Worst Toontown Rewritten Toontasks

Which Toontask did you most dislike in Toontown Rewritten?

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1 Lil Oldman - Final Gag Track Training

People complain about the 20 buildings, to be honest that part isn't too bad, however the rest of the task is hell and requires taking down many buildings and waiting for hours for invasions to start.

This one is quite the milestone. While many people (me included) complain about this task, especially the 20 buildings, if you're lucky, you can get it done in a week. Also, how rare is the toad and his girlfriend? Took me 2 buckets of fish to get them.

. This task was HORRIBLE. Worst part were the ice cream cones for me. I would do a building, then it would say "Items not found: Ice cream cone" :/

This task belongs in Donald's Dreamland.

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2 Gus Gooseburger - Teleport Access to The Brrrgh

Just annoying that you have to go out of the way to get cashbots. I got Robber Barons, which meant doing 4 buildings in Donald's Dream Land to get the tooth. Also a lot of jumping in between streets.

Its not that hard, 4+ story (3), and then the gold tooth, it took me one bldg for that gold tooth. SIMPLE

Easier then lil oldman
I don't know whats so "hard" about the 20 4 stories. I do like 5 a day.

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3 Hysterical Harry - Carry 4 Toontasks

This is possibly the worst optional Toontask in Toontown Rewritten. To begin with you must defeat 10 Minglers, then 10 Corporate Raiders, then 10 Loan Sharks, then Deliver Sardine Whiskers to Fanny Freezes before defeating 5 Legal Eagles. , but luckily March Harry is the other option, much easier so don't make the mistake.

I never pick it because that's just plain stupid. I pick the other Harry which is like 100x easier.

This is a horrible task, it would be a big mistake to choose this over March Harry's version (unless you like waiting for invasions and taking down high leveled cog buildings).

Gladly, I didn't choose this one. It sounds like I would have to do front 3s, short factorys, and mints

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4 Shep Ahoy - Bossbot Suit Parts

Since the golf courses are not put together, this task is even worse. I need a version 2.0 cog and there hasn't been an invasion when I've been on once, and I've been checking for weeks.

It was bad enough in original Toontown, since you have to defeat them one at a time it involved 8 front threes. Now you have to wait for an invasion which won't last long enough to get 8 cogs and so you spend weeks waiting for yet another invasion.

It took my months since everyone was like 60's or kept quitting

You gotta get lucky when TTR has version 2.0 invasions about five times a year.

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5 Tom - Carry 40 Gags

This task was hard... when I was 8 & only used squirt. Fact is if you're playing the game right, or know it's coming, this task is a joke. Grinding up to a cream pie in an invasion doesn't even take that long, come on guys. - owlplus

I didn't have the cream pie by time I got this because I was maining squirt. Whoops. My mistake.

Well, what's the big deal? I had cream pie by eighteen laff, it isn't that hard. I wasn't training either.

Hope you had a cream pie

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6 HQ Officer - Teleport Access to Daisy Gardens

This Toontask is annoying. You need to get 2 keys from either hard Legal Eagles or Not so hard Minglers (I got Minglers, Yay me! ). I hate that you get the wrong key and its hard to recover 1. When I did it with 2 others, we defeated 2 minglers and me and another cat got a key. The rabbit didn't :(.

I hated this task because I had to get key from the Legal Eagles. D: Thankfully, after a day of frustration of trying to get a key and failing, an invasion of Legal Eagles started. :D

I agree I had this task for literally two months.

I got unlucky with my toon Stubby Sourcrumbs. He got the hard legal eagles task. I waited until a Legal Eagle invasion started and he finished the task before it ended. It's a nightmare for him.

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7 Sweaty Pete - 2 Point Laff Boost

This is a very time consuming Toontask in The Brrrgh. You will first be asked to Recover a Cog Gear from Micromanagers, not too hard? Well actually the chance of recovery is only 20% which makes recovering the gear sometimes very time consuming, also it usually involves finding many Micromanagers, unless you get lucky. The final part of this Toontask is to Defeat 5 Cog Buildings Anywhere, which isn't too bad.

So hard! I defeated 28 of those and no cog gear! Delete this mission! No more cog gear missions, please! Micromanagers take so much damage also! I wish this was an optional mission! Please delete it!

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8 90 Lawbots for a 1 point laff boost

This literally took me the whole day to complete and honestly, I don't think it was that worth it for 1 part boost.

Plus if you DO get that task just find an invasion for bottom feeders/bloodsuckers

I'm pretty sure there's an alternative to this that's WAY easier.

You know you can just go in the offices a few times

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9 Sandy Sandman - Cashbot Upper Torso Part

Lil' Oldman is helpful for getting new gags, Sandy Sandman IS TOO LAZY TO DO THAT HERSELF!

Deliveries, deliveries, deliveries

This is a tough Toontask that must be selected in Donald's Dreamland. There is a lot of Delivery Tasks to be completed which is a nuisance. Then you will be asked to Defeat Five 5+ Cashbot Buildings. This is not an optional Toontask either.

10 Spin Doctor Sprocket HQ Officer

No no, the backstabber sprocket was hard.

This task is in ttc and you need to go to a building or lawbot HQ to get it. ITS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!

I have been stuck in this task for a while now, and right now it's a problem for me, mega blood suckers invasion. and most of the time spin docters are not there.

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11 Zari - 4 Point Laff Boost

I'm on this right now and I have no patience to go find 25 Mover and Shakers.

The task wasnt hard, but it was so boring! I should get a 5 point laff boost for this!

This is a very time consuming Toontask in Donald's Dreamland. You will have to deliver to many places in this Toontask, and then you will be set to Defeat 70 Cashbots and 25 Mover & Shakers, luckily these can be defeated Anywhere.

Like the end is literally meant to annoy you brb gotta get a zuccini, brb gotta get a zoo suit...oh you need some random item to go with it!? Little old man is bad because of how long the task is, this task is bad because of how stupid the end is no wants to be this guys delivery boy

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12 Ahab - Final Gag Track

This task is difficult because all of the shops are on different streets so it't a lot of walking and district hopping to find the shops that aren't taken over by cogs. The actual work the task asks is not difficult though.

I agree about the taken over buildings, because I hate with a passion the anna cruises task for that reason alone!

Different streets are a waste of time.

13 100 5+ Story Cog Buildings - Large Backpack (80)

I'm not gonna even talk about this one, if you choose this task, its gonna take you awhile to finish that. That's all.

Seriously, this is worse than all of lil oldman done twice

I didn't know this task existed. This should be at the top, with Lil Oldman.

I have this task right now and I'm dying!

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14 Defeat Flunky - Toontorial

Be careful! 1! 11! So hard! 1! 1! 11 do not get that task! 11! 1

Anyone have any tips? At the Toontorial all I can find are Bottom Feeders.

OH MY GOD they just put out the flunky spawn rate... ITS 0.0001%

I found a trick to complete this toontask efficiently! Just secretly pay your way through the toontask without the TTR staff seeing it. (Be careful though; Toontorial Tom doesn't like yellow jellybeans! )

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15 Anna Cruise - Carry 100 Jelly Beans

This task is annoying, because tickets recovery rate is very low.

This task is honestly my #1. The drop rate is SO LOW.

This task isn't all that hard. I just spent my time hopping between MML and SBHQ.

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16 Dr. Fret - Teleport Access to Minnies Melody Land

Lucky me I found an alternate that only had me do a 3+story building anywhere.

Why does it make you fight 10 number crunchers... then 20 cashbots. and then! you need to do a 3+ story cashbots building... and then! you need to do it again! (jeez this task is hard, I mean kids play this game for corns sake and fully train their gags..)

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17 Teleport Access to Donald's Dock
18 1 Laff Point Boost (200four + Story Buildings)

To all internet trolls out there: This task is for you.

For everyone else, stay far away, this task acts a a ban for your account---you will not continue playing Toontown for a long time my friend...

I have this one. So far at 112! I can do it...

I was so sleepy and accidently chose it. don't make this mistake!

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19 200 4+ Story Cog Bldgs

Don't know what I was thinking when I chose this one. Still stuck on it lol. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Apparently not.

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20 80 Level 12 Cogs

It's not as hard as you'd think. Just do multiple rounds of VP and BAM! It's done. You'll get the task done, AND at the same time level up your Sellbot suit.

Three laff points boost. This is quite hard for only 3 laffs. You wont find any Level 12 cogs wandering around.

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