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41 Rey Mysterio - Booyaka

This is the best theme song ever I listen to it every day

Great song and he even sang it him self

I like the old 2006 version of this theme

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42 Matt Hardy - Live for the Moment

Why isn't this higher this is better than most of the songs higher than this

When I here the opening, "OH, YEAH! " I know it means good times

I love Matts Theme Song. Wish He Was Back

I can slap a tornado or tomato? I don't know

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43 Big Show - Crank It Up

Should be higher on the list its catchy

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44 Ryback - Meat On The Table Ryback - Meat On The Table

As of today, the song has changed to "Meat on a Table", which makes it even better.

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45 Jack Swagger - Patriot V 1 Comment
46 Ezekiel Jackson - Nation of Domination V 1 Comment
47 The Undertaker - Rollin'

The best song I have ever heard awesome

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48 Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors V 1 Comment
49 Batista - I Walk Alone

Definitely a Great entrance like two Machine Guns and a great soundtrack that clearly says that he is a lonely superstar on WWE (I Walk Alone), one of the most intense and great superstars of all time..

Such a sick track it fits Dave so well!

Why isn't this higher Batista had such a awesome theme put this up in the top 5 or something this should be in the number 3 spot and John cena's crappy my time is now is higher this that is bad

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50 Bray Wyatt - Live In Fear

The 'mania 30 entrance was awesome.

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51 Chris Jericho - King of My World V 2 Comments
52 Eric Bischoff - I'm Back
53 Alex Riley - Say It to My Face

Whoever doesn't vote for this is crazy. Alex Riley may not be the most well known wrestler but he has the best entrance

Alex riley's theme song is better then miz's theme. Miz can cry all he want be alex riley is better then him. Now that something everyone should know - trentbaretta25

54 The Undertaker - You're Gonna Pay The Undertaker - You're Gonna Pay

The Best Undertaker's theme song! Just EPIC!

55 Shane Mcmahon - Here Comes The Money

This should be one HERE COMES THE MONEY I'm nine and I love shane as a wrestler to bad he quit HERE COMES THE MONEYY

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56 Ultimate Warrior - Way of the Warrior

He will live in my heart forever

57 Dean Ambrose - Retaliation

Dean ambrose is a awesome and funny WWE superstar

Ambrose is a amazing WWE superstar

You are the crazes on the shield and I,m not being mean to you pleas text back

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58 The Undertaker - Dead Man
59 Booker T - Rap Sheet V 1 Comment
60 Edge - You Think You Know Me?
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