Top Ten Worst Wrestlers of all Time


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John Cena
What is an 11 times WWE champion and 4 times world heavyweight champion doing on the worst list? Talking about his moves... One can visit YouTube for his top 20 moves... ! I'm a big fan of John Cena and he should be only placed number 1 in the best list...
What an overpowered person he is. John Cena is greedy, dumb, and a huge b$tch when it comes to wrestling. I agree with whoever said Undertaker is boss. He rocks! As I was saying, John Cena loses his cool most of the time and Vince McMahon and The Authority bastardizes him to look like terrible. He surely deserves it because of his bragging and overpowering style.
cena is the suckest wrestler of all time
what the hell is undertaker doing in this list and on the top
dammit undertaker is the best wrestler ever
deadman rules wrestling
he is the legend
[Newest]The best suck-up ever! Thanks Vince McMahon too like talentless wrestlers like cena or reigns. The guy have the worst finisher of all time, can't do a drop kick and have 4 moves! The shame of the business

What a disgrace to the cruiserweight championship


He's little he can't fight so well not domanante only funny
Why John Cena is in this list are you kidding me? Are you mad or what john cena is the best wrestler ever hornswoggle is the worst ever.
[Newest]Big peace of total crap

3The Great Khali
why is a legend like the Undertaker above this idiot. This guy has never even had a passable match in his whole career. This is a wrestler who basically killed a guy with a flapjack, and for that alone he should number one.
Ohh he is just terrible at wrestling, looks in great condition though.
How is this clown not number 1. I mean he killed a guy once.

4Hulk Hogan
Ladies and gentlemen this is the man who killed WCW with One finger
You people crazy hulk hogan is one of the best wrestler of all time John Cena should be number one
Pitiful finishing move - Oh No! My bent leg has killed you! - no wrestling moves, no high moves, no rope work, dire.
[Newest]Who made this list? Hulk Hogan is possibly the most legendary wrestler of all time. He shouldn't be on here.


5Bastion Booger
Poor Mike Shaw. Although he wasn't very bad at wrestling, and was the nicest guy ever backstage, he seemed to get the worst gimmicks ever everywhere he went. He was an escaped mental patient, Trucker Norm, a corrupt monk, and Bastion Booger. He had to wear dingy singlets (which look like bondage outfits) to have a hunched over physic, so the announcers could make fat jokes. He also found joy in eating greasy foods, so the announcers could make fat jokes. He also came out to a lovely ditty called, "Booger Man", which is just strange keyboard songs with a groaning or farting noise in the background, I don't know. Isn't wrestling fun?
A fat guy in a silver diaper who eats chicken out of the a garbage and finisher that consist of squishing his opponents with his gravy-stained thighs, what sane person ever thought this was a good idea.


Why isn't he #1 he's way worst than anyone on this list, and what does everyone have against John Cena

Shut up I love eugene
Eugene was never meant to be a wrestler he's only special moves include stealing other peoples moves.


7The Giant Gonzalez

8The Shockmaster

9Santino Marella
This guy doesn't wrestle. He dresses in a stupid mankini and has a stupid annoying Italian accent. He even dressed up as a girl to play as a diva so he could beat someone, and STILL lost. And why are some of the most successful wrestlers of all time on here?
Santino always loses, espectially he lost the U.S. title to Antonio Cesaro! Plus, his cobra doesn't hurt me at all!

10Adrian Adonis
Puppies are adorable, rabbits are adorable what isn't adorable is a fat guy in a diaper with make up on and dresses like a drag queen, I hate to see what this guy was like before he called this an improvement.


He was a great heel. His character was designed to generate as much heat as possible, and he totally succeeded. He was someone you loved to hate

The Contenders

No way! He was a great in ring wrestler. It was the Hornswoggle fixation that ruined it for him. My gosh guys.

12Simon Dean
This guy is a stupid goofball. He was a waste of space in wwe and should've never been hired

13Mick Foley
Mick was never a great wrestler, but he wasn't terrible, either. What he did do was entertain. Not only was he genuinely funny, but his ability to take the sickest bumps resulted in some of the sport's most memorable matches.

He appears in a flop of a movie with Hulk Hogan and the next thing you know he is on the air with his plastic shoulder pads on, trying to look fierce with his crossed eyes and total lack of talent- even Bastion Booger could have beat him in a real match.
his gimmic is horrible and outfit lacks flair. needs to go back to wrestling school and gain the courage to do the harder moves.
Just... Garbage. Couldn't wrestle, couldn't talk, his program with Hogan ended the great run of WWF feuds from 1985-88. If he showed up today I would end myself.

15CM Punk
Why is CM Punk on here?! He's much better than John Cena and most of the other wrestlers because: 1. He can deliver a decent promo 2. He can actually wrestle 3. He's entertaining to watch and 4. He's wrestled against legends like The Undertaker and came close to winning!
CM Punk is not best in the world because he every time lose game John Cena is the best wrestler in the world.

16The Miz
I definitely agree. This guy sucks so bad I bet even bo dallas could beat him. he's just pure crap.
He is the worst there is worst and worst there was ever will be
This guy has to be #1 he's the loser from the real world

17Rico Constantino

18Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer is denately up there... Never drew a dime after ECW... Was just a lucky product of Heyman's geniusness... Plus he whines and cries a lot in the mic nowadays (see his latest bits with TNA... He knows how to take a bump good, and that is about it.

19Dolph Ziggler
He is just a stupid person

20Jimmy Wang Yang

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