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21 Kane - Slow Chemical

The wonder of the world is gone and old for sure
All the wonder that I would have found in her
As a hole becomes another strike to burn
An old flame returns

Every intuition fails to find it's way
One more table turned around I'm back again
Finding I'm a lost and found when she's not around
When she's not around
I feel it coming down

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be
My chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be my chemical

When everybody wants you (the chemical of your soul)
When everybody wants you (the chemical of your soul)

Slow and
Everybody wants you
So slow and
Everybody wants your soul

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be
My chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be the chemical

You could be the chemical
You could be the chemical
You could be the ...more

I'm so glad they put lyrics in a kane theme

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22 HBK - I Am Just a Sexy Boy

one of the best themes eva! Such a Legend...

Best theme song in the world! Every wrestling fan should know the lyrics!

How come this is not in top 10. Rather in top 3. Its the best. Ever. Best theme of the best entertainer.

It tells people how to become sexy.

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23 Gangrel - Blood V 2 Comments
24 Zack Ryder - Ohh Radio

All THE broskis out there who like this song Then your agreeing with me Well WOO WOO WOO you KNOW IT

It perfectly fits Ryder's character and is honestly one of the most underrated themes, in my opinion.

Top class can't believe its 24th though

I not like you

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25 The Nexus - We Are One

This song would be making each and every listener speechless just like me. So, no comments.

I like the song, but not the nexus

26 Triple H - King of Kings V 2 Comments
27 DX - Break It Down

It's the in- your- face, don't tell me what to do 90s attitude that makes this leitmotif awesome. - Pony

Suck it your wrong it's at least in the top 3

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28 Chris Benoit - Whatever

Should be in the top ten at least!

Probably the best theme in my opinion

This is a top ten theme in my opinion

Should be number 1#

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29 Jeff Hardy - No More Words

Time has come and gone for words

Should be number #1!

Endeverafter truly did an amazing job on this piece of art.

I'm not even gonna get into this all I have to say is let this be in the top 3 next time

I Wish Jeff was Back. He's My favorite

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30 Randy Orton - Burn In My Light

Best song in the history of WWE/wwf, it just makes you feel epic and it should be first ahead of voices. legend killer forever.

If only there were more legends for Randy to kill. :( I wish he could return with this theme and his old gimmick again...

Me to he is the best and if I had won thing to say it would be I love him and his themes.

Miles better than his current one. This was catchy as hell, suited him perfectly. Voices is about as subtle as a brick with the whole thing of tying it into his character. This didn't feel forced at all.

Should be higher.

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31 Wade Barrett - End of Days

Awesome song! Don't see Barrett hear this song its awesome

1st version wasn't that good, the 2nd version was great.

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32 Eddie Guerrero - I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal

RIP Eddie, your memory and your theme will live on forever in our minds!

VIVA la raza I lie I cheat I steal

33 Vince McMahon - No Chance
34 Goldberg Theme

Nice beat. Nice entrance. Perfect for a man like goldberg

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35 Kane - Burned

Kane always looked so cool and badass walking down the ramp to this theme, ready to kick some ass and cause destruction

Kane is a tall and strong and sometimes want to set people on fire but I love him

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36 Roman Reigns - The Truth Reigns

As much as I hate Roman's gimmick now I like his theme

Roman reigns is a strong WWE superstar

I love you Roman Reigns my whole family love you so much from India...

This is the best theam song please vote it and let it be to be 1 love you roman you will win universal championship go for it your biggest fan of the world

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37 Dolph Ziggler - Here to Show the World

The lone survivor at survivor series 2014 to authority hay good bye

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38 nWo - Rockhouse
39 Kofi Kingston - S O S

Amazing song I'm surprised its not in the top 10

Kofi is in my top 5 favorite wrestlers but the song just isn't that good

40 The Undertaker - Dark Side

Badass theme from 1998

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