Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School

All of these have happened to me.
I am so glad I am home-schooled now.

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1Justin Bieber visits your school and sings

I prefer eating glass while I watch miley cyrus crappin

GOOD MUSIC WILL COME AND REIGN. LOOK HOW NIRVANA CAME. NOBODY WILL REMEMBER BIEBER BECAUSE HIS SONGS HAVE NO DEPTH. people remember led zeppelin, nirvana, and queen. do you remember any teen stars from the 70's or 80's? nNNNO... trust me, he'll be gone and forgotten and then come back on a celebrity rehab show.

It would be a hell for him >

I'd rather be running in the middle school naked

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2Someone hurts you physically and YOU get in trouble for it.

This guy twice my size hit me. He's on the wrestling team. He beat me up, I was running away, he hit me again and again, and finally I hit him in the nose, it got bloody, and we BOTH got suspende for a week. WTF?

This is why God invented revenge. But anyway... - arbeZameniC

My best friend got suspended because there's this d-bag kid at our school, and he wouldn't shut up about my girlfriend, so he told him to shut up. He didn't listen. To make a long story short, the kid is in the ER and my friend was suspended for a week. Our principal didn't care, he just said (this is the thing he actually said), "I don't care what he did, you get suspended, period." Complete STUPIDITY

Not physically but I lost a friend. Two guys came to me and told me to ask a girl to have sex. I knew this girl and she knew me, so a little joke wouldn't hurt. That dumb@ss who I thought was my friend got me suspended, and nothing ever happened to the guys who told me to say it.

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3You get bullied all the time

This is going to be my first year in middle school I'm so scared
June 23, 2013

Ha just like all the people in TheTopTens do to Justin Bieber fans - MoldySock

Happened to the rapper Eminem - lazypants

It didn't happen to me in middle school but It happen to me in elementary school. - CartoonsGirl

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4Getting Expelled

So true! I have parents from India who expects all A's and not involving in school drama!

There's nothing worst in school than getting expelled from school, any school.

I remember a kid getting expelled just because he spilled coffee on the principal. Though it was kinda funny. - cosmo

At least you get out of school for a few days

You are talking about suspension. Getting expelled is much worse. You get kicked out of school and can't come back. EVER. - Pegasister12

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5Getting a C or below

Especially when you have Asian parents like mine...

In 7th grade, my elective was Technology: Design and Modeling, or Engineering. We made cool designs of chairs, key chains, floor plans, and houses on computers. I was absent one day and had to make up some work, namely the floor plan. I had a hard time starting, and I accidentally deleted the first floor plan. The computer started glitching, and I couldn't work as fast. Then, since the quarter was ending really early, I had to rush and finish what I could. Then, I ended up with a C. And I've had straight A's for basically my whole life. While everyone had 4.0s and was enjoying the awards and privileges, I got nothing. Man... - ethanmeinster

All these things on the list are just terrible. But it's the worst thing. Especially when you have too strict parents.

Good thing I only make As on my report card, one B have mercy mother

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6Watching your crush kiss someone you hate.

This hasn't happened yet, but the thought of it gives me chills. Plus, it looks like two other boys are flirting with my crush!

Neva happened to me. Thank God.

Wow, ya, happened to me and I was about to cry. No one knows how painful it is to have that happen

Happened to me as well, it is impossible to explain the awfulness of it to someone who's never experienced it

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7Poop yourself in class

I also did this once. Extremely embarrassing.

I peed myself in 2nd grade, thanks to my teacher who wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. But I have never pooped myself in middle school.

Lol same I peed myself for the same reason, so damn horrible (luckily no one noticed) - tent2

In gym when you're about to poop your pants and have to do jumping jacks... The worst!

I peed myself thanks to my redneck Social Studies teacher. and I hate rednecks - BreadWinnersSuck

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8Getting an F- on your final exam

Never has and never will happen to me

9Going to the bathroom during a fire drill

That happened to me too. My friend and I went to the bathroom last year without the teacher's permission (her idea, not mine... ), and the alarm went off. We thought they were looking for us and we were completely creeped out. - DogsUnleashed

What about going to the bathroom IN A LOCKDOWN

That would be a lot worse. And what if the burglar went inside the bathroom you were inside. A plan for disaster. - Catacorn

A kid did this and nobody knew where he went until 3:00 - Captaincrunch2015

3 times that happen

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10Your crush tells you they hate you

Happens to me ALL the time. I get over it after a weekend of cartoons and eating. That's why you have back-up plans. Being friend-zoned, however, is worse. - ethanmeinster

I rather be in a platonic relationship than to have my crush hating me - MLPFan

He threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave him alone! And everyone in preschool through 8th grade makes fun of me! Everyone who's my friend says everyone likes you to me, then I say his name, and they say, well everyone but him. And because I liked him so much, those girls have now stopped talking to me! My only friend is a weirdo who eats boogers!

Dam, this happened to ma friend once, but he was a jerk to her, and he knew he was going to a private school anyway, but still.

I witnessed this happening to this kid named Michael and now she likes me - Captaincrunch2015

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11You get your period and have to explain to your male teacher why you are late.

I hate periods! You eat 5 times more than average. You poop a lot, sleep forever, your afraid your gonna leak, People ask why your being rude, and hate doing work! I absolutely hate them 4 ever. Sometimes I cry from pain in my stomach (take medication! ). WHY DO GIRLS DESERVE THIS! UGH! UGH! UGH!

I haven't got my period yet, Though, I felt sorry for you. Anyways about the stomach pain thing. Use some heat pads on your lower stomach. And the eating thing, just ask the professionals about this one. But just, also do exercise daily like riding a bike to school or walk to school, attend gym class, etc. The sleeping one, try setting an alarm clock, The being rude one, just say that you're having a bad time (saying about your period doesn't sound like a good idea). The other ones are just natural. Don't ask me how I know this. - MLPFan

I feel you sister even though I'm not in 7th grade just yet I already had my period and its not a good thing... My first reaction when I had my first period about 2 months ago was, I was in gymnastic's practicing flips when all of a sudden I did a cartwheel then bam I fell hard to the ground because I felt like a bug running through my legs and I thought I peed but then all the little girls started at me and said "She's dying! " "Ill cancer! " And I'm like what? Then I looked down and I'm like oh ... What is this! I though I was dying My teacher came over and said oh its only your period! My period YAY! But then months later I developed big bouncy boobs ARMPIT hairs and hairs down the black hole and a wired teenager voice people even ask me are you an 8th grader and I'm like bruh... And my period is still stuck on me but I actually got used to it. Don't worry you'll get used to it girls!

I just said "my locker was jammed. " - MegaToolica

I've never had my period during school time, thank god. - Pegasister12

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12You get food poisoning from the cafeteria food

Happend to me I had a burrito and started puking in the bathroom. I love my girl friend and o her lots for getting the nurse. My girlfriend has a stronger stomach than I do and is probly the only one in the world that would have helped me

Try drinking spoiled milk... In lunch detention only to spit it out all over my old social studies teacher.

I ate their food once, then I got sick and had to go home. Sucks, huh? At least I got to miss school. - MegaToolica

I puked after eating some potatoes at the cafeteria but the good thing was I got to go home 2 hours early - RockStarr

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13It is Pizza Hut day for lunch at school and you forgot your money

I was going to vote for "Justin Bieber visits your school and sings" but when I saw this I thought "This is the one"

The horror. This beats justin bieber with a grain of salt. I mean, come on. You can always bring like headphones, or earplugs or something.

wow.. that is horrible... - Crash

I'd get really upset... oh gods

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14Idina Menzel Stops Buy and Sings Let It Go

That song is so old. I think if I hear it one more time, I will become deaf.

I hate the frozen soundtrack

I better the people at my school would love this

15You have to be The Flower Fairy Princess in the school play.

Even I watch Ponies, I would say "No! I don't want to be Venus Flytrap So Annoying"Why? Ponies isn't so girly. I mean, if it's girly, why would millions of people watch it including grown up men?. I'm more of the bookish shy type of person. My 8 year old cousin would love to be Flower Fairy Princess. She is so girly, she loves pink, she like fairies, princesses and flowers and glitter. If I get this role, I'll just go against the script like the newest popular comment but I'll dress up as Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson instead... LOL. And when I was supposed to say to the younger Flower Fairy Princess with a high pitch squeaky"That Evil Wizard Is So Evil! " I would say like Sherlock holmes "Elementary, My dear Watson" And I would play as a detective and have fun as much as I wanted to instead of re-enacting as something extremely girly. - MLPFan

My Grandma sherry would love to play that part, she loves flowers and rainbows and butterflies, and she thinks I do to. Tough luck! I like Death, Metal, and Blood. - Trivium

If I was younger, I would LOVE to be the Flower Fairy Princess. I used to be a girly girl when I was little, but now I'm a complete tomboy. I like skateboarding, surfing, the color green, basketball shorts, hockey, soccer, and roller skating. As a 12 year old (which I will be in less than 2 months), it would be torture for me. The only "girly" things I like are dresses (sometimes) and My Little Pony.

I would ruin the play by recording a video and replacing the flower fairy princess's face with a pikachu then make it so pikachu thunderbolts everything - Captaincrunch2015

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16When you realize your crush only pretended to like you

This has happened to me TWICE! It's painful!

This would've been great compared to what did happen to me! - AngryByrd

Aparrantely, you have to be perfect looking, perfect at sports, and be a total jerk for a girl to like you in middle school. - Garythesnail

17You have to repeat 6th grade

I almost repeat 6th grade. I got only one honor roll in 6th grade. I got all honor rolls in 7th grade. I am doing much better now. 8th grade I do a lot more better.

I got 2 honor rolls. - Captaincrunch2015

I almost had to repeat the 5th I don't want to repeat the 6th espesilly with more people. Repeating a grade is terrible your learnig the same thing over again try your best to make good grades it's very important because it can refect on your highschool schlorship, collage, your job try your vey best at all the subjects. I was once in a private school it was terrible I was almost held back and got kicked out because of tuittion.

18When you ask your crush out... and they say no

That happens to me every time I ask out a girl. I wish they can say yes god I'm not the best looking guy in my class but I'm one of the most popular and the class clown - Awesomedogg

Happened to me too god I got mad at myself for her not liking me

Pretty much all of 7th grade for me was a crush that didn't like me! It was total hell and I still haven't gotten over it. Am I the only person who has this problem? - AngryByrd

And then the next day the school bully asks her out, and she says yes.

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19Being bullied in front of your crush

I seen this happen b4 he was so defensless nd the lady said behind his back :what a whimp" that's why he dropped out "i'm so sorry 4 you Willy" - SmoothCriminal

Wow, this is why my mother taught me that you always sand for yourself. Which I didn't need to learn from her, I would've known, but still.
That would suck.
Really, for you victims out there, I am truly sorry for you. I'd love to help you, but I can't since I don't know you at all... Very sorry.

It is happening a lot lately. She tries to help out, but nothing ever works. In gym I slapped him in the face and yelled at him saying, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN MY LIFE!? I have been through a lot lately. My dad just got diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I will ask her the question one day.

My crush went out with my bully before. They went Bonnie and Clyde on me and that's why I don't have a crush anymore and probably won't for a few years.

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20You get pants'd right down to your private parts in front of a big crowd of people

Ouch. Unless you're brave enough to show them, it would be HORRIBLE! - booklover1

I have actually been through that in my language arts class... I got pants by a girl too everybody wouldn't let go of that for WEEKS

That happened to a friend of mine except you didn't see her privates it was so funny everyone laughed and the teacher didn't see so nobody got in trouble, later that year she wrote that down as her favorite memory of the year!

I don't think I'm brave enough to only go around in my underwear!

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