Top WWE Face & Heel Turns of 2011-2013


August 3, 2015 - Ever since I started watching WWE around the end of 2010, I never got the concept of a heel or face turn, that is, until R-Truth's assault on John Morrison, and since there have been more turns since then, I decided to make this list, only rules, have to be from 2011-2013 (sorry, Batista). Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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CM Punk Heel Turn
Punk should be #1 without a doubt, but there were others better than this one, so, PUNK WAS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP DURING THAT TIME! I COULDN'T STAND THE GUY! I JUST WANTED TO PUNCH HIM! Ok, Rant Over!


Greatest heel turn and heel run of this era
I like cm punk


2Chris Jericho Face Turn
Yes, I'm a Jerichoholic! Jericho is better as a face then heel, unlike others out there, (Ezekiel Jackson, watch your back! ) so when he turned face, I PRAISED him for his ring work and mic work. That is all.


3Big Show Heel Turn
I literally dropped my jaw and fell to the floor when he knocked out Cena. JOHN LAURI-WHO CARES WHAT YOUR NAME IS COULD'VE BEEN FIRED IF SHOW WOULD'VE JUST WAITED UNTIL THE COMPUTER CAME BACK AND REHIRED HIM! Oh well, at least the next month he got fired, yay!


4Cody Rhodes Face Turn
I should just copy and paste what I said about Alex Riley on Cody Rhodes, actually, I did! I never liked Damien Sandow, so when Rhodes decided to shut Sandow up, I had a HUGE grin of satisfaction on my face.


5Dolph Ziggler Face Turn
By GOD is this guy funny when he's too busy owning Big E & AJ! When he was heel, he was a cocky show off, now he's A... Cocky show off, in a funny way! He just gets over with the fans when he's performing in the ring and on the mic.


6R-Truth Heel Turn
I was shocked at what the Truth did to the Morrison. It was already painful to watch when he smashed the water bottle on him, but to blow smoke, SMOKE, all over him, I was terrified. Although, he did turn into the funniest man in the industry (besides Daniel Bryan).


7Triple H Heel Turn
I was sure that randy orton would turn heel but never excepted from triple H.he was a face from 7 years and was very familiar with fans. I was shocked to see him delivering a pedigree to daniel bryan and siding with orton
I agree with you, if his heel turn happened when I made the list, I would have put it at number 1, thanks for adding it before I did!


I was very happy when big show knocked him out.He deserves it.

8Christian Heel Turn
I was debating whether to put Christian or Mark Henry in this spot. It was PAINFUL to leave Mark off, but, I hated Christian more than I did with Mark. He turned into a whining, moaning, complaining, arrogant superstar that I just couldn't stand the guy.


9Alberto Del Rio Face Turn
There was once a time when I actually cared about Rey Mysterio, then he keeps injuring himself. Del Rio came in to save my hope for latino faces. Sadly, he turned heel about a month ago, so, I'm just gonna keep begging for Rey to come back.


10Ryback Heel Turn
Yeah, I would've put him higher on this list if he actually WON a PPV match since Hell in a Cell. I actually liked Ryback, he was a good person, he was strong, got over with the fans, etc. When it first happened, I didn't care much, for the first month, then he became the unlikeable monster/crybaby known today.


The Contenders

11Alex Riley Face Turn
I never liked The Miz, even though he's face now, he didn't make it on my list because I hated him more than I like him, so when Riley decided to shut Miz up, I had a HUGE grin of satisfaction on my face.


12Kane Face Turn

13Mason Ryan Face Turn

14Mark Henry Face Turn
Mark Henry saves The Usos For The Shield And Hell Turn for Big Show and Mark Henry loses for Goldust and Stardust and attacks
Big Show and join for authority

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