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He's also from deviantart

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23Kill Screen

Kill Screen is extremely biased against indie games and will praise any game that has action and has a budget of over 1 million.


While he is no longer on YouTube, He is the most hateful, mean-spirited, biased, and unpleasant game reviewer I have seen. He has no respect for his viewers, and he even insulted them, and was very condescending to them for half of his videos. He always jumps around multiple topics when talking about one thing, and repeatedly explodes over the smallest of details.

His revisit on Wrath of Cortex was one of his worst examples of how horrible he sounds as a reviewer.


Everything older has gone downhill. EXCEPT YOU, SAMMY!

27White Dude Game Reviews!

He literally gets some of his script of wikipedia.

28Anime News Network

Of course he is a bad reviewer because he is a "Troll". My friend told me that SuperTrollHDTV had a horrible review on FNAF and Minecraft in YouTube and told me to put him on this list.

"SuperTroll" means that he does not respect any opinions more than a normal "troll" and people say he swears while reviewing in YouTube.


He keeps saying every new video game like link between worlds sucks he's like gligar13vids twin with better quality that's TheReviewSpace in a nutshell

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31Ike reviews AEBG
32Game Dude
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