Worst Towns in USA


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Detroit, MI
Two things.
#1. How can Washington, DC be a bad place?
#2. I heard it's bad in Detroit. I can't believe it's in Michigan. I have cousins who live in Michigan & I don't want them going there. I'm glad they live in a place in Michigan that isn't Detroit.
Detroit is like a modern ghost town. There are so many run down buildings and landmarks all covered in graffiti, and the crime rate is really high. Even in the downtown area, there are so many vacant skyscrapers. It's such a depressing place to live in.

2Washington, D.C.
No Philly is worse
DC is so ghetto. Southeast across the Anacostia river is a warzone

3Gary, IN
world capitol of murder at one point I wouldn't want to live there I might get shot


Ghetto place I lived there I wanted to leave as soon as we moved there


I lived in Gary I almost got shot because I walked down a bad naborhood

4New Orleans, LA

5Chicago, IL
Truly a cess pit. Large portions of the city are in ruin. Downtown and tourist areas are nice enough, but there are so many neglected places in the city. Too bad. Lots of murders, crime, and corruption in "Crook County" as well. Over 200 homicides so far for 2013!
Chicago is the best city in the universe! People think that there are so many crimes but guess what... there are even more in new york an los angeles

6Compton, CA

7Grand Rapids, MI

8Fresno, CA
What the hell is wrong with you guys. Fresno is the best city in the whole world. It is full of good people and nice things and everything good about America is in Fresno. RAISIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD
I hate this place theres no good spots to scooter, bike, or skate




9Baton Rouge, LA
Why are you saying this? Baton Rouge is amazing. Very nice :3 Bayous and all that. Very different from Denver, Colorado (ME)

10Laredo, TX

The Contenders

11Olympia, WA

12Baltimore, MD

13Fontana, CA

14Terra Haute, IN

15Hilsboro, OR

16Flint, MI

17Alamogordo, NM
I live in alamogordo and I can't wait to get out, people are closed minded, and yes its true almost everybody here with money is on the sex offender list... Nobody cares, the school systems are... This place sucks.
The most powerful and respected man in town is a convicted pedophile.

18East St. Louis, IL

19Saginaw, MI

20Pasadena, TX

21Harvey, IL

22Eagle Pass, TX


24El Paso, Texas

25Toad Suck, AR
Just the name of the city oogghh!

26Chanute, KS

27Jacksonville, FL

28Kanab, UT
Hatred of outsiders unless they are tourists bringing in money. City passed a Natural Families Resolution giving preference only to people who are married with a quiver full of children. Polticial corruption you name it.

29Indianapolis, IN

30Rockford, IL

31Dalhart, TX

32Memphis, TN

33Santa Cruz, CA

34Rocky Mount, NC

35Carl Junction, MO
I have lived in big cities and was shot in an attempted robbery. Now, I can only hope for a successful bandit to end the misery of social isolation, hicks, and the only diner being aptly named "Dirty Randy's". At least in the Middle East, the people are hospitable and invite you to dinner before IED goes off. Here, most can't spell IED and won't invite you to dinner unless you are a relative- which most are-of each other several times.

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