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121 Splatooners
122 Binweevils Fans

Stupid butthurt little kids who compares this game to other games such as Minecraft

One of the time, there was this stupid girl who says all games are rubbish because it is boring you should play the better game which is binweevils

Plus they are rude to people and always rants about other games which are not even close

123 Wii Haters V 1 Comment
124 Fallout Fanboys V 1 Comment
125 Castlevania Fans
126 Generation Fanboys

Change is what separates the fanbases.

127 Skylanders Haters

I am not a huge fan of the series myself, but I feel like people are bashing on kids because "they don't know the real Spyro." Activision even said it themselves that it's not even supposed to be part of the Spyro series.

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128 Wii U Fans
129 PC Gamers

Why is this here? PC is so broad that you cannot classify it as one fanbase.

130 PC Fanboys
131 Misty Fanboys

A crime like this will not go Scot free

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132 MLG Haters V 1 Comment
133 Monando Fans
134 Sticker Star Fans V 1 Comment
135 Final Fantasy XII Fans
136 Pes Fans
137 Cdi Zelda Fans V 1 Comment
138 God of War Fans
139 Activision Fans
140 Daisy Fans

They don't understand what an opinion is. I'd LOVE for them to just stop saying Rosalina stole her spotlight when Rosalina just appeared in the games! You fans need to deal with the fact that NO ONE'S SPOTLIGHT IS BEING STOLEN! - DCfnaf

They're okay I guess, still better than waluigi and Rosalina's though.

WALUIGI'S is worse than both. I seem to dislike Daisy Fans more than Rosalina's, but both are equally awful. - DCfnaf

The only Daisy fans who are really annoying are Micaellol and his friends on Gamefaqs, he started the hate on Rosalina.
In another hand Daisy fans are always attacked even if they didn't insult anything.
This is a bad fanbase, but still better than Rosalina fans and Waluigi fans.

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