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61 Protagonist says "it's over," then he/she is attacked V 1 Comment
62 Professional wrestling moves

The only wrestling moves I can think of are punches and kicks.

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63 Weak protagonists

I get it your a plumber, but seriously, Mario! 1/2 hit(s)!

If there's a reason that a character, have to die severly times, whines and being annoying, and I'm looking at you, Bubsy the Bobcat and Tidus

64 Backstabbers
65 Not being able to do any damage to the boss as part of the plot
66 Getting killed by a grenade
67 Dark rooms

Especially where you can't see but you're enemy can totally see you just fine and attack you. - NuMetalManiak

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68 Maze levels

*cough* Great Maze from Brawl *Cough* - SmashBall

69 One life
70 No continues
71 Invincible enemies
72 Being unable to hurt the boss as part of the plot

(sigh) Shadow Queen from Paper Mario 2.

What pisses me off about this one is that this part where you can't attack her goes on for a long time.

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73 Short endings

I'm talking about you Resident Evil series!

74 Scottish Mad Men

This is blatantly obvious in Oblivion and Skyrim for me with Glathir and Sheogorath.

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75 Helpless female characters

Princess Peach is so helpless she even gets kidnapped in her own castle.

Like Princess Peach or Elise.

76 Antagonist shoots his goons after meeting Protagonist

I believe antagonists do this just so they can use up more power for themselves. But still, antagonists would have a better chance of beating the protagonist had they not killed their henchmen. It would be strategically more difficult for a protagonist to tangle with multiple enemies and a boss at the same time instead of a one-on-one fight against a souped-up version of the antagonist. - NuMetalManiak

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77 Enemies that take your items V 1 Comment
78 Save the princess V 3 Comments
79 Secret Princes
80 Bosses that spam the exact same one-liners repeatedly

Ugh, I am now reminded of Galactus, the final boss of Lego Marvel Super Heroes... And even worse, he says these recycled one-liners AFTER EVERY ATTACK.

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