WWE Divas Best Theme Song


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Pourqui? This theme song is obviously the best
Ah I liked shape of her ass

2Michelle McCool / Layla
I love there theme song its my favorite although with maryse its kinda weird pinqui?

3Trish Stratus
Best diva of all time!

4Kelly Kelly
Awesomely hot huge fan
Best song and titantron video like her sexy body

Her theme song is awesome, it really suits Lita and her style

6Bella Twins
I think they where awesome
Their song is the best

7Eve Torres

It fits her personality... She often reminds me of Avril Lavigne


9Beth Phoenix

10Alicia Fox

The Contenders

I love kaitlyn theme song becuse it gots a great beat I fell bad that she lost the duiva championship it stupied aj lee


13AJ Lee
Suits Her Crazy self!
Her song. Should be first not 13th

14Stephanie McMahon
Her new theme "welcome to the queendom" is the best!


16Candice Michelle

17Gail Kim
Her first WWE theme song "international woman" was the best! ^_^


19Torrie Wilson

20The Funkadactyls
I love their theme song! It is the💣.com! I have that song stuck in my head!


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