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41 2000

Will the Real Slim Shady Please make more songs. The Marshall Mathers LP ROCKS! The album that saved 2000

42 1996
43 1988

Straight Outta Compton! (Gangster rap is born) - trtrtrt

44 1981

How can 1981 be the best? Queen has had major success with that rolled into the early 80's and deadmau5 was born. - ThatOneRacer

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45 1995
46 1963
47 1974

Some of the best songs were released this year, which include Starless (King Crimson), Cat's In The Cradle (Harry Chapin), Burn (Deep Purple), Working Man (Rush), and Journey from Mariabronn (Kansas).

Why was this not on the list. Tons of awesome albums were released this year. King Crimson's Starless and Bible Black AND Red albums. Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack. Also Yes's Relayer and Tales from Topographic Oceans! - SammySpore

48 1972
49 1990
50 2011
51 1997

This was an excellent year for music. Harvey Danger released Flagpole Sitta, Green Day released their Nimrod Album, Sugar Ray released Floored (besides Fly, there were actually some amazing Nu metal songs on there) and The Offspring released Ixnay on the Hombre. This year is one you can say a lot about in music terms.

52 2005
53 1956
54 1945
55 1959
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