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1Animal Jam

I used to play it a lot, until my membership expired and it got so unfair for non members. Like, now you need to be a member to get free chat! I wanted free chat really bad, and when my dad finally decided I could get it, it was for members! And why are the otters for members too? They should be for everyone and (this is just my opinion) they shouldn't even be at the diamond shop! I never really play it anymore now.

This should not be #1 in my opinion - mayamanga

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2Club Penguin

Actually not all of it is for members. There are literally many pages in the catalog that are for non members. Also during parties, free items for everyone are handed out. Stop whining and overexaggerating.

Club penguin is boring and now that Disney bought it 99.00% of everything is for premium members

Who put AJ on the top it's my fave game! I'd highly recomend CP to be on the top because almost everything is member in the game.

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Woozworld is the best virtual game? More like Soap Opera according to the people who played it a long time.

Kids should find something better to do with their time.

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4Club (Nickoloden)

They replaced a successful world with crap!


Can you even do anything on here?

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9Legends Of Oz

How can this be the on the top ten worst virtual world list, yet again the best on the best virtual world list?

Its impossible for me to sign up TnT

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If you go on this, you will understand. - BrooklynGames43


Roblox is a creativity game to build your dreams! but it has many problems. Removed tixs, bad games, and many more! you will not last playing without getting bullied. Weird bodies and dumb games with many role playing calls this games name

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