times a week but I don'tcare I am who I am and I like me

97When your crush catches you staring at them
, it's so embarrassing when your crush catches you looking at her, and then you turn away fast and make awkward gestures with your hands and stuff.
I almost had that SpongeBob face from "Boating Buddies" for a minute there.


I almost got a heart attack when that happened. I made a run for it.

98When your teacher calls on you when she knows you don't know the answer

99You get diarrhea on the bus
Does anyone have a spare pair of pants. Never mind I have shorts in my gym bag.
And you're the last stop

100Pass out in math class

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