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21Ability loss

Me playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Oh yeah, this game is awesome. I'm killing everything instantly. I'm A BADASS.
Death showes up and steals my equipment.

Still loving this game to death. - CastlevaniaFanboy128

22Getting knocked back
23Lava levelsV1 Comment
24Overly cute characters
25Everything hurts you

In the Mega Man games everything can kill you with one shot. - egnomac

Silver surfer is a prime example

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26Constant beeping noises

Zelda, Pokemon, Super Mario Galaxy, you name it, it has this annoying noise

This is the only thing I don't like about Zelda

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Serious Sam: Spikes? I hate spikes! - NuMetalManiak

28Jungle levels

This has been done to death no more jungle levels. - egnomac

29Overpowered bosses

To be honest, Ballos from Cave Story comes to mind, considering how much crap you have to go through just to get to him. - xandermartin98

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30No help whatsoever

Some games benefit from this. These games are ones that teach the player the controls and rules of the game through the gameplay (the Mega Man games are a great example). However, there are games that, for some reason, forget that players do not instantly know how to play the game and give them no help whatsoever. Dust 514 is one particular example, as it literally forces you into your first match without any explanation of what to do or where to go. Once again, I'm not saying that all games should have a unnecessary tutorial, it's just that a game needs to explain itself in some way, whether through the gameplay or a tutorial.

31Mandatory minigames

Breath of Fire 3 had this, especially during the Shisu "side quest" which isn't even a side quest. - NuMetalManiak

32Recycled bosses

You kick this one bosses' ass and then he runs away or something, but then he's back all of sudden? Worst case where you actually kill the boss, and later on he is somehow gets resurrected by some unforeseen circumstance (or cloned, perhaps). - NuMetalManiak

Are the developers really too lazy to use the same boss over and over again?

I'm looking at you, Orochi.

Whatever your name is.

33Random and unoriginal sequels
34Extremely hard boss battles at the end of a mission
35Zombie outbreak
36Chest high barriers

Barriers that are short enough to be jumped over but can't be jumped.

It's like some kind of field of psychic energy.

It's like the game creators just couldn't be bothered to:
1. put a wall there, lessening curiosity.
2. let you go in.

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37Ascension levels

These are levels where you have to climb up and up and up, but WHOOPS make one mistake and you fall down down down and have to start all over again from the bottom. These levels aren't fun, they're tedious.

ARGG THESE ARE SO ANNOYING LIKE hey this is so easy BUT THEN aah I have fell for the 10000000th time now

Castelian for NES is the worst example of this. It completely ruins the game.

38Antagonist is killed anti climatically, in a quick cutscene

I'm looking at you Didact. Really? A pulse Grenade killed you? You're the last Forerunner, immune to Flood and you can use the force, but a pulse grenade. 95% of the time, that doesn't kill a normal enemy. That boss fight wasn't even boss fight, and it's an 11 on an anti-climacticness scale of 1-10.

39Permanently missable items

Then I have to restart the game to get the fullexperience, and I have to go through all the boring parts again, and then at the end I find out I missed another item, and the process repeats until I'm so darn bored with the game that I just pushover it in the back of the closet and start a new one.

I'm looking at you Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure for your ridiculous "don't miss a sound" in which I had to restart to get the missed sound recording -,-

The master ball in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was the worst. You had to get it rather than getting it given to you.

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40Final bosses themed around the power of friendship

Sonic Heroes was great, but the end was all about teams and friendship and stuff. Can I just go kill robots? - TrueBlueHeroes

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