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yo mama so stupid that she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W's


Well then if she's your sister, you're insulting your own mother too. You have the same mother.


This is pretty stupid but so hilarious
hilarious.. :)) best yo mama joke ever. :))
[Newest]Funny! I got one yo momma so stupid she went to the post office to send an email

2Yo mamma so stupid when a robber stole her TV, she ran after him saying, "you forgot the remote"
This is much better than #11 hands down! I also made one of my own. Your mama so stupid, her army partner said "enemy at three o'clock" and she said "what should I do until then? "
Now this one should be showed in the top ten.
This is the best 5 but get this
Yo mama so stupid when the robber stole the wii concole she said you forgot the games
[Newest]I laughed so hard my windows broke

3yo mama so stupid that she got hit by a parked car
It's funny like hell, and makes me lmfao like yo mama depends on it.
haha that is funny I've heard it before but I lol every time I hear itt!
Rolf even though I'm English I hear this joke all the time it I well funny
[Newest]I can not belive that's so stupid lol

4yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gas money
I said to my GF and she was laughing and got the kiss yeah


It is so stupid but funny
So funny I told my friends this and they started laughing hard core.
[Newest]How is that possible

5Yo mama so stupid, she threw a rock at the ground and missed.
ROFLMAO! This is an awesome yo mama joke because it just makes no sense. It makes somebody feel like an idiot
My cousin dosnt have any humor and he still cracked up
This is so funny, everyones quiet around me and I busted out laughing making a big sceen.
[Newest]How does that happen? Reverse gravity? And boy that mom is REALLY dumb

6Yo momma so stupid she bought tickets to Xbox Live.
Ok this one is funny
I love all these jokes! I won in a competition today using all these come backs
This made my day N.N
[Newest]I sold x box tickets to stupid people once and yo mama bought one

7yo mama's so stupid she got locked in Matress World and slept on the floor.
I'm in love with this list, but this one's my favorite


These jokes are so stupid they're funny, and this is the stupidest


This is hilarious this is the best made up yo mamas so stupid joke in the entire universe and this is coming from a guy who loves to determine which mamma joke is the best and so far this one is!

8yo mama so stupid she put a quarter in a parking meter and waited for a gumball to come out
wow this is some thing I would do XD
Yo mama so nasty she like a hockey player only changes hey pads every 3 periods. Yo mama so ugly she walked into taco bell and all the illegals ran for the border. Yo mama so stupid she jumped off a cliff and stopped and then had to ask for directions. Yo mama so fat she plays pool with the planets.
Yo mamma is so fat that when she stood up NASA thoght it was an iclipse yo mama is so ugly bob the builder said I can't fix that yo mamma is so fat that when she takes a shower her feet don't get wet yo mamma is so hairy that when you were born yo almst died of rug born ill bet yo all at joe mamma jokes! Don't mess with the best!
[Newest]This is pretty funny

9Yo mama so stupid, when she threw a grenade at me, I pulled the pin and threw it back.
Oh GOD my belly really hurts after reading this
Laugh out loud
HEY! Now that's what call a joke ROFLMFAO damn I really like it, it should be like number 1 for sure
Whoever made it up has some sense of humor I Swear
I have a great sense of humor, and this one was the only one that made me laugh out of all of these... I may quite literal have wet myself and it took me a while to write this through laughing too much laugh out loud
[Newest]I'd forget to pull the pin

10Yo mamma so stupid she put two quarters in her ear and said I'm listening to 50 Cent
Yo mama is so fat she needs cheat codes for wii fit
I almost pissed my pants when I heard this one
Yo momma so fat when she went to the beach the whales started to sing we are family even though you fatter than me

The Contenders

11Yo mama so stupid, she gave birth to you.
OHH! Burnn! They crackin! They crackin on you & yo mamma! Yo biscuits done git burned! Someone Just Got Creamed! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! But really, this joke is alright.
ZING! This is the mother of all insults!


Laugh out loud that's so funny I feel like that about my friends
So times laugh out loud x
[Newest]That is so stupid and to plain

12Yo mama so stupid, when I asked her to play a game of 1 on 1 basketball with me, she said, Okay, but who's on my team?
This is so Funny, I need to tell my friends this one
I have one: Yo mamas so stupid when she was asked to do a face off with someone, she said: "I like my head though"
Laugh out loud I almost pissed
I've got one yo moms so ugly she gives Freddy cougar nightmares
[Newest]It is so funny I think I made a goal in my flor πŸ˜†

13Yo mamma so stupid she sat on the T.V. and watched the couch.
Oh my gosh that is the funniest one. Second would be the one before this one. I just showed this to my friend and we laughed histerically. That would be something a dumbass would do.
Best one yet. I tried this and my mom yelled at me for trying to recreate a yo mama joke! I didn't even know she liked them, let alone enough to be familiar with what I was doing! Insanity.


Awesome & old my friend says that a lot
[Newest]Oh my gosh that's so funnyπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

14yo mama's so stupid when i said drinks are on the house she went and fetched a ladder.
That is so funny laugh out loud mamma jokes are funny
It made my class laugh and it my my teacher laugh and fart laugh out loud vote
[Newest]So funny... I am pissing my pants right now!

15Yo mama so stupid when she was on the train tracks she started to play subway surfers
12345678910 blam you burst out laufin you look out the see you best friends mom runnin away from a train


That was so funny
I love that game, hilarious
[Newest]Gonna use this in the insult tournament

16Yo mama so stupid when her army partner said enemy at three o'clock she said what do I do until then
Love this joke so funny

17yo mama's so stupid I asked her to buy me a pare of sneakers and she came back with 2 candy bars.
I think the word you are looking for pair, isn't it? The kind of pare you used is what you do to an apple.
I must be in heaven becuase I have never heard somthing that funny


Haha laugh out loud my baby sister peed here pants and she's now 7yrs old
[Newest]This one made my laugh for 10 minutes. haha

18yo mama so stupid that she asked what number you dial for 911
I used this on my friend and he got owned BIG TIME!
This one is so good that I actually owned him and got him to shut up
Wow... someone actually asked me this! lololololololololololololololol.


This is so funny that I told my brother and he almost peed his pants
[Newest]Ya mama so stupid she stuck two batteries up Her butt and said I got the POWER

19Yo mama so stupid, told her that my game was frozen and she put it in the microwave to unfreeze it.
I thought this was one of the funniest ones and the 911 one
That's stupid bit really funny that I fell off ThE bed
Ohh my mom actually did that!

20Yo mama so stupid, she stopped at a stop sign and waited all day for it to say go.
Now that's something only a stupid person would do haha rotfl haha wow that was great hehe
Beast laugh out loud so funny this is the best my friend just peed on his self
That was so funny that a newborn baby will now what to! 1
[Newest]Lol this deserves to be in the top ten

21Yo mama so stupid she got locked in the bathroom and peed herself.
That made me pee myself cause I laughed so hard
Laugh out loud! That was so funny!
That's so funny I pissed myself

22Yo mama so stupid that she forgot to wear her flip flops before she went in the rain
This is not even funny it makes no sense at all
That's the most stupidest your mama joke I ever heard
That makes zero sense at all, even my sister that's 4 years old makes more sense!
[Newest]Dude this makes zero sense. Remove it from this lost because no OE gets is and it is a really stupid "joke"

23Yo momma so stupid she took a spoon outside when someone said it was chilly outside
New joke- Yo mamas so stupid she went to the ocean floor with a pineapple to try to live like SpongeBob.
Wow, unbelievable. Hate to see my mom go out side with a spoon and have no "chilly" in sight.
Yo mama so stupid she thinks the band Nickelback is a refund

24Yo mama so stupid that she thought her calender tells time
Yo mama so stupid she bought a dvd on how to fix a dvd player
Yo mama so stupid she thought her face was a butt/because it smelled
This is so funny 😁

25Yo momma so stupid she thinks taco bell is a mexican phone company

26Yo momma so stupid she tried to put Skittles in alphabetical order
Awesome taste the rain bow

27Yo mama so stupid, when she hears about a serial killer she hides her Cheerios!
I was in my car reading this and when I saw this one I couldn't stop laughing
Hilarious I laughed for 5 minutes
It's the best joke ever it going to help us in our story a lot thank you!
[Newest]blondes these days

28Yo mama so stupid, she tried to pop a wheelie on a unicycle.
I don't like this one as much
That's an old one
Lml that his funny when you think about it
[Newest]Yo ma so ugly when she looked in the mirror her mirror broke

29Yo mama so stupid, she got locked in a motorcycle
Man laugh out loud this joke is silly
Laugh out loud Man hilarious
This one was pretty good.


[Newest]This is so stupid.

30Yo mama so stupid she thought seaweed was something fish smoke

31yo mama so stupid she stole free bread
This made all my freinds laugh.
Laugh out loud it's well funny
I love that yo momma joke
[Newest]It's funny, but I find others funnier to be honest.

32Yo mama so stupid when she got a splinter she said where's the Ninja Turtles

33Yo mama so stupid, she dipped milk into cookies.
Yo have to admit, this is good.


Haha I really love this joke I'm going to post this on my website.
Laugh out loud this on is like so funny that I got to be in the school paper

34Yo momma so stupid she went to the orthodontist to get a blue tooth
Yo mamma so stupid she pulled her yellow tooth out and went to the street and said "HEY LOOK I FOUND GOLD"
Yo mama so stupid, she went to doctor pepper to cure her anxiety
Ps- that's why she's so fat! (and dumb)

35Yo mama so stupid, I told her to buy a color T.V, and she asked, What color?
I'm sure all tvs are in color now-a days but still good joke
Yo mama so stupid she waited for for a stop sign to say go.
Basically your mums vagina

36Yo mama so stupid that she tried to find the coin slot to play the Xbox

37Yo mama so stupid, she returned a doughnut on complaint that there was a hole in it.
Hillarious. My sister told me this one and I said my mom is your mom. To be continued...
This one is so funny! My sister told me this one and I was looking for it through the whole list! It should be in the top ten, its so funny! :D
Whoa! Save the best for last. (If you know what I mean)
[Newest]Hilarious. DOUGHNUTS always have holes in them LOL


38Yo mama so stupid, she looked in a mirror and said, Stop copying me!
This is so funny made my day
That is so funny dude.

39Yo mama so stupid, she wiped herself BEFORE she had to use the bathroom.
She hi so stupid
And the same time as the same time as the same time as the same time as
Dang I bet she was smelling fish after she peed
Dang she must have had to wipe the gas out first
[Newest]Why isn't that a waste of toilet pepper

40Yo mama so stupid when she saw the under 17 not admitted sign, she went home and got 16 friends
PFFFT. I wonder if someone ever actually did that.

41Your moma's so stupid she still rides a bike with training wheels

42Yo mama so stupid that she replaced a TV with a calculator
That don't make any sense
That thing kinda stunk
This one is stupid.


43yo mama so stupid that she said can we start at the end of the test
Your mama so stupid she tried to play got your nose with voldemort
Not bad it was good just try harder to make people laught

44Yo mama is so stupid when she robbed a bank she hid inside a cop car
That is so funny I think I wet my pants
Laugh out loud, this deserves to be in the top 20

45Yo mama so stupid she went to Greece to buy cooking oil!
This one I said out loud in my social studies class!
That joke makes no sence at all and even if it did it still would not be funny
Your mums so stupid she climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the over side

46Yo mama's so stupid that even Jesus think she's a mistake

47Yo mama so stupid that when she just took 3 steps out of her doorway she said "woah, I must of walked a mile"
This should be a yo mama so fat joke
That is totally a fat joke!
I agree that should be a yo mama so fat joke.
[Newest]I guess it could be both.

48Yo momma so stupid she got locked in a mattress store and slept on the floor
Laugh out loud my friend tolled me this I'm cracking upπŸ˜‚
Your mama so stupid she ate poop instead of chewing poop

49Yo mama so stupid she screamed into a envelope because she wanted to send a voice mail
This is funny I told my girlfriend and she peed her pants same with my friend and cousin
That was so funny she made my cousin laugh

50Yo mama so stupid, she bumped up her speed going over a speed bump.
Your mama so stupid she wrote this joke

51Yo mama so fat she thought a penny was an M&M
Is she really that stupid

52Yo mama so stupid, when the ant saw her brain the ant said "finally, something I'm bigger than"
Laugh out loud love this joke
Laugh out loud that my sister
Very stupid I hate I thought it was boring. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΊπŸš¬πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’'πŸ’ΆπŸ’³πŸ’ΈπŸ’Š

53Yo mama so stupid when she crossed the Canadian border, they said "you too stupid eh?"

54Your mama's so stupid that she died from thinking too hard

55Yo momma so stupid she put paper on the television and called it paper view

56Yo mama so stupid that she tried to find a stupid man to date to match her quality.

57Yo mama so stupid, she only changed your diapers once a month because it said on the box: Good for up to 20 pounds.
The top one's weren't that funny but when I got to the bottom laugh out loud. Here's a yo mama joke.
Yo mama so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone
They know how to be burning
Funny now that is comedy here is one yo mama so stupid in school she passed a note to the teacher and said oppps

58Yo mama so stupid she was locked in a supermarket and she starved to death
hahahahahahahahaha, this is so funny.
Good one.
Here's another one: yo Mama so stupid, she threw away all the donuts because they had holes in them.
Oh god, that was funny. Yep, that's a bit stupid if I must say so myself.
How did someone not think this was funny
[Newest]Yo mamma is so fat she's Miley Cyrus wreaking ball

59yo mama so stupid she stayed up all night studying for a blood test
Wow this ones really funny
Ha ha this is so funny I laught so hard the people across the street heard it

60Yo mama so stupid, she crashed into a McDonalds on account that the sign said, Drive-Thru Window.
Love this one hilarious I want to crash into a drive thru
Laugh out loud that's the funniest one I read all day
This joke is funny.

61Yo mama so stupid she thought Toronto was her long lost aunt.

62Yo mama is so stupid that every time somebody says drop the bass she falls on the floor

63yo mama is so stupid, she bought a video tape on how to fix your VCR
Funny I told my friend this and they laughed so hard I think they died
Looks like someone is illogical.
I told that out loud to my cousins and they laugh HAHAAHA

64Yo mama so stupid, when there was an emergency, she dials 911 on the microwave.
That wuz like, the BEST one ever; the only one I actually laughed at so far! The next one is kinda more funny, though!
Best one ever exept the only emergency was because she had not had her microwave dinner
[Newest]I'm gonna use this one laugh out loud

65Yo mamma so stupid when your dad said it was chilly outside she brang a spoon and a bowl
That is so funny! But I'm not talking about nobody momma
There's another one like this.

66Yo mama so stupid when she was making pancakes she got a pan and smashed a cake
This is the funniest joke I have every read. This made my day. My thanks to who came up with this joke. I can't stop laughing
Oh shoot! I get it. This is one of my favorites. Great job on whoever made this joke



67Yo mamma is so stupid the definition of stupid in a dictionary is a picture of yo momma
I almost crap myself
How much more is this it's so funny

68Yo Mama So Stupid She Got Locked In a Super Market and Starved
Laugh out loud! So funny! How does someone do that! Its sobstupid!
How can somebody be that stupid
My mom actually did that you insensitive jerk!
[Newest]Maybe she didn't want to steal... still funny though


69Yo mama so stupid it took her 2 hours to watch 60 minutes
That doesn't make sense she could have paused it you the stupid one

70Yo mama so stupid that she didn't know the difference between headphones and ear buds

71yo mama's so stupid she spent 1 night in a supermarket because an orange juice box said concentrate
How bout yo mama so stupid she put 2 quarters in her ears and said she was listening to 50 cent the rapper
Yo moma so stupid she got two front row tickets to see x box LIVE.
The best one.
I just don't care about the other ones by comparison; this one is simply great and just owns whoever you use it on!
Closely followed by "Yo Mama's So Stupid She Adopted Ya! " Owned!
[Newest]I always loved this one!

72Yo mama so stupid, she invented a solar-powered flashlight.
It's hilarious! If it's solar powered, then you don't need light from the flashlight Hahaha!
It needs to be on the top 10 even though it needs some new comments
I think This is Amazing wow laugh out loud you are greatβ€’

73Yo mama's so stupid people called her stupid
That's not funny at all
My friend and I both say this sucks and you are untalented
... Can you leave? You're embarrassing like, all the humans.

74Yo mama so stupid, she invented a wheelchair with pedals.
She is the queen of all stupid
That made me laugh out loud

75Yo mama so stupid she tripped over a wireless phone cord
Yo mama so dumb she tripped over a wireless phone
The same wireless phone cord that chuck norris used to kill someone?


It is really funny

76Yo mama so stupid, she put a penny on a counter and asked for change.
I get it and I invented that I work at the yo mamma company you done plagiarism your going to jail so we're do you live
I don't get how it's funny.

77Yo mama so stupid that she put batteries up her butt and said I got the power
I laughed so hard I hit my head
When I told my friends Nik, Tayla and Chelsea this They Laughed their heads of this is my favourite my friends and family all love it's hilarious!
It was SO FUNNY! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
[Newest]First one I laughed at

78You mama so stupid she thought Canada was full of cans

79Yo mama is so stupid that she thinks black people are chocolate

80Yo mama so stupid, she jumped out a window and went up.
Goodbye cruel world! Ahh what... The.. Hell


I had a dream of this and I woke up laughing


81Yo mama so stupid, she invented a glass hammer.
This is really stupid
Laugh out loud that is FUNNY!
So funny. Why would you need this?

82Yo mama so stupid, she put a phone up her butt and called it a booty call.
Aha best one so far

83Yo mama is so stupid when she saw a black bus full of white people she said stop that Oreo
I love oreo's and hearing that joke made me love them even more
WOW made ma laugh so hard...should be on number 7..
Nice joke it should be in the top 10!
[Newest]Lol awesome my favorite

84Yo mama so stupid she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to turn green and say go...
O my god so funny
Can't stop laughing
This should be number one 1 was nearly peeing myself
Yo mamma so ugly... Well... Look at yourself.
[Newest]Best one bye far laugh out loud

85Yo mama is so stupid, she slept with a ruler to see how long she slept.
I love this one finally one that makes sense here's one yo mama so ugly farmers used her picture as a scarecrow
Funny homophones are cool

86Yo mama so stupid, when you were born, she looked at your umbilical cord and said, Wow, it comes with a cable too!
This one is funny I can't stop laughing

87Yo mama so stupid, she thinks Grape Nuts is an STD.
I nearly died... God only know what grape nuts would look like, ugh..
Finally.. A good one.
Laugh out loud DIED LAUGHING

88Yo mama so stupid she went to the dentist to get a bluetooth.
Laugh out loud good joke top 1
This was probably the best one so far, must be in top 3

89Yo mama so stupid, she thinks she can get a virus from a computer.
Ha nearly made me laugh
That's really funny I'm gonna print these jokes and show them to my friends

90Yo mama's so stupid i asked her wanna get high she said sure let me go get my ladder
I almost got in a fight for saying this to one of my bullies I wanted to make friends but no they thought I insulted them


Made me piss my self.

91Yo momma is so stupid when she looked in the mirror she said who is that ugly thing
I like it
It is good and funny

92Yo mama so stupid, she died during an emergency on account that she couldn't find the 11 on the phone.

93Yo mama so stupid, she brought toilet paper to a craps game.
I could not stop laughing I almost crapped myself
This one made me laugh out loud.

94Yo mama so stupid she studied for a blood test
...and then she failed...
Of COURSE she failed, what'd you expect?
Its a okay mamma joke

95Yo mama so stupid she tried to drown a fish
Yo mama is so stupid she stole free bread
This is so funny I'm going to wet myself
Yo momma so stupid she dosen't know her own name

96Yo mama so stupid she stupid enough to call her self stupid

97yo mama is so stupid, she has a glass door with a peep hole
That is so funny I mean seriously a peep hole on a glass door
It's # 1! Hi.
Laugh out loud so funny

98Yo mama so stupid, she thinks Fleetwood Mac is a new burger at McDonalds.
god even I know who fleetwood mac is and I'm a freaking Metallica fan.


99Yo mama so stupid, she invented a waterproof teabag.
Even though this is really stupid it is the funniest joke ever

100Yo mama so stupid, her brain cells are on the endangered species list.
That is so funny there is another one. Yo mama is so stupid she tried to climb Mountain Dew

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