Worst Video Games of 2012-2013


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Dragon Ball Z for Kinect
I think it needs some work
Too easy, Not much exercise, Not fun.


It takes forever to kill an enemy and it doesn't connect to my kinect
[Newest]The Kinect sucks. That's why it doesn't work too well what games.

2Call of Duty: Black Ops II
It is just a copy paste of the last games, and they aren't realistic. We respawn, swear, don't cry for our mommies, and act like "big grown men" should not when at war. In war, people are not all "pew pew pew- WAIT, YOU'RE CHEATING, DIE ALREADY! I SHOT YOU IN THE HEAD! " People are not made of unobtainium.
This is a really nice game why is on the number 1 Honestly you don't know anything about games because that's how I can explain why fast n furious isn't on number 1 worst games of the year and not only it's just a waste of money and time. Black ops 2 is a outstanding game and it doesn't deserve to be on that list at all
I want Call of Duty to die so the fanboys and the haters quit complaining about this franchise and actually do something productive for the world, instead of complaining about repetition and online play. Sorry Activision, but if you stop the franchise, the world will be in a better place; despite Call of Duty being one of my franchises of all time, I want people to stop complaining.
[Newest]Copy and paste ever since Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare

3Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Its not worse than dragon ball Z. It had beautiful graphics and a tear jerking ending at least. No more unoriginal than call of duty.
Medal of Honor: Warfighter = crash
[Newest]But is awesome if you force your ass for achievements

Thanks to requirements of Internet access and infamous queue times, the new Simcity has backfired onto the list.
The game didn't work originally at all. Once the servers started actually allowing me to play, the game would crash, force me to rollback and lose progress. After that bug was ironed out, key aspects of the game would continue to fail and disappoint.
At least Big Rigs opens up and plays whenever you want it to (not that anyone really would want to). Even though it's alpha-quality at best, I'd at least give it a 1/10 for kinda working. This game? I bought it a couple days after launch, and couldn't play it at all. 0/10. This game is what made me vow to never buy anything released by EA ever again.
[Newest]I don't have it but I love the sims 3

5Ride to Hell: Retribution
Fly off to the right and explode...
This is the worst frigin game since big rigs and ET! Painful to play, looks like a ps2 game, plot makes no sense, and by the way, HOW DID THIS EVEN GET RELEASED!?

BUT on that note, this is a one hysterical epic failure of a game. Its so drop dead funny it should be screened in movie theaters.
Playing this game is like a RIDE TO HELL! (Get it? )


[Newest]Have you ever seen a sex scene with clothes and with an awful redneck woman

6The Expendables 2 Videogame
This is the worst game I've played. and I've played black ops 2

7Lollipop Chainsaw
I just don't get it...
Way to over rated!
[Newest]This game sucks DMC is better

8Aliens: Colonial Marines
I definitely agree with this. In my opinion, the biggest reason that this game was horrible was that the developers lied, period. One thing they lied about was they said that playing as an alien in multiplayer would be an awesome experience, witch wasn't true. Playing as an alien was just stupid and boring. Also, not to mention the fact that the characters and plot were one-dimensional and boring, and the developers said they'd both be amazing. This game gets a 4/10.
Aliens: Colonial Marines spit on my Xbox, dated my ex-wife and beat up a bunch of little old ladies waiting on their social security checks. Aliens: Colonial Marines is no friend of mine.
As much as people say this game is bad, it still has a fun multiplayer that few games offer.

9Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade
Did the publisher make this to kill the wii u? Because I want to punch the publisher in the face.
Put this game at the top. Worst Wii you game ever, worst video game IN GENERAL.
This game shouldn't exist

10Blacklight: Retribution
I played it pretty good it's just that I was tired of renting guns and the hackers started taking it over which I did not like, plus everyone called me hacker cause of the way I played.

The Contenders

11Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
The gameplay and moves were really good I liked everything except the design the turtles look disgustingly awful

12Fast & Furious: Showdown
This game is not even racing, please don't waste your money on this
I though this game was epic and awesome. And when I played it, I fell sick like a dog and I was not at school for the good reason but being sick is not fun anymore.
Paul Walker would admit this game sucks
It's a disappointment to the films

13Grand Theft Auto V
Who put this game on here. Someone said it's boring but the truth is there are lots of things to do in this game.


I'm just voting to say really, who put this game its like the best sandbox series ever.
This shouldn't be on here. The endless possibilities are amazing.


14I Am Alive
Pros: Gameplay is good, very similar to AC because of all the climbing.
Cons: The story is too common, has too many loopholes and predictable since 10 minutes into the game and I already know the ending, and the graphics is THE WORST. The settings is a post-apocalyptic world filled with DUST. Now these dust are so thick that you can't see anything and these dusts can damage your eyesight as it did to my eyes. I enjoy the graphics of classic games than this one. The Graphics has too much noise, or filters in it and its not good for the eye. I have blurry eyes after playing this game... I now wear glasses so I have the urge to vote this game as the worst game for me.
Very bleak and depressing world

15Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
This game was such a sham, I saw final fantasy protagonists from the later game in pixel form and saw it was an actual square enix game so I jumped on it. All of the cash grabbing, even with the 3$ price would be forgivable if it wasn't for the fact that. The gameplay is just button mashing err... Finger tapping. Just tap tap tap, no skill no strat just tap tap tap

16Call of Duty: Ghosts
Campaigns not bad but this game is of course just like the all the others just like everyone else said except this time they decided to jack up the maps and make them bigger but have the same number of people on each team so all you do is run around for 5 minutes and ended getting killed from some random guy who spawns right behind you!... Sorry this games a waste of time battlefield 4 is way better trust me.
Honestly not the worst game on the list, but it deserves a mention for the lack of innovation when they needed it. And it's unfair to have BO2 as number one. TRUST ME. Hundreds of games on this list are hundreds of times worse than that.
Don't buy this game everyone keeps owing me I am about to trade this game for Battlefield 4


17Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
At least Call of Duty and ride to hell are somewhat functional

18Burnout Crash!

19Hitman: Absolution
What?! I love this game :(
This is one of the best game I played

20Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PS3
Worst game made by Konami EVER

What is SSX doing here? It might not be the best game of 2012-2013 but it is FAR from the worst!

22Ashes Cricket 2013
Worst cricket game I have ever played

Judging by the box art. This is a rip off of Zelda and Mario.
And I'm not even interested in Zelda.

24Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
Seriously golf? Now wonder this should be at the top
Golf seriously why would you play this stupid golf game in a PSvita it is just a rip-off


26Earthbound Wii U
Who ever put this game on here is an internet troll.
Why is this game on the list? Its not the worst.
The worst game ever enogh of these rehashes

27FIFA Soccer 13
Fifa 13 is a wonderful game with very good graphics and I don't know what your talking about.
FIFA is awesome dude what are you talking about
EA literally took FIFA 12 and changed the kits and did a few transfers. Not to mention the clear hate on some teams like Liverpool and consistent chumming of Rooney and other overrated players
[Newest]It's a great game! The Wii you version is perfect! Why is this on the list?

28Crysis 3

29Mass Effect 3
Okay, when you have a game as engaging as Mass Effect 3 was, throwing an ending like that out of nowhere will completely ruin the entire experience. Not to mention that the fact that it's the same ending every time regardless of how you play the game makes it so that all of the interactive choices you made were for nothing.

30Halo 4
Take Halo 4 off this list before I find and kill you all for putting it on the list. Honestly I don't think iv ever had this much fun playing the multiplayer. Ragnarok was the best map of them all and did you see the amazing improvements they did with zombie mode? This game was the game that made me want to play the campaign mode. I love Flood mode cause now I actually get kinda frightened by the zombies, and I love all the vehicles especially the Banshee. This game should not be on this list, it was awesome.
Disappointing multiplayer, the campaign in my opinion was boring, I really don't see how people can actually stand it, I could just be more competitive than them, which this game is not.
Ok killing people over halo is just psycho

31Resident Evil 6
Where can I start with this one? How about "Goodbye Survival Horror (main reason RE is popular) and Hello Action". Resident Evil 6 was clearly more inspired by the Paul W.S. Anderson movies, which are as much as an insult as this game. A overcomplicated plot, screw ups of fan favorites like Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy & Ada Wong, giving Wesker a son, what more do I have to say about this betrayal from Capcom?
This game is an insult to the series. It feels more like an action movie than a survival horror game. The controls are clunky as hell and the story is terrible. Really capcom? Really?

It got bad after resident evil 4.
I blame the movies for this.

32BioShock Infinite
This game is awesome shut up and take it off the list
This game is better than all the other crap people like for example black ops 1 and 2
Take it off its well good game
Overrated, and ruins the bioshock franchise

33Wipeout 2048


35Battlefield 4
Terrible game. Halo 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts should be taken off.
Literally the worst online support of any game ever.
Get your facts straight.

36Twisted Metal

37007 Legends
I is exactly like Call of Duty but the only difference is Call of Duty looks better than this garbage and they use daniel craige instead of using people that sound like the other bonds

38Tomb Raider
Its very very boring

39FIFA 14
Its always the same

40Watch Dogs
This game was released in 2014. Why's it on the list?

41X Rebirth

42DmC: Devil May Cry
Not only is DmC a textbook-perfect example of how NOT to reboot a franchise, it's also an affront to a beloved intellectual property more egregious than Dragon Ball Evolution.

Let's look at the facts: Capcom and Ninja Theory took one of the best intellectual properties of the last decade...
And completely butchered EVERYTHING...
The protagonist is no longer a cheerful, silly guy, but a completely unlikable bastard who KILLS A PREGNANT WOMAN AND GLOATS ABOUT IT...
The combat is now just button-mashing instead of having actual depth...
There's retarded platforming sections...
And the music is now wubstep and screamo bull.

I say it's worse than Dragon Ball Evolution because for everything that was wrong with that movie, at least their Goku was still a good guy who we wanted to root for whereas DmC's Dante is barely one step away from being the true antagonist of its story despite the fact that we're clearly supposed to like him.

As a franchise reboot, it fails; it doesn't fix any of the franchise's problems like a reboot is specifically meant to do, it only created them. As a Devil May Cry game, it's a giant middle finger to all of its fans; everything about the story, characters, and gameplay has been butchered so unbelievably that you wouldn't know that it was supposed to be a Devil May Cry game if it didn't have the same slapped onto it. As an action game, it's boring; you can get through the entire game just by mashing the triangle button while getting SS and S-ranked combos the entire way through. And as a game in general, it has nothing to offer fans of the series or even anyone looking for a good hack-and-slash game; it fails on all accounts.

43Flappy Bird
Most terrible game on the list!
This is a game?

44Killzone: Shadow Fall

45The Last of Us
What the... Why is this game on the list? Oh, of course, Xbox fanboys. Hey, leave PlayStation games like this masterpiece alone and go back to your exclusives, like Halo and Gears of War.

46Way of the Dogg

47Saints Row IV
Your mother is a waste of money and time
Waste of money and time

48Forza Motorsport 5
Lacking more than 2/3 the content of Forza Motorsport 4
Big disappointment compared to the last 2 Forzas.


49Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
This game is ok, I just got stuck fighting Bowser.

Said to be one of the worst games of 2012 by IGN, Destructoid, Game Informer and Zero Punctuation, and currently holding a 33% (PS3 version) and 25% (360 version) on Metacritic, it would be an understatement to say it's bad.


51Walking With Dinosaurs the Game
I am suprised this wasn't on the list it's so boring


52Super Mario 3D World
Man, this game sucks! Please do not force me to get this game. Princess Peach was so awful & useless in this game. Seriously, why is she slow & how come she cannot jump any higher than Mario despite being taller, slimmer & healthier?! Why not replace Peach with daisy? At least we got Rosalina. But Mario 3D World is so overrated for sure!

53Clash of Clans
Most terrible game on the list


54Gears of War: Judgment
Ruined a great franchise. If I wanted to play a game Halo-style, I would play Halo.

55My Sims Agents
This is by far the most confusing I tried

56Risen 2: Dark Waters
A pirate game, where you can't sail a ship... what?

57Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

58F1 Race Stars
This game made me sick... LITERALLY it is the worst game of ALL time

59Street Fighter x Tekken

60Total War: Rome II

61Rockman ×over

62NHL 14
How how how no I love this game get it off the list

63Day One: Garry's Incident

64Ryse: Son of Rome

65Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Playstation 3
The game is so bad it makes me wanna puke. The game has horrible graphics and horrible story.

66Madden NFL 25

67Beyond: Two Souls

68Pokemon X
Whoever put this here is gonna die

69Wreck It Ralph

70Mario Tennis Open

71Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

72Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games
There is two right beside it

73The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

74Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

75Sonic Lost World
I Really like modern sonic more than classic sonic. but this one is bad. In this game, sonic is too slow :(
Oh really?! Have you played sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2 battle, sonic heroes, sonic colors, or sonic genorations?


Sonic Adventure gets 3/10 stars.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle gets 2/10 stars.

Sonic Heroes gets 4/10 stars.

Sonic Colors gets 5/10 stars.

Sonic Generations gets 8/10 stars.

Sonic Lost World gets 3/10 stars.
Come on, this game is kickass. Sonic is slower because it's trying to follow the Sonic Adventure formula! It has a run button, at least. And the parkour is kickass, not to mention it's extremely colorful graphics.

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