Top 10 Worst Video Game Covers


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21KaRnaaj Rally

I mean come on just look it up. He looks like a vampire!

22Super Princess Peach

Worst gaming cover ever...

Super Princess Peach must be a ripoff of Super Mario.

23Yakuman DS
24The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

I love this game, But the cover is just boring


The shaq fu cover is just ridiculous

26Ride to Hell: Retribution
27Sonic Adventure 2

I've played it only once and saw the cover for it. I didn't see anything wrong with it I know it's kinda weird to add a new character of the cover but it's shadow

Sonic & Shadow remind me of Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi, two crappy singers like Crush 40!

28Mario Kart: Double Dash

I don't want to see Princess Peach's messed up ponytail! And look at Princess Daisy & Diddy Kong getting to know each other. So funny!

Overall, Mario Kart: Double Dash is mediocre for both obvious & subtle reasons.

29Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys
30Mystery of the Druids
31Metro Cross

Never played the game, but I think I lose half an IQ point every time I look at it. GEEZ. Could that guy look any more derpy?

32ZombiU (NTSC)
35Mother 3
36Mega Man 2
37Aliens: Colonial Marines
38Mario Party 7

Everything is bad about this game.

39Sonic Adventure

Why is there SO many sonic games on this list? I mean really? That a few of the early sonic game covers were bad like Sonic R and a very few

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40Sonic Advance
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