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1Waluigi - Super Mario Bros

Can't really disagree. A character who defies the laws of physics, serves no purpose, is completely boring, and not very interesting. He only appears in Spinoffs and doesn't deserve to be Wario's partner. Wario's too awesome for him. - DCfnaf

Woah! Number 1? Well I'm not surprised, he's the most lazy Nintendo character excluding clones. He exist only because Wario needed a tennis partner. He's also annoying and weird in my opinion. - DaisyandRosalina

He's especially looks crazy and ugly on Mario tennis. He even looks uglier than wario - anthonyj

I'm okay over him so I don't care about him.

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2Porky - Earthbound and Mother 3

This guy kills Lucas's Mother and Brother and you don't even get revenge on him and in Earthbound he betrayed you but the good news is you can have you're revenge on him in brawl. - GamerGirl

I love Porky. He's an evil brat and that's why I love him.

Really? Poor Lucas! Porky is so annoying even in Brawl. - DaisyandRosalina

Porky is evil itself - dinosaur

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3Bubsy - Bubsy Series

He made one of the worst games in history and his always shouting obnoxious catchphrases die Bubsy die. - egnomac

I agree because Bubsy makes horrible games.

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4Mokap - Mortal Kombat

It's as if the Mortal Kombat creators didn't have an idea for the extra motion capture footage they got, so one of the developers made a joke about putting him into the game like that. The developers passed that joke along and expanded upon it, even thinking of a Mokap backstory, to the point where he was actually programmed into the game. - PeterG99

Were the creators of Mortal Kombat so out of ideas for new characters that they would make a guy in a motion sensor suit with balls everywhere. - egnomac

He's just plan stupid does anyone want to play as a guy in A. Motion Cap suit - GamerGirl

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5Hazama - BlazBlue

Out of any character from a fighting game Hazma is my most hated he's a cheap and annoying boss he bran washes Tbuski to kill Noel he wants Noel to become his slave and in the middle of his combo he's like Die Die Die! And when you lose to this guy he'll insult you complete and he called Tbuski trash - GamerGirl

6Princess Elise - Sonic

Like if you thing Sonic 06 would be a lot better without her

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7Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing

Okay Nintendo I understand the importance of saving but we have lives. My dad got bit by an alligator and I have to drive him to town and not save my game and get chewed out by this turd of a mole.

I have bates him for five years. Is it sad that he still scares me?

He's so annoying he's on the list twice

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8Navi - The Legend of ZeldaV5 Comments
9Louie - Pikmin
10Tiger Jackson - Tekken

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?Sticks the Badger - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric/Shattered Crystal
?Yu Narukami - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4Yu Narukami is a fictional character introduced in Atlus's role-playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. As the protagonist of the game, Yu is a silent character whose thoughts and actions are decided by the player.

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11Rosalina - Super Mario

She should be much lower! Rosalina is cool and powerful not a space Peach. - DaisyandRosalina

Underrated due to Daisy Fans spreading lies. - DCfnaf

Screw that big fat blue girl with a star and an ugly face I HAT HER SO MUCH SHE NEEDS TO BE IN THE TOP TEN

Too bad that Daisy wasn't in Smash and that everyone loves Rosalina. She won't be in the top ten. - DCfnaf

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12Porky Minch - Mother 3
13Resetti - Animal Crossing
14Slippy Toad - Star Fox

Slippy is so annoying, he needs help for 1 second! He acts like a dramatic person out for help! I just want to leave him so bad!

I want to squeeze that dang toad until he can croak no more... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah be quiet Slippy Toad, Captain Toad is better!

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15Putt-Putt - Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo
16Duck Hunt Dog - Duck Hunt

I hate that stupid dog, and even worst the game won't let you shoot him. - ZZDOORAL

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17Jake Muller - Resident Evil 6

Congratulations Alice your no longer the worst Resident Evil character, Jake Muller was a huge misfire on the part of Capcom, Sherry was the real hero during Jakes campaign. - egnomac

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18Creepers - Minecraft
19Lila - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

You mean Ilia? She was pretty awful and forgetful... But yea, she sucks...

20Nelson - The Simpsons GameV1 Comment
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