Top Ten WWE Theme Songs

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The Top Ten

Randy Orton - Voices
"I hear voices in my head, the council me, they understand, they talk to me". That's my favourite WWE entrance song. Randy Orton is awesome and The Miz is AWFUL!


Orton is great as his theme song. I love it.
By far the best I have heard. I was all for cena but Orton's song actually makes you cheer for him.. whether or not you like him
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2John Cena - My Time Is Now
Yes you are a real rapper cena and when I will meet I will say man my time is now you are just awesome
You can't see me my time is now
my time is now should be #2! it is way better than human jar of mayonnaise's one. my time is now is mad!
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3Triple H - The Game
Great song for a warrior like Triple H aka the game! This song representing him at all
Recent Pop/Rock music fed PG WWE generation knows heavy metal only because of 'The Game' by Motorhead! This Song id a masterpiece as it explains H for what he is. Not like other theme songs that are selected randomly (Except for some top stars in WWE). 'Voices' is good but not as strong as 'The Game'. Sorry 'Rev Theory' but you just can't play 'The Game' with 'Voices' like that.
I agree. This is the best ever song than the songs above.
Best ever theme song in WWE time to play the game
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4Edge - Metalingus
This song is addictive an electrifying! The beat is sick and the lyrics are so good. You have to be insane to not love this song!
This song is just awesome, really great theme for a really great wrestler.
Great song by alter bridge. should be number 1
on this day I see clearly every thing is come to life...

This song is just the best. It fits Edge perfectly. BEST ENTRANCE THEME EVER.
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5CM Punk - Cult of Personality
Oh come on, surely this deserves to be in the top 10..
CENA SUCKS his song is crap I can't believe it's over CM Punks theme song I love it especially the beginning with the guitar it really fits his personality (get it)
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6Sheamus - Written On My Face
The great white is indeed has the best theme song in WWE history. He is one of the best wrestlers in WWE history. He is one of the best young wrestlers born. He has the best moves in WWE. He is the most dangerous superstar in the WWE. He has defeated stars like john cena, triple h and randy orton.
An apt song to a deserving wrestler...
He is the most awesome, legit, swag person I ever known EVER. (P.S. look up sheamuses best brouge kickS. ) Everybody likes him right? So I think a 3man tag team should be sheamus, randy orten, and triple H. Opinions?
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7CM Punk - This Fire
this song is so mad! this song is my fav from killswitch engage! it so undderated
killswitch engage fits CM Punk perfectly. this should definitely be top 5.
It's the BEST damn song in the world just as he is! SO ROCK! I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 CM PUNK FOREVER
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8Christian - Just Close Your Eyes
"Decieved by my eyes, and all I was told I should see, opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be. " Honestly, I'm not a huge Christian fan, but this song kicks ass and could easily be played by itself on the radio instead of a walk up song. This song is really deep, it talks about shutting out everything that people tell you to do, or say, or be, and finding your own path in life, instead of one that others have paved for you.
Great song and also a great wrestler how could you not love this song I mean seriously it's amazing plus the waterproof blonde version is good too
This should b actually no1!.. Don't just look whose theme song it is, but just hear the song and vote it!.. Then comes metalingus l8r voices according to me
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9The Rock - Electrifying
Hit miss a man what the rock is cookin al I know what the rock is cookin and he's cookin some real sexyness inside him his theme song is like the best from any other superstar I know I hope the rock is wwe champion again and kicks john cena;s ass
The rock best in the world... Hay this month what the rock is cookin...
Wow The Rock Is The Most Electrifying sports Entertainer ever in The Wwe History Doesn't Matter if his song is No. 1 Or Not
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10The Miz - I Came to Play
1. The Undertaker - Ministry
2. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - I Won't Do What You Tell Me
3. Triple H - The Game
4. The Miz - I Came to Play
5. CM PUNK - Cult Of Personality
AWESOME I CAME TO PLAY. It is the best song in wwe history suites him very well if I say so myself


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The Contenders

11Brock Lesnar - Here Comes the Pain
Best Theme In WWE


Awesome and stunning theme
He is the best and great at all time
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12Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down
Break Down the walls o Jericho!
Breaks the wall down by the jerico

13Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind
Should be top ten greatest theme song after benoit and bret hart
Should be on top... It actually suits rob van dam... Perfect for a wwe superstar! ROB VAN DAM THE BESTT!
It says in his song he's one of a kind
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14John Cena - Word Life
This song is totally my style I've got it on CD and I know some of the rap its 100 percent better than my time is now WORD LIFE RULES my fave theme ever! 111


The song iam writing to is the best song I have ever listened
This song is the best one and kinda better than time is now
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15Stone Cold Steve Austin - Glass Shatters
No one on this list had a bigger/louder pop than when the glass shattered, and all you see is Austin flapping his gums walking to a bad ass tune
When you heard that glass break the goosebumps popped cause you knew it was ON!

16Randy Orton - Burn In My Light
Best song in the history of WWE/wwf, it just makes you feel epic and it should be first ahead of voices. legend killer forever.
Everybody forget that epic song because of 'Voices' :(
I think randyortan is awesome.

17Hulk Hogan - Real American
Anyone who doesn't vote for this, didn't grow up in the 80's!
Not just best wwe song but best song period
Come on people this song made us feel for our country best ever, I am a real american fight for the rights of every man awesome
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18Chris Benoit - Whatever
Probably the best theme in my opinion
Should be in the top ten at least!

19Jeff Hardy - No More Words
Time has come and gone for words
Truly is amazing! Endeverafter did a great job with this one. It explains who jeff is and what he'sall about. The Charismatic Enigma
Jeff hardy is awesome!
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20The Undertaker - Rest In Peace
It's the best music ever... It is just as legendary as The Undertaker
It is the best
Now thts what I cal music

21Batista - I Walk Alone
Definitely a Great entrance like two Machine Guns and a great soundtrack that clearly says that he is a lonely superstar on WWE (I Walk Alone), one of the most intense and great superstars of all time..
Such a sick track it fits Dave so well!

22Wade Barrett - End of Days
Awesome song! Don't see Barrett hear this song its awesome

23The Nexus - We Are One

24Triple H - King of Kings
Bow down to the king

25Kane - Out of the Fire
Plese something do with the sheld

26Dolph Ziggler - Here to Show the World

27Stone Cold - I Won't Do What You Tell Me

28Kane - Slow Chemical
The wonder of the world is gone and old for sure
All the wonder that I would have found in her
As a hole becomes another strike to burn
An old flame returns

Every intuition fails to find it's way
One more table turned around I'm back again
Finding I'm a lost and found when she's not around
When she's not around
I feel it coming down

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be
My chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be my chemical

When everybody wants you (the chemical of your soul)
When everybody wants you (the chemical of your soul)

Slow and
Everybody wants you
So slow and
Everybody wants your soul

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be
My chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be the chemical

You could be the chemical
You could be the chemical
You could be the chemical
Finger elven dude you rock this time

29Big Show - Crank It Up
The tune is awesome

30HBK - I Am Just a Sexy Boy
one of the best themes eva! Such a Legend...
How come this is not in top 10. Rather in top 3. Its the best. Ever. Best theme of the best entertainer.
Best theme song in the world! Every wrestling fan should know the lyrics!
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31Evolution - Line In the Sand Listen to sample

32Alex Riley - Say It to My Face
Whoever doesn't vote for this is crazy. Alex Riley may not be the most well known wrestler but he has the best entrance
Alex riley's theme song is better then miz's theme. Miz can cry all he want be alex riley is better then him. Now that something everyone should know


33Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors

34The MIZ - Awesome
Yes mizz, you are awesome like your theme song,
Its relly awesome to her it
Miz my name is azaan I want your autograph

35DX - Are You Ready
It's the best song in the world

36Eddie Guerrero - I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal
RIP Eddie, your memory and your theme will live on forever in our minds!

37Kofi Kingston - S O S

38Kane - Burned
Kane always looked so cool and badass walking down the ramp to this theme, ready to kick some ass and cause destruction

39Ryback - Meat On The Table
As of today, the song has changed to "Meat on a Table", which makes it even better.
I like his other song
Listen to sample

40The Undertaker - Rollin
The best song I have ever heard awesome

41New Age Outlaws - Oh, You Didn't Know?

42Matt Hardy - Live for the Moment
I could slam a tornado

43Vince McMahon - No Chance

44Chris Jericho - King of My World

45Ezekiel Jackson - Nation of Domination

46R-Truth - What's Up?

47Daniel Bryan - Ride of The Valkyries
Do I like your them song yes yes yes yes.

48Booker T - Rap Sheet
Yours is the best

49Rey Mysterio - Booyaka
This is the best theme song ever I listen to it every day
Great song and he even sang it him self
This is best song in the world
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50Jack Swagger - Patriot

51Shane Mcmahon - Here Comes The Money
This should be one HERE COMES THE MONEY I'm nine and I love shane as a wrestler to bad he quit HERE COMES THE MONEYY

52AJ Lee - Let's Light It Up

53The Undertaker - Dead Man

54Bray Wyatt - Live In Fear
The 'mania 30 entrance was awesome.

55Ted DiBiase - I Come For Money
I like Ted Dibiase's song because it's awesome.
To this is one of my favorites!

56The Undertaker - You're Gonna Pay
The Best Undertaker's theme song! Just EPIC!
Listen to sample

57Edge - You Think You Know Me?

58MVP - I'm Coming

59Gangrel - Blood

60King Booker - Sucka

61Spirit Squad - Team Spirit

62Triple H - My Time Listen to sample

63Maria Kanellis - With Legs Like That
I like pop song in wwe like michael jackson

64R-Truth - The Truth Shall Set You Free

65Billy Gunn - Ass Man

66Goldust - Goldlust
Dafuq guys? Y'all out of your mind? This one is the best

67The Rock - If You Smell
His song name is electrifying
His song name is electrifying.
The Rock is the best in the world
If you smell what The Rock is cooking...

68Tons of Funk - Somebody Call My Momma
Oh my god, this song is epic why isn't it in the top 10?
Please vote this is an epic song
If you don't like then you are not a man!

69X-pac - X Factory

70Kane - Man On Fire

71Kane - Veil of Fire

72Chris Benoit - Rabid

73Eddie Guerrero - Latino Heat

74The Undertaker - The Grim Reaper
This song is really nice

75Mark Henry - Some Bodies Gonna Get It

76The Undertaker - Ministry of Darkness
The tune is just so good and it fits undertaker perfect with the creepy laugh and everything
Funeral doom metal guys

77JBL - Longhorn
Come on now, John! Bradshaw! Layfield!
Listen to sample

78Maven - Tattoo
This one is the best theme song used to date, hands down.

79Bret Hart - Hitman Listen to sample

80Jesse and Festus - Biscuits and Gravy

81Christian - My Peeps

82Christian - At Last

83Tazz - Just Another Victim

84Tazz - 13

85Jeff & Matt Hardy - Loaded

86The Dudley Boyz - We're Comin' Down

87Right to Censor Theme

88Test - Corporate

89Test - Corporate Cannon

90Sabu - Huka Blues

91Tommy Dreamer - Bad Dream

92Raven - What About Me?

93Raven - End of Everything

94The Undertaker - Funeral March
Best and most ambient version of his theme! This one really set the mood for his persona. THIS is what undertaker/funeral parlor music should sound like

95The Undertaker - Graveyard Symphony

96The Undertaker - Dark Side

97Test - This Is a Test
This brings back memories

98Big Daddy V - Calling All Cars

99The Great Khali - I'm a Chum

100Paige - Stars In the Night

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