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Rey Mysterio


I am AMAN TIWARY the biggest fan of rey mysterio.Apart from his championships he has WON 2 BATTLE ROYALS and 1 ROYAL RUMBLE.IN his royal rumble win he has SURVIVED the UNBELIEVABLE 62 MINS and 12 sec, the most of all, by ELIMINATING 6 wrestlers.IN all rumbles he has survived more than 3 hrs 15 mins.HE has participated in 4 SURVIVIOR SERIES elimination match and has WON all 4 of them.HE has survived in 2 and ELIMINATED 5 WRESTLERS such as BIG SHOW, JACK SWAGGER, MIZ, CHRIS MASTER and KANE.HE has also participated in BRAGGING RIGHTS team RAW VS team SD.He WON that match by SURVIVING with EDGE and ELIMINATED CM PUNK, EZIKIEL ZAKSON.AT WM22 he BEAT both RANDY and KURT ANGLE to WIN THE WHC..He has the 9TH LONGEST REIGN of WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP in HISTORY.HE has also won 2 titles for MOST NOS. OF TIME.that is CRUSERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP AND WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. THIS MAN IS GREAT...
I like rey mysterio because he had all the abilities and skill that a wwe superstars have he is small but he can almost the wrestlers of wwe. He had beaten all superstars such as randy orton, kurtangle, kane, alberto del rio and many more. He won his first world heavy weight title at 2006 wrestle mania. When he won it was my greatest day of my life. I love him very much and want to meet him
Apart from his championships he has won 1 ROYAL RUMBLE, 2 BATTLE ROYALs and a 3 TIME SURVIVOR in survivor series elimination match and he has NEVER LOST this match. His first world title won where he BEAT both RANDY ORTON and KURT ANGLE at WM 22 in same ring at same time is 9th LONGEST REIGN IN HISTORY..

He should be even higher on the list because looking back on all his accomplishments and achievements he beat some of the most top superstars in the business he has held multiple championships and he is one of the most watched superstars in the wwe they are just doing so much for john cena that they are pushing him to the side I believe he should be in front of more covers and have more endorsements he is one of the greatest superstars who ever lived future HALL OF FAMER
the moves he do in the ring cannot be done by any other wrestler but he can learn other wrestlers moves such as, slipper hold. he also do wonderful things that are not expected from him with is from his move to beat great great wrestlers like Alberto Del Rio, Kane and other wrestlers. he is also a good friend and wrestler...
Best wrestler ever is 619 rey mysterio. He is also best high flier in wwe's history. He is better than cena, h, micheals, taker, kane, steve austin, hogan, rock, hart, hardy bros and
I look up to rey mysterio and I LOVE is 619 trick! its so very awesome and I wish one day could see him wrestle in real life instead of t. v! also be able to be head to head with him!
He should be on the top 3 cause he was in the 2006 royal rumble for an hour and 2 minutes... He has lots of high flying skills that helps him to dodge move and go way faster and its more easy to eliminate other superstars when he's a high flyer.
Funny, when a young fellow rates the wrestlers, he seems to only notice the wrestlers from his time frame. Now ask an old fellow who's been around for many years. You can't forget wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, Haystacks Calhoun, Waldo Von Erich, Ivan Koloff, Mario Milano, Toru Tanaka and the rest of the old guys. There was no big pay per views to push them. They had to work hard to make it. I could go on and on on this subject. Since wrestling is fake, it's a difficult subject.
Excuse me rey mysterio has defeated The Undertaker three times what do you mean no one can defeat The Undertaker. Rey is the big little man. He has got moves like 619 he should be number 1
Superb moves. No one knows what he is doing. He is that fast when he does different moves. Every enemies becomes confused with his moves. I thought he was the first. Same to sincara. He is small but he is superb hero
Rey is the best wrestler and a good human being as well.
He may be small, but his desire, passion for WWE is very big. Rey rocks! 1
He's a Mexican he's a favo of fans he's great you think he's little but he's not he have's defeated great wrestlers like 400/500/300 pounders he's have's a mask and nice 619 technique he's the master of the 619.
Rey mysterio can beat almost anybody and he's just the best because you can't mess with him.
He's beaten almost everybody and he'll always be there to give a good 619.
Rey Mysterio May Be Little but he knows how to handle wrestling very well and he has a big heart
He is the fastest and coolest wrestler.
He is cool in royal rumble 2006 and 2009.
He has defeated many superstars.
Rey will always be the best everybody just hates him but I don't I love how he fights he has the best finishers ever rey mysterio rocks I don't care what yo
My sister like's him so ya I say he's ok I guess I like him why is there maximu quality and also undertaker is so the first I love undertaker my sister made me vote rey mysterio which I don't really like my sister would kill me if I DIDN'T VOTE REY MYSTERIO! Is rey mysterio really only 5% liked that is weaird I know a lot of people that love him wh
the moves he does in the ring, like 619, can be done by no other wrestler!
2013-please 'REY' my hero its my request to you to come in the world title hunt because when you will retire I want to see you at least as a 5 TIME WORLD CHAMPION...
Rey Mysterio has beaten Edge, Undertaker, Batista, and the Greatest WWE Superstar of all time, Shawn Michels. Heck, he's 5'6 and beat Big Show.
He's the biggest little man and I think he's great. he can take on some of the strongest guys in the WWE and win with ease. he's the underdog that will come out on top.
He may be one of the smallest men but, he has the biggest heart.
Rey mysterio is the best high flyer of a time and the ninth best wrestler of all time, not to bad for a guy who is 5 foot 6 inches and 175 pounds!
He is awesome. The greatest mask wrestler and cruiser weight and also high flying wrestler of all time. Rey mysterio forever

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