Worst Tree World Critters

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1 Free Bird

Free Bird is an EXACT copy of Blue Bird. I mean, give the poor uncommon critter respect! Free Bird is unoriginal! You just take a Blue Bird splash some green paint on it and call it a Limited Critter? That's not fair!

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2 Dragonfly

WORST COMMON CRITTER. I accidentally gave away a CHIMERA for one because I thought I was gonna be the one getting a Chimera but the joke was on me and now I hate Dragonflies even MORE than I used to! So dumb and ugly I just wanna kill it! Even Froggy is better!

3 Froggy

I evicted every Froggy on my tree just to watch Poppy kick him off. I had a lot of Froggies for no reason and I hate them I mean can we at least CHOOSE who our first critter (common critter) gets to be? I would choose a Manatee!

4 Pufferfish

Pufferfish is super ugly. Who's idea was it to just take an average fish and make it a Legendary critter all of a sudden? Someone could offer me a Pufferfish for a Froggy and I'd deny the trade I don't need that ugly unoriginal thing on my tree just like Free Bird.

5 Sheree

Sheree is the worst of the Paul Frank critters. Who even decided to add Paul Frank critters to Tree World and make them Limited? Watch Sheree in the Paul Frank videos and it just makes you want to kill her! It's an ugly blue raccoon in a DRESS! Then you put her on Disney Junior... great idea folks.

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6 Skunk

Laugh out loud the thing is smelly it farts

7 Whalerus

A whale... with big teeth? BRILLIANT! (Sarcasm)

8 Tree Mussel

Needs to be higher up it's plain TERRIBLE! Worse than Zonkey and Red Admiral and wait... FREE BIRD IS NUMBER ONE?

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9 Clancy

Clancy just doesn't fit in. It just looks really weird compared to the other critters. Same with sheree and Paul. I really don't know what those critters are from... But they are just really weird.

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10 Red Admiral

Too many butterfly critters on Tree World this one is the worst it's just like a Monarch Butterfly! Think of all those butterflies there's Silver Studded Blue, Paradise Birdwing, Red Admiral, Small Copper, Small Apollo, JUST LAY OFF THE BUTTERFLIES!

The Contenders

11 Zonkey

Tree World ran out of ideas and for a new critter they make a zebra donkey... hilarious.

Wow. So you take a zebra and a donkey, mix them together, and make it a rare critter? Same thing with Whalerus, but this one is just annoying. It just shows how dumb Tree World is getting. Pandacorn is my favorite critter of all time, though.

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