Top Ten Worst Types of Enemies In Video Games

Enemies are everywhere in video games! And there are some that are completely obnoxious!

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1Overpowered Enemies

There are some enemies that can kill you with just one hit. I learned that the hard way. - nintendofan126

2Enemies That Call Reinforcements

You gotta kill them fast! Or else they'll call somebody to kill you. - nintendofan126

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3Enemies That Take 1000 Hits to Kill

The only enemy I know that does that is a BFB brutal flying behemoth

Your just sitting there spamming the attack button over and over again, and the enemie still isn't dead. - nintendofan126

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4Flying Enemies

The Lakitu from the Mario series is a good example. - nintendofan126

5Enemies That Throw Bombs
6Enemies That Freeze YouV1 Comment
7Enemies That Climb On You

I've encountered these things before. And I hate them. - nintendofan126

Now that's both annoying and quite terrifying. - IronSabbathPriest

8Enemies That Pick You Up and Throw You

Most of the time, these kind of enemies attacks do a lot of damage. - nintendofan126

Just like those purple Bob-Ombs guys from Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS! - HeavyDonkeyKong

9Enemies That Heal Automatically

EXTREMELY annoying. Reminds me of the Wither. - Minecraftcrazy530

10Enemies That You Can't Kill

I probably should've put this higher? But these kinds of enemies are horrible! - nintendofan126

I thought that many enemies are impossible to kill in Super Smash Brother 3DS on Smash Run but when I play it many times I realize that I can kill them because I got better at the game.

Ikr! This is so irritating when they have every power known to man, and are pretty much indistructable! - ToptenPizza

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11Enemies That Blow Up or Teleport
12Enemies That Burn You

I've fought 8 few of these, there not the worst, but they are bad. - nintendofan126

13Enemies That Are Faster Than You
14Small Annoying Flying Enemies
15Enemies That Beat You
16Enemies That Spam Attacks
17Goomba-Style Enemies

This means pathetic enemies that never put up a fight. - Garythesnail

18Enemies With One Hit Kill Attacks
19Enemies That Eat You
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1. Overpowered Enemies
2. Enemies That Call Reinforcements
3. Enemies That Take 1000 Hits to Kill
1. Enemies That Take 1000 Hits to Kill
2. Overpowered Enemies
3. Flying Enemies
1. Overpowered Enemies
2. Enemies That Call Reinforcements
3. Enemies That Throw Bombs

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