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1Call of Duty: Black Ops II

It is just a copy paste of the last games, and they aren't realistic. We respawn, swear, don't cry for our mommies, and act like "big grown men" should not when at war. In war, people are not all "pew pew pew- WAIT, YOU'RE CHEATING, DIE ALREADY! I SHOT YOU IN THE HEAD! " People are not made of unobtainium.

This is a really nice game why is on the number 1 Honestly you don't know anything about games because that's how I can explain why fast n furious isn't on number 1 worst games of the year and not only it's just a waste of money and time. Black ops 2 is a outstanding game and it doesn't deserve to be on that list at all

I want Call of Duty to die so the fanboys and the haters quit complaining about this franchise and actually do something productive for the world, instead of complaining about repetition and online play. Sorry Activision, but if you stop the franchise, the world will be in a better place; despite Call of Duty being one of my franchises of all time, I want people to stop complaining.

This one is fine, as well as exciting. - TheRegular1227

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2Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

I think it needs some work

Too easy, Not much exercise, Not fun. - Thomax16

It takes forever to kill an enemy and it doesn't connect to my kinect

The Kinect sucks. That's why it doesn't work too well what games.

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3Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Its not worse than dragon ball Z. It had beautiful graphics and a tear jerking ending at least. No more unoriginal than call of duty.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter = crash


But is awesome if you force your ass for achievements

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4Ride to Hell: Retribution

Fly off to the right and explode...

This is the worst frigin game since big rigs and ET! Painful to play, looks like a ps2 game, plot makes no sense, and by the way, HOW DID THIS EVEN GET RELEASED!?

BUT on that note, this is a one hysterical epic failure of a game. Its so drop dead funny it should be screened in movie theaters.

Playing this game is like a RIDE TO HELL! (Get it? ) - imacg4

This game genre should be labeled comedy because this game is hilariously bad - kidlava111

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Thanks to requirements of Internet access and infamous queue times, the new Simcity has backfired onto the list.

The game didn't work originally at all. Once the servers started actually allowing me to play, the game would crash, force me to rollback and lose progress. After that bug was ironed out, key aspects of the game would continue to fail and disappoint.

At least Big Rigs opens up and plays whenever you want it to (not that anyone really would want to). Even though it's alpha-quality at best, I'd at least give it a 1/10 for kinda working. This game? I bought it a couple days after launch, and couldn't play it at all. 0/10. This game is what made me vow to never buy anything released by EA ever again.

Why call it "Simcity" instead of "Simcity 5"

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6The Expendables 2 Videogame

This is the worst game I've played. and I've played black ops 2

7Aliens: Colonial Marines

I definitely agree with this. In my opinion, the biggest reason that this game was horrible was that the developers lied, period. One thing they lied about was they said that playing as an alien in multiplayer would be an awesome experience, witch wasn't true. Playing as an alien was just stupid and boring. Also, not to mention the fact that the characters and plot were one-dimensional and boring, and the developers said they'd both be amazing. This game gets a 4/10.

It just comes to show what happens when you combine Sega, a game company that hasn't developed a good game in many years and gearbox who's only great game (or game series for that matter) is the Borderlands series. Put them together and what do you get? A poorly designed game which the developers clearly didn't take time to...develop.

Aliens: Colonial Marines spit on my Xbox, dated my ex-wife and beat up a bunch of little old ladies waiting on their social security checks. Aliens: Colonial Marines is no friend of mine.

As much as people say this game is bad, it still has a fun multiplayer that few games offer.

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8Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade

Did the publisher make this to kill the wii u? Because I want to punch the publisher in the face.

Put this game at the top. Worst Wii you game ever, worst video game IN GENERAL.

This game shouldn't exist -

A truly horrible game. - drdevil

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9Lollipop Chainsaw


I just don't get it...

Way to over rated!

This game sucks DMC is better - ikerevievs

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10Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

The gameplay and moves were really good I liked everything except the design the turtles look disgustingly awful

I played this for like an hour or two and my health started deteriorating

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?Pikmin 3
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11Blacklight: Retribution

I played it pretty good it's just that I was tired of renting guns and the hackers started taking it over which I did not like, plus everyone called me hacker cause of the way I played.

12Fast & Furious: Showdown

This game is not even racing, please don't waste your money on this

Had Potential but then it just didn't live up to the films, or any fan's expectations. Disappointment all round, really. :(

Had potential and yet it just doesn't live up to the films or any fan's expectations. Disappointment all round. :(

It's a disappointment to the films

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13Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

This game was such a sham, I saw final fantasy protagonists from the later game in pixel form and saw it was an actual square enix game so I jumped on it. All of the cash grabbing, even with the 3$ price would be forgivable if it wasn't for the fact that. The gameplay is just button mashing err... Finger tapping. Just tap tap tap, no skill no strat just tap tap tap

14I Am Alive

Pros: Gameplay is good, very similar to AC because of all the climbing.
Cons: The story is too common, has too many loopholes and predictable since 10 minutes into the game and I already know the ending, and the graphics is THE WORST. The settings is a post-apocalyptic world filled with DUST. Now these dust are so thick that you can't see anything and these dusts can damage your eyesight as it did to my eyes. I enjoy the graphics of classic games than this one. The Graphics has too much noise, or filters in it and its not good for the eye. I have blurry eyes after playing this game... I now wear glasses so I have the urge to vote this game as the worst game for me.

Very bleak and depressing world

15Grand Theft Auto V

Who put this game on here. Someone said it's boring but the truth is there are lots of things to do in this game. - Jordan2229

I'm just voting to say really, who put this game its like the best sandbox series ever.

Does it deserve to be the 4th best selling video game of all time? Maybe not. Does that stop it form being an amazing game? Hell no!

Inappropriate entry to this list

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16Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

At least Call of Duty and ride to hell are somewhat functional

17Call of Duty: Ghosts

Campaigns not bad but this game is of course just like the all the others just like everyone else said except this time they decided to jack up the maps and make them bigger but have the same number of people on each team so all you do is run around for 5 minutes and ended getting killed from some random guy who spawns right behind you!... Sorry this games a waste of time battlefield 4 is way better trust me.

Honestly not the worst game on the list, but it deserves a mention for the lack of innovation when they needed it. And it's unfair to have BO2 as number one. TRUST ME. Hundreds of games on this list are hundreds of times worse than that.

Don't buy this game everyone keeps owing me I am about to trade this game for Battlefield 4 - Jordan2229

Its worst than I thought.

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18Burnout Crash!
19Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PS3

Worst game made by Konami EVER


What is SSX doing here? It might not be the best game of 2012-2013 but it is FAR from the worst!

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