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1yo mama so stupid that she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W's


Well then if she's your sister, you're insulting your own mother too. You have the same mother. - TheLister

This is pretty stupid but so hilarious

hilarious.. :)) best yo mama joke ever. :))

This joke is just stupid

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2Yo mamma so stupid when a robber stole her TV, she ran after him saying, "you forgot the remote"

This is much better than #11 hands down! I also made one of my own. Your mama so stupid, her army partner said "enemy at three o'clock" and she said "what should I do until then? "

Now this one should be showed in the top ten.

This is the best 5 but get this
Yo mama so stupid when the robber stole the wii concole she said you forgot the games

Bro who came up whit that

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3yo mama so stupid that she got hit by a parked car

It's funny like hell, and makes me lmfao like yo mama depends on it.

haha that is funny I've heard it before but I lol every time I hear itt!

Rolf even though I'm English I hear this joke all the time it I well funny

How did she get hit by a parked car unless the mama is the one getting driven by the car and the car crash your mama

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4yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gas money

I said to my GF and she was laughing and got the kiss yeah - SmoothCriminal

It is so stupid but funny

So funny I told my friends this and they started laughing hard core.

I like this one

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5yo mama's so stupid she got locked in Matress World and slept on the floor.

I'm in love with this list, but this one's my favorite - Queen-aholic

These jokes are so stupid they're funny, and this is the stupidest - PinkLemonade

This is hilarious this is the best made up yo mamas so stupid joke in the entire universe and this is coming from a guy who loves to determine which mamma joke is the best and so far this one is!

Who on earth would do that your mama

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6Yo mama so stupid, she threw a rock at the ground and missed.

ROFLMAO! This is an awesome yo mama joke because it just makes no sense. It makes somebody feel like an idiot

My cousin dosnt have any humor and he still cracked up

This is so funny, everyones quiet around me and I busted out laughing making a big sceen.

Your surroundings are just mattresses how do you find the floor,was she blind? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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7Yo momma so stupid she bought tickets to Xbox Live.

Ok this one is funny

I love all these jokes! I won in a competition today using all these come backs

This made my day N.N

This ones in the top 100 yo mama video

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8Yo mamma so stupid she put two quarters in her ear and said I'm listening to 50 Cent

Yo mama is so fat she needs cheat codes for wii fit

I almost pissed my pants when I heard this one

Yo momma so fat when she went to the beach the whales started to sing we are family even though you fatter than me

Lol so funny one in my top tens list

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9Yo mama so stupid, when she threw a grenade at me, I pulled the pin and threw it back.

Oh GOD my belly really hurts after reading this
Laugh out loud

HEY! Now that's what call a joke ROFLMFAO damn I really like it, it should be like number 1 for sure
Whoever made it up has some sense of humor I Swear

I have a great sense of humor, and this one was the only one that made me laugh out of all of these... I may quite literal have wet myself and it took me a while to write this through laughing too much laugh out loud

I can not stop laughing because she was so stupid

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10yo mama so stupid she put a quarter in a parking meter and waited for a gumball to come out

wow this is some thing I would do XD

Yo mama so nasty she like a hockey player only changes hey pads every 3 periods. Yo mama so ugly she walked into taco bell and all the illegals ran for the border. Yo mama so stupid she jumped off a cliff and stopped and then had to ask for directions. Yo mama so fat she plays pool with the planets.

Yo mamma is so fat that when she stood up NASA thoght it was an iclipse yo mama is so ugly bob the builder said I can't fix that yo mamma is so fat that when she takes a shower her feet don't get wet yo mamma is so hairy that when you were born yo almst died of rug born ill bet yo all at joe mamma jokes! Don't mess with the best!

This is pretty funny

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?Yo momma so stupid she thought cartoons was a radio station
?Yo mama so stupid, she thought Dancing with the Stars was a galactic dance club

I gotta show my class this one

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11Yo mama so stupid, she stopped at a stop sign and waited all day for it to say go.

Now that's something only a stupid person would do haha rotfl haha wow that was great hehe

Beast laugh out loud so funny this is the best my friend just peed on his self

That was so funny that a newborn baby will now what to! 1

This one got me laughing

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12Yo mama so stupid, when I asked her to play a game of 1 on 1 basketball with me, she said, Okay, but who's on my team?

This is so Funny, I need to tell my friends this one

I have one: Yo mamas so stupid when she was asked to do a face off with someone, she said: "I like my head though"

Laugh out loud I almost pissed

I've got one yo moms so ugly she gives Freddy cougar nightmares

Cracked my penis off

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13yo mama's so stupid when i said drinks are on the house she went and fetched a ladder.


That is so funny laugh out loud mamma jokes are funny

It made my class laugh and it my my teacher laugh and fart laugh out loud vote

Oh yeah yo mama so fat when she sat on your iPhone she created an ipad

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14Yo mama so stupid, she gave birth to you.

OHH! Burnn! They crackin! They crackin on you & yo mamma! Yo biscuits done git burned! Someone Just Got Creamed! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! But really, this joke is alright.

ZING! This is the mother of all insults! - Barlek

Laugh out loud that's so funny I feel like that about my friends
So times laugh out loud x

Oh kill um that is a great burn

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15Yo mamma so stupid she sat on the T.V. and watched the couch.

Oh my gosh that is the funniest one. Second would be the one before this one. I just showed this to my friend and we laughed histerically. That would be something a dumbass would do.

Best one yet. I tried this and my mom yelled at me for trying to recreate a yo mama joke! I didn't even know she liked them, let alone enough to be familiar with what I was doing! Insanity. - Evry1sALittleBitRacist83

Awesome & old my friend says that a lot

Oh my gosh that's so funny😆😆😆

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16Yo mama so stupid when she was on the train tracks she started to play subway surfers

12345678910 blam you burst out laufin you look out the see you best friends mom runnin away from a train - 5207002154

That was so funny

I love that game, hilarious

I think that she be #1

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17Yo mama so stupid when her army partner said enemy at three o'clock she said what do I do until then

Love this joke so funny

18Yo mama so stupid, I told her to buy a color T.V, and she asked, What color?

I'm sure all tvs are in color now-a days but still good joke

Yo mama so stupid she waited for for a stop sign to say go.

Basically your mums vagina

19Yo mama so stupid that she thought her calender tells time

Yo mama so stupid she bought a dvd on how to fix a dvd player

Yo mama so stupid she thought her face was a butt/because it smelled

This is so funny 😁

20Yo momma so stupid she took a spoon outside when someone said it was chilly outside

New joke- Yo mamas so stupid she went to the ocean floor with a pineapple to try to live like SpongeBob.

Wow, unbelievable. Hate to see my mom go out side with a spoon and have no "chilly" in sight.

Yo mama so stupid she thinks the band Nickelback is a refund

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1. yo mama so stupid that she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W's
2. yo mama so stupid that she got hit by a parked car
3. yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gas money

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