Top Ten WWE Superstar Look Alikes

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The Top Ten

Rob Van Dam / Jean Claude Van Damme
They're NOT brothers, but they're faces look exactly the same.
They are like brothers
I heard there brothers


2Ryback / Steve Wilkos
Imagine if Steve Wilkos uses steroids and starts eating more meat.
Someone said there kind on Facebook

3Bret "The Hitman" Hart / Ozzy Osbourne
Since his return to the WWE, his glasses and hair are compared to the prince of darkness.

4John Morrison / Jim Morrison
Well they got the same last name.

5Christian / Mark Whalberg
Different hair colors, but both of them has face comparison.

6Hulk Hogan / Paul Teutul Sr
Different hair, but same mustache and sunglasses.

7Edge / Brian Austin Green
After having a hair cut and became a WWE Hall of Famer, Edge's short hair and eyes looks just like Brian Austin Green, but with different nose, mouth and chin. Imagine if Megan Fox marries a Rated R Superstar instead of Green.

8Dean Malenko / Bruce Willis
A young Bruce Willis does compare to Dean.

9Chris Jericho / Chef Gordan Ramsy
Oh don't tell me this is the best look alike in the world jericho xcatly looks like ramsay

10John Cena / Matt Damon
Only a 2005 John Cena might look like Matt.

The Contenders

11Antonio Cesaro / Jason Statham
They sillier look a like

12The Undertaker / Johnny Depp

13Brad Maddox / Michael J. Fox
Brad maddox looks like Michael J. Fox

14Tommy Dreamer / Gerard Butler
Tommy Dreamer look a like Gerard Butler
They look a like

15CM Punk / Jake Gyllenhaal
They look like a twins CM Punk more hair

16Jerry Lawler / Will Sasso
Look like a bald jerry lawler
They look the same

17Vince McMahon / Stephen Lang
They are strong look a like
They are olds look a like

18Zach Ryder / Jamie Kennedy
They are look a like bros
They look a like

19Brodus Clay / King Kong Bundy
Brodus clay look like bundy

20Batista / Keanu Reeves
They are the same looks

21Eric Bischoff / Emmett Malloy

22John Laurinaitis / Robert Duvall

23The Miz / Matt Dillon
The miz looks like matt Dillon

24Daniel Bryan / Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie looks like Daniel Bryan 100%
Oh yes they are same

25Triple H / Chris Hemsworth
Triple H and Chris Hemsworth
They look the same

26Freddie Blassie / Bob Barker
They look a like

27Brooklyn Brawler / Jon Lovitz

28Bobby Heenan / Drew Carey

29The Rock / Chris Rock

30Wade Barrett / Adrien Brody

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