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81Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
82Mystic Tomato

What a tomato

83Mass Driver
84Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

I run a Red-Eyes Deck, so I run this, awesome to pull out combo's, For example:
Special summon it by banishing a Dragon, use Foolish Burial to get a Red-Eyes Black Dragon to your grave, special summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon with Darkness Metal and then Sacrifice Red-Eyes Black Dragon to summon Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, and if you have a Red-Eyes Wyvern in your graveyard, at the end phase, because you only special summoned monsters, you can activate it's effect and banish it to get Red-Eyes Black Dragon back on the field and you got a Powerhouse lineup.

Instantly summon all my dragons and SO EASY to special summon! Best card for a dragon deck by far!

Bad card it has a good eff but does not stand stand a chance against any other powerful card.

My Red eyes darkness metal dragon is boss and I only started playing Yu-Gi-Oh last month

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85Dark Armed Dragon

It's the best!
Special summon when you had three dark attribute monsters in your graveyard.
By sending one dark attribute monster from play to destroy one card on your opponent's side of field

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86VWXYZ - Dragon Catapult Cannon

Very good attack and defense. Its effect is very good. Discard a card to kill a monster on the field. Then attack directly. Its great right.

Hard to summon, but it can remove from play cards, and destroy your opponent's defenses by switching their battle position.

This is my most favorite fusion ever. This guy is a BEAST. He can take out almost every monster known to the game, even if the opponent has a card with incredible atk and definitely - cbrophy

V to z dragon catapult cannon finish jaden

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87Toon World

Toon world is a very good card but you need to sacrifice 1000lp to activate it but once activated you can special summon blue eyes toon dragon by tributing only 2 monster and direct atk with 3000atk but have to sacrifice 500lp

88Magic Cylinder


Overpowered. It reflects a direct attack back at your opponent. Ouch.

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89Blast Sphere

Just funny seeing someone attack this little guy

Especially with monsters like Five-Headed Dragon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

90Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer
91Malefic Truth Dragon

Sure it's really hard to summon, but with 5000 attack and defense, it's all worth it, plus, if it destroys an opponents monster (which it will) all monsters your opponent controls are destroyed.

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92Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Extremely rare it is OP pay 5000 life points and summon a fusion without the requirements

Fun Fact: it was the first card to be emergency banned.

94Last Turn
95Des Croaking
96Des Wombat
97Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
98Drill Bug
99Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare

This card may not be the best, but it should certainly be in at least top 20! It may have 0 attack, but let's see you try to kill it with something like a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! If I were you, I would seriously consider putting this card in the top ten.

Just plain overpowered. Destroys anything it fights, and inflicts its attack to your opponent. Indestructible by battle. No damage.

Yubel can be really effective, just have to watch out for it being destroyed by card effect, but you have to with a lot of cards!

Awesome. End of story

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100Treeborn Frog

This, along with a Cyber Dragon re-define how Yugioh is being played at the time of released and results in Monarch era of dominance for a good two years before Phantom Darkness came crushing the game into irreparable state.

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